Chyawanprash – one herbal medicine, many health benefits

Chyawanprash is one of the anti aging supplements, which is purely herbal in nature. It has Amla as its main ingredient, which is a powerful antioxidant.  Acharya Charaka is the first to mention this herbal medicine.

How to make chyawanprash?


Chyawanprash ingredients:
Bilwa (Aegle marmelos),
Agnimantha (Premna corymbosa), Shyonaka (oroxylum indicum),
Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Patala (stereospermum suaveolens),
bala (sida cordifolia), Mashaparni (Teramnus labialis),
Mudgaparni (Vina trilobata), Prishnaparni (Uraria picta),
Shalaparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Pippali (Long pepper),
Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Brihati (solanum indicum),
kantakari (solanum xanthocarpum), karkata Shrungi (pistasia integerrima),
Taamalaki (phyllanthus fraturnus), Draksha (dry grapes), jeevanti (Leptodenia reticulata),
Pushkara(Inula racemosa), Agaru (Aquilaria agallocha), Hareetaki (Terminalia chebula),
Ruddhi  (Habenaria intermedia), Jeevaka (Microstylis muscifera),
Vrishabhaka (Microstylis wallichi), Shati (Hedychium spicatum), Musta (cyperus rotundus),
Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Meda (Polygonatum cirrhifolium),
Ela (Elettaria cardamomum), Chandana (Santalum album), Utpala (Nymphaea stellata), Vidari (Ipomea digitata), Vrushamula (Adhatoda vasica), kakoli (Lilium poilyphyleum),
Kakanasika (Martynia diandra) – all these herbs are taken 50 grams each. in coarsel powdered form. Most of these herbs are commonly found in Himalaya and other parts of India.

Amla – 5 kg (fresh fruit)

First the above said group of herbs is mixed in 13 liters of water. Amla is tied in a cloth making it able to hanging. At the mouth of the vessel, a stick is placed and the cloth  pack containing Amla is kept hanging so that the pack of amla is immersed in the water. (This type of process is called as Swedana) the vessel is subjected to heat. After sufficient boiling, the cloth packing is taken out. From it, Amla is taken out, seeds are removed and the boiled pulp part of Amla is made into a paste. This paste is fried with 300 ml each of ghee and sesame oil.

The water is filtered. It is taken in another vessel and the paste of amla is added to it. To this vessel, 2.5 Kgs of sugar is added and this mixture is heated in mild heat. Upon slow heating, the liquid slowly starts solidifying.

Once semisolid state is achieved, the vessel is taken out of fire and stirred well. Upon self cooling, 300 grams of honey, 200 gram of Tugakshiri, 100 gram of Pippali (Long pepper fruit), Twak, patra and Ela and Nagakeshara are added- 50 grams each. the mixture is continuously sitrred well to get the Chyavanprash.

This reference is according to Charaka samhita. There are some other references of Chyavan prash, wherein the sesame oil is not added.

How much Chyavanprash to consume:
One to two spoonful along with a glass of milk, every morning before breakfast.

How can I know and be assured about the quality of my chyawanprash?
There are simple tests to know the quality of Chyawanprash. Watch the video here – Best Chyawanprash

Smell – Sour and spicy taste of Cinnamon, Cardamom and Long pepper.
Taste – Spicy taste, more sourness and less of sweetness.
Water test – When a piece of Chyawanprash is put into water, it should sink immediately. The particles should not spread in water.

Consistency – Pulpy, semisolid paste. Neither too solid, nor too watery.
Such a Chyawanprash of a reputed company will be of good quality.

Why drink milk after taking Lehyam:
Because According to Ayurveda, many of the herbs used in all lehyams, including Chyavan prash are hot in potency. So, to retaliate that, One should drink milk, which, being cold, mitigates the hot potency effect.

Chyawanprash health benefits:
There are many benefits of chyawanprash. It is useful in cough and cold. It is especially used in pulmonary tuberculosis. It helps in rejuvenation of old aged people and also in proper nourishment of young ones. It is effectively used in the treatments of throat infections, chest infections, Gout, disease conditions involving urine.
It improves intelligence (Medha), memory power, Skin lustre, age, strength of sense organs, immunity power, appetite.
It is a powerful antiaging herbal product. It also cures wrinkles.

