We Are Living Longer. Bad News To Many. Research Report – Ayurveda View

A recent research has revealed that the life expectancy of human beings has increased dramatically over the past 40 years. At the outset, it looks good but there are many worrying things to consider, from a health and financial perspectives. Herewith, trying to see this issue from an Ayurveda viewpoint. 

What the research says: Ryan Hum, A researcher from Toronto has made this observation that we are living longer when compared to 4 decades ago. Research report

What might be the causes?
Improved health awareness, improved economy, better medical services, advanced research and inclusion of technology in medical fields, including natural health sciences like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Physiotherapy etc.
Of all these, I would say, a mutli-pronged approach with people seeking suitable medical fields for their diseases is probably the most effective cause for our longer lives.

What are the problems with this?
Lack of sufficient investment in research in treatment of old age disorder
Lack of financial support especially in people belonging to lower income group
Lack of infrastructure in poor countries, with respect to elders.
Troubles of being bed-ridden patient for a long period of time.

Ayurveda perspective:
If you open any Ayurveda textbook, and go to treatment explanation part, the first chapter that you will see is – Rasayana chapter. It deals with anti aging treatments and techniques. So, first priority of Ayurveda is and has always been to make people live longer with good all-round health – physical, mental, social and spiritual.

I will be dealing with all the aspects in detail in future articles. But here are a few quick tips for a longer but healthier life.

1. A stricter lifestyle – Regular sleep hours, Strict eating etiquette, exercise of a minimum 15 minutes a day, following seasonal Ayurveda regimen and daily routine regimen– all these help to set the body rhythm in sync with our surrounding atmosphere and helps to improve life expectancy.

2. Use of spices – More you use turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, pepper, etc, more you will be supplied with anti oxidants and natural anti inflammatory phyto-chemicals. This leads to stronger liver, heart, kidney and so on.

3. Panchakarma – Most of the Rasayana treatments explained in Ayurveda is followed after Panchakarma. Hence detoxifying the body, eliminating the imbalanced Dosha plays a very vital role in healthier longer life.

4. Rasayana therapy – with medicines like Chyawanprash, Brahma Rasayan etc really help to boost energy of vital organs like liver, lungs, kidney, heart and brain.

5. Avoid bad habits – just a common sense point

6. Live closer to nature and allow herbs, vegetables to heal. Give your body a chance to heal on its own.

7. Do not lie much. Be truthful. This is pertaining to social an spiritual health. Include prayer in daily routine to instill positivity.

8. Financial aspects – Long term, post retirement plans go a long way in leading a stress free life.

9. Early diagnosis and treatment – Just google your symptoms and do a research on your own, then consult your doctor and get the symptoms fixed, early.

10. Loveful relationship with people around will give you good social health and also want your people to help you in your time of difficulty during old age.

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