Nabhi Basti Treatment Procedure, Benefits

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, BAMS
Nabhi Basti
– Pooling of medicated oils in the navel pit, within a cabin of flour constructed around the navel. Here the liquid is retained for a 10 – 30 minutes or even longer, based on the disease being treated.  

Procedure of Nabhi Vasti
In this, a small compartment or cabin is constructed around the navel with wet flour of black gram (as in Kati Vasti or Janu Vasti). This gives space to pool oils or juices or decoctions prepared from herbs.

It is an extended version of Nabhi Poorana and can be used when medicines need to be used in comparably more quantity to be filled into the navel pit and where the medicines are intended to stay long. Here the action of the medicines not only acts by contact (as in nabhi poorana) but also by pressure.

Benefits of Nabhi Basti
Nabhi Vasti provides good results in diarrhea, irritable bowel, indigestion, gastritis and anorexia.

My clinical experience with Nabhi Vasti:
As said, Nabi Basti is only an extension of Nabhi Poorana and bestows the same benefits, may be in an enhanced way. I have administered Nabhi Basti in almost same conditions as explained in Nabhi Purana.

A classical reference –
A reference from Bhava Prakasha Madhyama Khanda, Atisara Adhikara, 8/40-41 tells ‘An alavala or cabin should be constructed around the navel using the paste of Amalaka (Indian gooseberry). In this juice of aardraka (wet ginger) should be filled. This controls severe atisara (diarrhea)’

This is the closest reference of Nabhi Basti (thought the term has not been mentioned) available in the Ayurvedic treatises.

I haven’t tried this treatment in diarrhea but have tried in irritable bowel conditions, indigestion, gastritis, anorexia with substantially good results. Some disease modifying oral medicines should be added in stubborn cases.

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    Is Nabhi chikitsa is beneficial for relapse of umbelical hernia .Thanks

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