Uses of Chyavanaprasam:

  • Eases constipation.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves memorization and concentration.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Slow down the effects of aging process.
  • Enhances fertility and keeps menstruation regular.
  • Purifies the blood, eliminates toxins and is beneficial to liver.
  • Improves complexion and fights against bacterial skin infection.
  • Acts as an antidepressant and tranquillizer for persons suffering from depression.
  • Promotes absorption of calcium, leading to stronger bones and teeth.
  • Improves muscle tone by enhancing protein synthesis.
  • Deeply recommended for the children and old persons.
  • Its regular consumption will protect you from the diseases of the respiratory system and will re-inforce your organism in its globality by balancing the 3 doshas.

Does Chyavanaprasham intake cause gain weight?
Just one to two spoonful of Chyawanprash everyday can not be considered as cause for weight gain. It contains ghee alright. but the amount of ghee taken per day with one spoon of chyawanprash will be very very minimal.

Does Chyavanprash cause slight burning sensation in stomach?|
If milk is drunk after chyawanprash intake, this problem will not occur.

Hot milk or cold milk?
Warm milk is better than cold milk with chyawanprash, as it further quickens digestion, but not as a mandatory rule.

Can Chyavanprash be taken with ghee?
It already contains ghee as an ingredient. so, it is advisable not to take extra ghee along with it. Milk or water is a better vehicle agent for chyawanprash rather than ghee.

Can chyawanprash be mixed with water to make it a bit dilute?
Not a good idea. If you want to have a milder effect, the best way is to reduce the dosage of Chyawanprash.

What is the benefit of Chyawanprash on Tridosha?
Chyawanprash balances Vata and Kapha. It has minimal effect over Pitta balance. Watch the video here

Can Chyawanprash be given to a three year old kid? from which age onwards, chyawanprash can be given?
Chyawanprash can be given to a child from 5 year old onwards, to be on the safer side. the dosage for children will be quarter to half spoon with a glass of milk.  for a child of this age, chyawanprash can be given only if needed, for example in case of repeated respiratory tract infection, stomach infection, etc.

Is chyawanprash good for Chikungunya?
Though not specifically yes, in terms of helping to improve immunity it is beneficial.

There are many variants of Chyawanprash like Himalaya Chyawanprash tablet, dabur sona chandi chyawanprash etc? Is there any special benefit in taking them?
Well, Chyawanprash in itself is a complete herbal product. Its formula and dosage form  has bean determined and sealed by ancient Ayurvedic scholars, many years ego. It is famous because it is ancient and is effective. If you take common chyawanprash, the process of digestion and absorption of chyawanprash starts at the level of mouth. It is a jam and starts melting at the level of mouth, with saliva media. but if you take chocolate, the rate of disintegration at the level of mouth is lesser and so, its effectiveness is also lesser.

Coming to sonachandi, or any chyawanprash variants – the formula has been sealed by the Acharyas, and it is the final formula that is good for use,. when that is the case, what can be the extra benefit by adding extra herbs? Who has done a research on the additionally added ingredients gel well with already existing ingredients? so, it is better to prefer the original chyawanprash over any of its variants.

Is there anything like Chyawanprash for Vata, Chyawanprash for Pitta and Chyawanprash for Kapha body types?

There is no classical reference of such types. The herbal combination in chyawanprash is suitable for all the body types.  Its variants based on Doshas (Vata Pitta and Kapha) is nothing more than just a business trick.

