How To Select Hair Oil  For Yourself? Choices And Examples

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Hair care is a most incoming generating business in the world. Even though shampoo, soap, hair gels, colorants etc have significant amount of share, hair oil also takes major portion in this respect. 

Handsome amount of advertise revenue also generated due to this in all media too.  However the search of a best oil is still continuing with everybody, irrespective of gender and age.

Here is a quick review of classical hair oils and its main indications. Even though this is not ultimate, on due consultation with your personal physician this can be used in future days(because the expert physician will tell the way of its usage and the particular company that can be opted etc)-
For Vata prakriti people – 
Asanabilvadi tailaused in the treatment of diseases related eyes, ear and headache.
Malatyadi taila – used in treatment of alopecia, premature baldness, dandruff and excessive hair fall.
Amritadi taila

For Pitta prakriti individuals –
Chandanadi taila
 – It is a natural coolant oil. It is used to relieve burning sensation, dizziness, etc.
Triphaladi taila –  used in the treatment of headache, hair fall, grey hairs, etc.
Asanaeladi taila –  used in the Ayurvedic treatment of headache, ear and eye diseases.
Utpaladi taila,
Chandanosheeradi taila,
Brahmi taila,
Doorvadi keram

For Kapha prakriti individulas-
Asanadi taila,
Asanaeladi taila,
Asanamanjishthadi taila,
Manjishthadi taila,
Doorvadi keram
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For getting thick/dense hair –
Neelibhringadi taila,
Bhringaraja taila / Tekaraja taila,  – Learn how to make bhringaraj hair oil at home
Kayyonyadi taila, Chembarutyadi taila,
Bhringamalakadi taila

For overcoming the grey hair-
Amalaki taila / Amla hair oil – Learn how you can prepare it at home, easily
Triphaladi taila,
Neelinyadi taila,
Gopatmajadi taila,
Kayyonyadi taila,
Doorvadi keram,
Madhuka taila

To reduce the burning of scalp-
Himasagara taila,
Amalaki taila,
Baladhatryadi taila,
Brahmi taila
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To reduce the itching, dandruff of the scalp-
Durdurapatradi taila,
Nalpamaradi taila,
Eladi keram,
Mandara taila,
Marichadya taila,
Dineshavallyadi keram,
Doorvadi keram

To reduce the pain of the hair roots-
Bala taila,
Ksheerabala taila,
Balahathadi taila

To get long and healthy hair-
Neelibhringadi taila,
Kayyonyadi taila

To overcome the blisters/boils on the hair root/scalp-
Mahamaricha taila,
Jatyadi taila etc

What a noble thinking of our Acharyas…..!
Each and every detail is inspected and accordingly suitable oil is prescribed. Individualistic drug approach  made Ayurvedic prescriptions unique and more accurate.
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  1. I do not have access to these special oils, i use what i can obtain easily. i have noticed that whenever i use coconut oil on my scalp, my scalp itches like crazy but when i use mustard seed oil or sesame oil, i am fine. What in the coconut oil, or coconut oil combined with my body’s nature would cause this effect? The rest of my body does not get affected like this with coconut oil. Thank you.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Just the kapha increasing nature of coconut oil is causing the itching. Itching is a classical Kapha symptom. Coconut oil being cold, increases Kapha. Mustard oil / sesame oil being hot decreases it.

  2. MRamakrishna Sharma says:

    A very nice article. Now a days there are no. of oils advertised in the media. People are in confusion as to which is good and which is not. In such a cross road your guidance is very helpful,Dr Janaradhana sir.

    MRamakrishna Sharma

  3. what is the best oil for night sleep right now i use bhrami amala mixed with with balahadhadi oil of kottakal (which i use for migraine headache)

  4. Vaidya Narhari. Pathak says:

    Can I drop in eyes after operation of cateract?

  5. My old aunt complains of imaginary insects crawling in her hair. (PSYCHOLOGICAL ). Is there a oil remedy for this condition?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If she has underlying depression, then brahmi hair oil is useful to some extent.

  6. Baldev Krishna says:

    Dear Sir,
    Feb/28 issue advises not to take warm water head bath as it is harmful to hair health and eye sight.

    Present issue ( Mar /01 ) advises to take warm water bath after application of oil the previous night.

    What about eyesight health ?

    Please advise.

    Baldev Krishna

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, when oil is applied over head, lukewarm water can be used for head bath.

  7. Harsha says:

    Dear sir
    I have pitta body, so I have prepared an herbal infusion oil for summer with coconut oil as base with cooling herbs Brahmi, Amlaki, shatavari, bringaraj, manjista, yastimadhu, jatamnsi, guduchi, rose and sandalwood powders.
    For massaging oil.
    Does it have any side effects, can it be used for hair too. Do I need to add anything more for making it more cooling?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It does not have any side effect on external application.
      Can be used for hair as well.
      Nothing to add more.

  8. Shripriya says:

    Dear Doctor, is there any remedy for female pattern baldness

  9. Vidhya says:

    Please also write an article on Neelibringhadi tailam, ingredients and how to prepare at home

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