Yavasa – Alhagi camelorum – Benefits, Usage, Ayurvedic Description

Yavasa is an Ayurvedic herb, used mainly in the treatment of obesity, skin diseases and Pitta conditions. Its botanical name is Alhagi Camelorum Fisch. It belongs to Fabaceae family.

Hindi name – Javasa
English name – Persian Manna Plant, Camel thorn.
Botanical name – Alhagi Camelorum, Fagonia cretica
Synonyms in Sanskrit – Yasa, Yavasa, Dusparsha, Kunashaka, Dhanvayasa – Alhagi pseudalhagi, Ananta.

Medicinal qualities of Dhanvayasa:
Rasa (taste) – Madhura – sweet, Tikta – Bitter, Kashaya – Astringent
Vipaka – taste conversion after digestion – Katu – Pungent
Veerya – Sheeta – Cold potency
Guna (qualities) – Laghu (light to digest)
Effect on Tridosha – Balances Kapha and Pitta

 Medohara – Helps to reduce fat and cholesterol
Madahara – Useful in psychiatric conditions
Bhrantihara – Relieves confusion
Pittasrahara – Useful in blleding disorders
Kushtaghna – Useful in skin diseases
Kasaghna – relieves cough, cold
Trushnahara – relieves excessive thirst
Visarpahara – useful in herpes
Vatasra – useful in gout
Chardihara, Vamihara – acts as anti-emetic

Part used – whole plant, yasa Sharkara

Important Ayurvedic medicines with Yavasa (Dhanvayasa) as ingredient:
Mahatiktakam Kashayam– Used in skin diseases

Kantakari Avaleha – used in asthma and respiratory conditions.

Tikta Ghritha – Used in skin conditions, carbuncles etc.

Maha panchagavya Ghrita – used in fistula, liver disorders and psychiatric conditions.

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