How does Chyawanprash helps to get rid of wrinkles? 
Wrinkles, grey hairs etc are signs of early aging.
Chyawanprash is rich with anti oxidants, and rejuvenative herbs.
It is a product categorized under ‘Rasayana’ – rejuvenation and anti aging.
From physiological perspective, the mode of action of Chyawanprash can be explained as below –
1. Delays the aging of cells.
2. Improves the nutritional levels of body tissues.
3. Improves digestive power
4. Improves oxygen supply to the deep tissues.
An interesting fact about : Historically Chyawanprash was used for the first time for the rejuvenation of a sage by name Chyawana maharshi. So the name – Chyawanprash.
Shelf life – 1 – 3 years.
Store in a cool dry place. Keep the container tightly closed. Avoid contact with moisture.
Presentation: Jar pack of 500 gm.
Side Effects Of Chyawanprash:
Some patients may feel increased hotness and burning sensation. However, if taken along with milk, in Kapha dominant period of the day (morning), the burning sensation can be minimized, if not nullified.
Some patients may complain loose stools.
Because it contains sugar, it is best to avoid in diabetic patients, with uncontrolled sugar.
If you are taking it daily, throughout the year, then it is best to avoid it during summer.
Dose for chyawanprash for kids –
Please note that for kids, before giving any medicine, including Chyawanprash, you need to consult a doctor in person. 
The below mentioned doses are just generally followed guidelines.
For kids of  2 – 5 years age – a bead size chyawanaprasam to quarter a teaspoon size, in the morning, before food with milk
For kids – 5 – 8 years of age – quarter a teaspoon to half a teaspoon, in the morning, before food with milk
 For 8 – 14 years – half – one teaspoon in the morning, before food with milk
For 14 years and above – 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon in the morning, before food with milk.
As per Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala –
Chyawanpras is absolutely safe up to 5gm/kg body weight, so take as much as you like.
In case of normal adult, one jar of 500 gm will last around 1 month.Dose can be increased according to Rasayana procedure, upto 50 gm depending on health and other factors. In that case, proper pathya is essential, including all regulations stipulated for ‘kupipraveshika’. If a limited dose is taken general pathya is adequate. Results will show in due course.
Is it harmful to take shilajit with chyawanprash?
Chyawanprash and Shilajit can be consumed together, if your doctor has prescribed it. But because they both are hot in nature, it is best to take Chyawanprash with milk. This will reduce the intensity of hotness.
Review about Sri Dhootapapeshwar Chyawanprash (Ashtavarga)
Contains Sodium benzoate as preservative.
Liked by children very much, because of good taste.
Effective for persuading kids to take daily, not very best in respiratory conditions.

What is the best time to take Chyawanprash?
The best time to take Chyawanprash is  – morning, 15 minutes before food, a teaspoon  to a tablespoon, based on age,  with  a cup of milk.

Chyawanprash is one of the best medicines used in anti aging treatment, called Rasayana therapy. Here, after Panchakarma treatment, patient is made to take Chyawanprash for a few weeks to few months time .

In the traditional Rasayana – anti aging therapy, the patient is made to eat chyawanprash replacing the breakfast and is asked to consume milk to quench his thirst.

Just a side note here – I suggest not to follow this method on your own as it may produce excess heat and there are lot other rules and regulations to follow, including, this method can only be followed under strict medical supervision.

So, taking clue from that method of taking, for a normal person, for general health maintenance purpose, it makes sense to take Chyawanprash in the morning before food with a cup of milk.

Chyawanprash mainly improves respiratory immunity. So, a person with early morning allergies, who suffers with air pollution and pollen allergies throughout the day, or who has more asthma attacks during day time, taking Chyawanprash in the morning is very helpful.

Most of the respiratory disorders have Kapha imbalance. If we divide day time into three equal parts, morning one third is dominated by Kapha Dosha. Hence, Chyawanprash in the morning is very useful.

If one takes it before food, when the digestion strength is more, maximum amount of phyto-nutrients from Chyawanprash will be absorbed into the body, making the immunity a lot stronger.
So, morning, before breakfast with milk is the best time to take Chyawanprash.

However, some people, thanks to their busy schedule, may forget to take it in the morning.

And a few people get respiratory symptoms during night. They can take a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Chyawanprash at night, preferably with a cup of milk, before dinner.

So, can Chyawanprash be taken both morning and at night?
Unless advised by a doctor, it is not a good idea, because once a day is more than good to take maximum advantage of it.

