What is Ayurveda? 5 dimensions of the ancient Indian health wisdom!

What is Ayurveda? Is really a tough question to answer. The Ancient Indian system of health and medicine has many dimensions. From whichever angle we see it, Ayurveda gives a refreshing look. If we sit and analyze the depth and reach of Ayurveda, we can differentiate many aspects of Ayurveda into different categories. Here is a personal attempt to explain Ayurvedic medicine system.

Different facets of Ayurveda: 


1. Spiritual Ayurveda –

  • Ayurveda has its roots deep in spirituality.
  • Ayurveda tells us the very purpose of life, about the karma, why we take birth, various theories about the formation of this entire universe and the simple and humble ways of human existence.
  • The origin of Ayurveda was to help people live long so as to follow righteous path.
  • Many diseases like skin disorders are said to happen due to sin.
  • In the Ayurvedic treatment of many diseases, like in selected types of fever, spiritual practices have been mentioned.
  • In every ancient Ayurvedic text books, there is a separate chapter dedicated to righteous living. It is a well-known fact in Ayurveda that, as long as one is not mentally and spiritually healthy, one’s overall ‘health aspect’ is incomplete.
  • Even in understanding health and disease, ancient Ayurveda scientists used to acquire the sacred knowledge of Ayurveda about health and disease through spirituality. Example: Sushruta used to do dissection of dead bodies to understand the anatomy and physiology of body thousands of years ago. He writes in a context – “The parts of body that can be seen through naked eyes are less, those that can not be seen are infinite. The knowledge of those unseen parts can only be had by the eyes of meditation and eyes of knowledge!”

2. Holistic Ayurveda
The health science that gave the concept of holistic approach to health and disease is Ayurveda.
In Ayurvedic treatment, Ayurveda gives importance to

  • The strength of the disease,
  • strength of the body of the patient
  • Dosha body type of the patient
  • Mental condition of the patient

While treating a patient, Ayurveda not only concentrates on just getting rid of the disease process or breaking the disease pathology. It tries to overall recovery of all the aspects of health – spiritual, mental and physical.

3. Ayurveda as preventive healthcare system:
If you open any Ayurveda book, the first few chapters are dedicated to explain how your daily routine should be, how your seasonal routine and rituals should be, what are the techniques to secure and maintain good health.

There are two aims of Ayurveda.
1. To maintain the health of the healthy.
2. To treat the diseased.
So, preventive healthcare is considered ahead of curative aspect.

4. Curative aspect of Ayurveda:
Set aside the aspects explained above, Ayurveda is a hardcore science of treating the disease. From the treatment of a simple fever to complicated cancers, Ayurveda books explain you volumes and volumes of treatment options.

Sushruta is considered as father of Surgery even by Allopathic fraternity. He used to do surgery of cataract, kidney stones, rhinoplasty  (cosmetic surgery of nose) etc. 2000 years ago.

In general, Ayurvedic treatment comprises of

  • Panchakarma – 5 sets of detox programs
  • Ayurvedic medicines
  • Diet and lifestyle, to follow and, to avoid, for quick relief from the disease.
  • Rejuvenation program to gain back the original vigor and vitality.

5. Ayurveda for health promotion:
This special section comprises of aphrodisiac treatment, geriatric treatment to have high quality marital and old-age life.

Even the pediatric rituals called Samskaras (rituals to be followed at different stages of child growth) and pregnancy care can also be included in this section. This section is to have enjoy the extra benefits of health to have a successful and wholesome life.

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  5. I would like to say thanks for your above articles. recently I am taking herbal medicine for my chronic asthma and it is showing improvement. Usually I am allergic to living in Mysore and Bangalore, however with Ayurveda Medicine my allergic symptoms have diminished without negative impact.

    Coincidentally at this point in time I am doing 5 rounds of Suryanamaskar every day in morning and walk about 40 mins each day in evening. I feels this is also positive on my health.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Dear Ashok, Nice to know about your healthy routine. Wish you good health.

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    We in India have such a wonderful natural medicine system in Ayurveda, but it is not understood by most Indians. As a result I find that many Ayurvedic Doctors tend to give Allopathic medicines — very sad indeed.
    I hope and pray that You are successful in your efforts. May the Supreme Power be with you in this endevour

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

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  20. Hera Sonan:-
    I am great admire of Ayurveda treatment because:-

    (1) The treatment and the medicines which did not help me curing my UN- Diogenes sickness was cured by Ayurveda’S simple treatment.

    (A) I was 16 years old when we were in Africa. All of a sudden,heavy fever caught me, the body was paining with burning sensation tremendously which continued for about a month. One French Doctor Mr.Iavan Faradi,who had a degree of MRCP from Uk was treating me,he was a very kind hearten doctor of about 45+ age.He tried his level best by referring the case to number of medical hospitals,doctors and institutions. But all in vain.Mean while one person from India (who’s name was Thiru Parthasarathy,he was on deputation invited by Indian Embassy in that country) voluntary came to our house and asked my parents to permit him to examine me. He gave us one months medicines (powder and lehas to be consume with honey.Miraculously,the medicines worked on me, within eight days the burning sensation and pain of my body started reducing down and by the end of the treatment I was up again as a normal young boy. since than I don’ have any health related problem so far. Since Mr. Parthasarathy was on deputation,he left the country with in four days.Before leaving,he left the massage with Indian embassy officials to continue medicines for one month .My parents spent huge amount in allopathy medicine but there was no sign of relief .But with Ayurveda powder and Lehas,it cured by problem from it root cause.Mr. Thiru Parthasarathy did not charge a single penny from us and on the contrary he blessed me to get cured fast. “SO THIS IS AYURVEDA”

    (B) Recently my mother(80) met with an accident.which resulted into multipal fractures.Operations were performed and she was OK.But while at hospital within six days after operations,she suffered sivior paralysis st rock and she slipped into “COMA” her “COMA” status continued for 23 days.Neurologist gave treatment but every passing day her condition was turning bad to worst. Doctors gave up hopes. Meanwhile,we started contacting eminent doctors from Siddha, Ayurveda,Unani, Homeopathy and Tibetan system of medicines. After contacting the eminent doctors from all these systems of medicines, we choose Ayurveda and shifted my mother from Allopathy hospital to Ayurveda hospital. They started treating her with different types of therapies and medicines.Within five days she started some movements.After eight days of treatment she was compliantly out of “COMA” status. and by the time we were allowed to discharge, she was able to walk with support and she was able to make us understand that what she wants and she was able to grasp what we were telling her. It’s now five years passed,she is fine however weakness on her right side is not compliantly subsided and speak with “lure” tong but she is now totally independent and able to carry out her own work by herself.”SO AYURVEDA IS AYURVEDA’

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    The requirement of the nation today is a holistic ,affordable health system, rooted in our cluture and not too alien to it, and adaptable by us. Ayurveda has a great role in this. Some years ago, the Hindu had started an exercise in which medical discussions took place amongst a group of doctors of different systems ie , Allopathic , Ayurvedic ,and Homeopathy wherein these experts discussed the optiions and philosophy of treatment of a particulat illness . Hope that Dr Hebbar can strive to take the lead again, in a similar holistic endeavour ,with the visual media ie TV also.

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