Kokilaksh Astercantha longifolia Remedies: Oligospermia, Gall Bladder Stones

This article is written by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
Kokilaksh (Astercantha longifolia) is used for the treatment of gout and sexual disorders. It is found in the back water areas and on the sides of railway tract in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 

Botanical name –  Hydrophila spinosa T. synonym Asteracantha longifolia Nees.
Acanthaceae family.
Common name – Talamkhana.
Roots, seeds and even the whole plant are used in medicinal field.

Its preservation is very difficult as it is affected by moisture very quickly and seeds are hydroscopic and get infested very fast.

Kokilaksh is well appreciated in the treatment of Vatarakta – Gout (gouty arthritis) and biliary stones (especially, Kokilaksha kshara).
Seeds are proclaimed as best aphrodisiacs and improve sperm count and increase viscosity of semen.

The seeds and plants are cold in potency and sweet mixed bitter in taste. The seeds are slimy, heavy and tonics in nature.
The drug is effective in Vata disorders, edema, calculi, thirst and blood borne disorders.

Kokilaksha kashaya, Talimkhana choorna, Vrishya yoga, Ikshurakadi yoga etc are the unique classical preparations of this drug.
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Few of its simple and effective formulations are as follows-
Whole plant decoction in joint pain:
Plants are collected and coarse powder is made. Decoction is prepared out of this powder. This is taken in the dose of 30-40 ml, twice daily with suitable medicines such as Kaishora guggulu, Gokshuradi guggulu etc. It is very effective in joint pain, especially in gouty arthritis.
General method of preparation of decoction (kashaya) – 1 tablespoon of powder is added with 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to 1 cup, filtered.

Seed (Talimkhana)- hot infusion for oligospermia:
1 tablespoon of the seed or its powder is added to is added to 300 ml of hot water and kept for a while. Churned well, filtered. Added with a teaspoon of sugar candy powder and administered. This is a useful remedy for oligospermia.

Seed powder with milk for sexual vigor and fatigue:
Fine powder of the seed (very difficult to prepare) is administered in 2 – 3 grams quantity along with a cup of lukewarm milk. This promotes sexual vigor and relieves fatigue. During medication, it is essential to have good digestion strength.

Ash water for urinary and gall baldder stones:
The dried whole plants are taken and burnt and ash is made. This is dissolved in water in the ratio of 1:100. Later it is filtered and the filtrate is given twice or thrice daily. It is effective in liver gall bladder stones and urinary calculi.

Root decoction for pedal edema and joint pain:
The lukewarm decoction of the roots of Kokilaksha is administered in the dose of 20-30 ml twice daily. This is effective in joint pain and pedal edema. Especially in chronic conditions it shows significant benefits.

Kokilaksha kshara (alkali) is very good in liquefying bile and to dissolve gall bladder stones. Its seeds are potent aphrodisiac. So, the need of the hour is to incorporate the knowledge of the herbal medicines individually and in due combinations by giving true credit to the age old Ayurverdic science.
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