History of Chyawanprash:
Puloma and Sage Bhrigu were happily married couple. Puloma conceived and was preparing herself for motherhood. But she was attacked by a Demon during her pregnancy by which, Garbha Chyuti – Premature delivery happened. This lead to the birth of baby boy. They named the boy as Chyawana (the name is derived from the word Chyuti).
Chyawana was interested in spiritual path but was afflicted with early ageing and many disorders.

He prayed and Ashwini Kumaras – Divine Twin Doctors came to his help. They administered a Prasha – herbal jam (linctus), by which Chyawana Maharshi got rid of all his diseases and early ageing.
So, he became young again and continued his life successfully. The Prasha (herbal jam) that revived the health of Chyawana sage is called Chyawanprash.
It is indicated in treating early ageing.

Chyawanprash as per Charaka Samhita – 
Reference: Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 1.1/62-74

Bilva – Aegle marmelos
Agnimantha – Premna mucronata
Shyonaka – Oroxylum indicum
Kashmarya – Gmelina arborea
Patali – Stereospermum suaveolens
Bala – Country mallow – Sida cordifolia
Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum
Prishniparni – Uraria picta
Mashaparni – Teramnus labialis
Mudgaparni – Phaseolus trilobus
Pippali – Long pepper
Shvadamstra – Tribulus terrestris
Brihati – Solanum indicum
Kantakari – Solanum surattense
Shringi – Pistacia chinensis
Tamalaki – Phyllanthus niruri
Draksha – Grapes
Jivanti – Leptadenia reticulata
Pushkara – Inula racemosa
Aguru – Aquilaria agallocha
Abhaya – Harad – Terminalia chebula
Riddhi – Habenaria intermedia
Jivaka – Malaxis acuminata
Rishabhaka – Manilkara hexandra
Shati – Zadoary (root) – Hedychium spicatum / Curcuma zeodaria
Musta – Cyperus rotundus
Punarnava – Boerhavia diffusa
Meda – Polygonatum cirrhifolium
Ela – Cardamom
Chandana – Sandalwood
Utpala – Water Lily
Vidari – Pureria tuberosa
Vrusha – Adhatoda vasica
Kakoli – Fritillaria roylei
Kakanasika – Martynia annua
1 pala – 48 g of each of the above herb is taken in coarse powder form.
It is added with 500 fruits of Amalaki.

All together should be boiled in 1 Drona – 12.288 Liters. of water. When it is fully boiled, the decoction and the fruits of Amalaki should be taken out.

The fruits of Amalaki, after the removal of seeds, be fried in 12 Pala – 567 g, of each of ghee and sesame oil.

This should be added to the decoction. This paste along with 2.400 kg of (half Tula) of sugar (Matsyandika), boiled with the decoction earlier obtained, until it takes the consistency of a linctus (semi solid).

When it has cooled down, the below ingredients are added and stirred well.
6 Pala – 288 g of honey;
4 Pala – 192 g of Tugaksiri;
2 Pala – 96 g of Pippali – Long pepper
1 pala – 48 g of each of –
Twak – Cinnamon
Ela – Cardamom
Patra – Cinnamon leaves
Keshara – Nagakeshara – Mesua ferrea
This is called Cyavana Prasa.

Paramukto Rasayana – best rejuvenators and anti ageing medicine
Indicated in
Kasa – cold, cough
Shwasa – asthma, respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing
Kshataksheena – chest injury
Svarakshaya – voice problems
Uroroga – Chest disorders
Hrudroga – Cardiac disorders
Vatashonita – Gout
Pipasa – excessive thirst
Mutradosha – Urinary tract disorders
Shukra Dosha – semen, sperm anomalies

It is good for tissue growth and development of elderly and children
The dose should be such that it does not disturb the quantity of meals.
By the use of this medicine, Chyavana sage,who had become very old, became young once again.

Administration of this rejuvenation medicine promotes –
Medha – intelligence
Smruti – memory
Kanti – lustre
Anamayatva – disease-lessness
Ayu – age, life expectancy
Indriya bala – strength of sense organs
Agni – digestion strength
Varna – skin complexion
Pavana Anuloma – Movement of Vata Dosha in its normal direction, easy bowel movement
By using this therapy according to Kuti-Praveshika method (while residing in a cottage), even an old man can shed all his aging related problems and emerge with fresh youthful complexion.[62-74]

Q: Is Chyavanprash best as a preventative measure in the case of URTIs, but during an episode of an URTI, would it not be too heavy to digest, due to its Rasayana quality? I was taught that it should not be taken in ama conditions because it needs good agni, which would be low if you are suffering from URTI.
Chyawanprash is not heavy to digest. Though it contains oil, ghee etc, the hot potency of the herbs and spices like long pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, etc
make it easily digestible.
Herbs like Brihati – Solanum indicum, Kantakari – Yellow berried nightshade (whole plant) – Solanum xanthocarpum , Pushkaramoola – Inula racemosa (root), Shati – Zadoary (root) – Hedychium spicatum / Curcuma zeodaria, Vasa – Adhatoda vasica – all these are very powerful herbs for respiratory tract disorders like cough, cold etc.
Master Charaka, who has explained Chyawanprash in his Rasayana (anti aging remedies) chapter, also enlists its usage in diseases like Kasa (cough, cold etc).
Here is the complete list of disease indication for Chyawanprash.
Kasa – cold, cough
Shwasa – asthma, respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing
Kshataksheena – chest injury
Svarakshaya – voice problems
Uroroga – Chest disorders
Hrudroga – Cardiac disorders
Vatashonita – Gout
Pipasa – excessive thirst
Mutradosha – Urinary tract disorders
Shukra Dosha – semen, sperm anomalies

I tend to get a post-nasal drip when I have Chyavanprash – is this due to its sweet/sour/heavy qualities, or is it due to already vitiated tarpaka kapha?
The post nasal drip that you experience with Chyawanprash might be due to Kapha liquefying, a stage just before Kapha is pacified or expelled out.
This can be compared to liquification of Kapha Spring season – Vasanta Rutu.
During winter, Shishira Rutu, Kapha gets Chaya – increase in its own place. It solidifies and stays in its own place. But during Spring, due to increase in temperature, it liquefies and moves to other places.
Take Chyawanprash – 30 minutes before breakfast, with half a cup of milk.
Another factor is, Chyawanprash, when is perfectly made is slightly sour in taste. But companies moderate it to give sweet taste. Try a different brand. This should settle the issue.

I tried to make chyawanprash with your steps in rainy season. But after a week, it caught fungus. Any tips for improvisation?
Please note that the end stage is very important.
When you think that the chyawanprash heating is to be stopped, take a big tablespoon of chyawanprash and put it into a bucket of water.
If it sinks with good, in one single piece, then it indicates that the chyawanprash heating is to be stopped.
If it emits out its parts or it spreads or if it kinda dissolves in the water, then you have to heat it further.
Another problem area would be the spice powders that are added at the end.
If they contain any hidden moisture, then it will eventually catch fungus.
Another point is –
During rainy season, it is best not to make any Chyawanprash.

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  1. Priyanka says:

    Can Chyavanprash be given to dogs? If yes,how much.

    • jannihebbar says:

      Yes, Chyawanprash can be given to dogs. It surely will yield some health benefits. The dosage will be – five grams of chyawanprash in the morning. followed by some kind of a drink, milk, or even water is also ok.

  2. Vitamin C. The fruit is reputed to have the highest content of vitamin C of anything in nature (8.75mg of vit. C complex from Amla equivalent to 100mg of synthetic vit. C). Reportedly safe to take on a regular basis.

    • jannihebbar says:

      Yes. That is the main reason behind use of Amla extensively in all the rasayana ( herbal rejuvenating products) including Chyawanprash

  3. Thank you for this article, I have just purchased Chywanprash as I am into all Ayurvedic products, Atleast now I know what I am taking and why!

    • Mr Rupa says:

      This is the most ridiculous statement I have read. Its like all those people who sport an Aum tatoo and dont even know what it means.

      • Sriram says:

        Please don’t be so quick to ridicule. Its not like she talks about some disgusting habit – just about ingesting Chyawanaprash without fully knowing its benefits.

  4. i have often heard in ayurveda milk is not encouraged as a food from age 2 onwards as the gut loses the ability to digest it. however with chyawanprash it is given??? sounded contradictory .. can u explain this??

    • Ayurveda encourages every healthy human beings, irrespective of age, to drink milk. Milk is said to have following qualities according to Ayurveda.

      Jeevaneeya – improves life qualities

      rasayana – rejuvenative

      medhya – improves intelligence

      balya – improves strength

      and good for patients with chest injury, tiredness, thirsty, at the last stage of fever recovery, bleeding disorder etc.

      In case of Chyawanprash, and especially in case of Rasayana (rejuvenation therapy), there is a special type of rejuvenation, where in a person stays at a place, and consumes rasayana agents such as Chyawanprash and for the rest of the day, he only consumes milk with cooked rice for a specific time period. [This is done only under Ayurvedic medical supervision]. So Ayurveda suggests milk for all.

  5. hi please tell me if a diabetic person can take it as i heard it contains sugar or please suggest me one brand that does not contain sugar. Thanks

    • Hello Maria, Please note that, Chyawanprash contains sugar as an ingredient. so can not be taken by diabetics. But I do not promote or reccommend sugarless Chyawanprash. Since, the perfect herbal complex needs sugar as an ingredient in it. The formula makers of Chyawanprash, many centuries ago, had seen the need of sugar in its formula, so, it is very much needed.

      • Gaurav says:

        In olden days, there was no such thing as the processed sugar that has flooded the markets and our life now. So I would urge to find out the correct ‘form’ of sugar that was prescribed in the ancient texts. May be it was jaggery or “khaand” or something else, but I can’t imagine it being “processed” sugar. This processed sugar we eat nowadays is poison. The less said about it the better.

        • True, in those days the modern day sugar wasnt available but i understand there is clear distinction between jaggery (gud) and sugar (misri / sharkara) that existed. despite the fact that ayurveda wouldnt be referring to modern day white refined sugar, this formula doesnt call for jaggery, pure cane sugar could still be used.

          It is true the modern day sugar made from jaggery is just like all purpose flour from wheat which is stripped off all goodness of wheat….

  6. I am 35yr old and conceiving for first time . My fthird month is completing At this time can I eat himalaya chyawanprash for my child s good health .

  7. banesh aursang says:

    thank you this good information but i want to known that, can daibeties person taking Chyawanprash? pls give me reply
    thank you

  8. Thanks for the very informative article. I was eating Dabur Chyawanprash till now but I see that it doesn’t follow the authentic formula. Can I buy AVN Chyawanprash anywhere in Hyderabad? The online link given above does not work. BTW I also found that Organic India’s Chyawanprash follows the authentic formula too.

  9. sakhawat says:

    plz tell me that chyawanprash is used in sexual problems plz

  10. I am suffering from phlegm ( kapha ) and i have breathing problem , can i have Chyavanprash to solve my problem

  11. prathima says:

    Is it compulsory to drink milk after taking chawanprash, i dont like to drink milk or can i have it water?

  12. prathima says:

    I want to use Dabur Chawanprash.does chawanprash cause any weight gain? or it will help me to loose weight?

  13. harshini says:

    which is the best time to take chyawanprash, morning or night?can i take this with buttermilk or water?thanku

  14. sandhya says:

    can chawanaprasha can be given to my 2 year old baby.if yes in wat quantity and if no what else can i give for immunity becoz he frequently gets cold and flu

  15. Prajesh says:

    Which brand would you suggest for chavanprash?

  16. Dear Sir,

    Chyavanprash’s major ingredient is Amla which is not preferred to be taken with milk, than how it’s advisable to take milk after intake of chyavanprash please clarify .

    • Good question.Yes, Amla is the main ingredient in Chyawanaprash I substantiate the use of milk with chyawanaprash with the following points –
      1. In the making of chyawanprash, it is boiled with many herbs decoction, then it is de-seeded, pulp is fried in ghee and again heated with other ingredients to end up in the form of Chyawanprash. By this time, the taste of it is almost changed to astringent.
      2. The other main spice used in Chyawanprash is Long pepper (Pippali). There are many instances where Pippali is processed with milk before administring. (E.g. Pippali Ksheerapaka)
      3. Moreover the other herbs added make it spicy. I have seen many people who claim to feel the heat, while taking chyawnpash, so it makes sense to take milk.
      4. Even in Rasayana treatment (rejuvenation treatment), Nitya ksheera and Ghrita abhyasa (practicing of daily intake of milk and ghee) is encouraged. Chyawanprash is one of the major Ayurvedic medicine used in Rasayana ( rejuvenation). After all, it is found in the Rasayana chapter of Charaka Samhita.

      Hope I have answered convincingly.

  17. will chyawanpras increase weight?

  18. I can see that you are putting a lots of efforts into your blog. Keep posting the good work.Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Nice to see your site. Thanks!

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    • Dear Vin,
      Thanks for your kind appreciation.
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  20. What do you suggest to lower chelostral and Triglyrids?

  21. katerina says:

    i started to take Chyawanaprah since June 2011. I take 1 teespoon in the morning and 1 teespoon in the afternoon with a glas of water. I feel that my hair are growing faster ( my hairdresser said the same ), i feel more strong, more relaxed and my brain is working faster.
    The only thing i like to know, will it stop or slow down the Osteopenia i have ? And how fast can i see the result ?

    • Chyawanprash is a superb rejuvenation formula, as you have experienced yourself. It will surely benefit in Osteopenia, provided calcium rich diet is taken along with Chyawanprash. It is very difficult to guess the recovery period. But taking Ayurvedic supplement along with Chyawanprash can definitely fasten the bone re-generation.

  22. Sathya Magesh says:

    Does consumption of Chyawanprash improves hair growth?

    Can we eat when we plan for pregnancy?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, Chyawanprash improves hair growth.
      If you are planning for pregnancy, under normal and healthy circumstances, assuming that there is no difficulty or diseases, consuming Chyawanprash is absolutely fine.

  23. Thanks for your very informative article. I am sure after reading this people will turn towards the age old Ayurveda.

  24. What Ayurvedic rasayana good for anxiety.stress

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      There are many herbs that are good for stress and anxiety. It really depends on personal symptoms. Better to consult a doctor. regards

  25. Janaki says:

    Good article on Chyawanprash! I have a bottle sitting on my shelf for over a year.. and neither my husband nor me have ever bothered to take it.. But now I am motivated! Thank you!

  26. I have gout. Will chyawanprash help in getting rid of uric acid?

  27. John D says:

    Thanks for this amazing article. I was wondering if chywanprash is safe for people with high cholesterol and tryglicerides since is made with ghee. Thanks!

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash is very safe even with people with high cholesterol. It contains a very little amount of ghee, but at the same time it also contains umpteen number of herbal ingredients that bring down the cholesterol. Ghee is just used as a media in Chyawanprash to dissolve fat soluble active principles of the herbs into Chyawanprash.

      • John D says:

        Dr JV Hebbar,

        Thank you so much for the information. I can’t wait to try this wonderful medicine.

        Have a wonderful day!

  28. Debaraj Keot says:

    Me and my wife started taking Chyawanprash one teaspoonful daily. Lets see.

  29. sourabh says:

    does chyawanprash helps in allergic cold problems
    to reduce allergy or increase immunity?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes it does. People suffering from allergic cold problems and running nose can get rid of the problem on taking chyawanprash continuously for a few months. Chyawanprash increases immunity.

  30. Hello
    I have been giving Chyawanprash to my daughter (11 years now) and my son 6 years now. I do see the diff in my kids they get cold and cough far less than other kids at school which I think is the benefit of it.

  31. Nusrat says:


    Can Chyawanprash benefit symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis / Osteoarthritis? Secondly can you mix it with milk and drink it?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, It can benefit in rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis for the following reasons –
      1. Herbs used in Chyawanprash like – Dashamoola (group of ten roots) bring in potent anti-inflammatory action.
      2. Spices such as long pepper take care of ‘Ama” – product of indigestion which is the root cause of rheumatoid arthritis, as per Ayurveda principles. Read here for a better understanding –
      3. Herbs such as Bhui amla, Giloya, Ashwagandha, raisins, Amla boost immunity.
      4. Chyawanprash can be mixed with milk while taking. No problem.

  32. brajesh says:

    very helpful and unique article is there any other process to make chawanprash. because there are several types of chawanprash avilable in different brands. so please clear the differance and process of making

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Thanks for kind appreciation.
      Though there are many references, the general process is same as explained above. Only the ingredients of decotion (kashayam) vary in some.
      Some references advice to add sesame oil along with ghee.

  33. can chayawnprash used for Gout patients ?

  34. Raj Kumar says:


    I just saw one ingredient in Kottakal Chyavanaprasam starting with Matsya/Matsyanthika or something like that. It is given at the end of the ingredient list. Can you please tell me what exactly is this. Its seems the quantity used is more than amlaki.Please let me know what exactly is it and update me. thanks


  35. Manowar Hussain says:

    Is it harmful if i use Ashwagandha or Shilajit for a long time.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      To be on the safer side, it is advisable to take both only after consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, for the time period that he / she specifies.

  36. Manowar Hussain says:


    May i use Ashwagandha with Chyawanprash.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash already contains Chyawanprash. But there is no harm if you use both together, provided an Ayurvedic doctor has suggested it to you.

  37. I recently tried out Chyawanprash from Vaidyaratnam Moos Oushadhasala. I found that to be sweet in taste as it contained too much of Rock Candy(kalkandam).I think 5.486gm.

    Is it good or is it bad to have too much of Rock Candy(kalkandam) in Chyawanprash..

    Also, when is the best time to take Chyawanprash?
    Please advise.


  38. kushal says:

    You mentioned that Chyanwanprash is best to take in the morning. Can it be taken empty stomach,right after brushing our teeth..?

  39. khaleel says:

    Do Khushmanda avaleha helps to gain weight?

  40. s.khan says:

    I have tried to take chyawanprash on many occasions in the past but within a few days of starting,Ive ended up with a bad cold. What could be the reason?

  41. santosh says:

    First of all. Thanks a lot for the article. It’s very informative and motivating to consume chyawanprash now.

    I had a recent shoulder dislocation. I heard the ligaments take a long time to heal under normal situations. From what I read online western medicine and physical therapy cannot really help prevent it from happening again and again.

    I was looking in to Yoga and Ayurveda in general to see if there is some help. Will chyawanprash or any other product in general help me with this issue?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Apart from Chyawanprash, there are many Ayurvedic medicines and treatments for ligamental injury. Consulting an Ayurvedic doctor directly will be good.

  42. My wife has kapha and she coughs very regularly. Will Chavanprash help to reduce the coughing?

  43. Dear Dr.Hebbar,

    My Father-in-law eats Chyawanprash every day night before he goes to bed,looking at him my 2.5 yr old daughter also asks for it & she has started eating it daily night after food,she takes it almost half it recomended?Pls suggest.


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is ideal to take chyawanprash in morning, before breakfast with milk.
      It can be given even to a child of 2.5 years. But half a teaspoon (small spoon) is quite sufficient. Having said that, consulting an Ayurvedic doctor directly is a better idea.

  44. says:

    sir i am eating sona chandi chyawanaprash every day after dinner is this correct ?and what about ur opinion this product

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is a good product and taking it after dinner is fine, though advisable way to take it is – before breakfast with a little milk.

  45. Thanks for this great article. I have one question regarding this. Since my childhood I have been drinking milk and never had any problems, but since last 1-2 years I have been having difficulty digesting milk. 1 to 1-1/2 hrs after drinking milk my stomach starts growling and I have to go to the toilet. Will Chyavanprash help me be able to digest milk again?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash probably could help you.

      • Can you please elaborate as to why did I develop this intolarence to milk, is it due to increase in vata?

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Hi, usually any type of food allergy / aversion is due to lack of production of appropriate digestive enzymes. In Ayurveda terms, it is due to Kapha increase and Pitta decrease. Chyawanprash contains herbs like cinnamon, long pepper – which will correct the digestive issue that you have.

  46. Mohinder Paul Verma says:

    Is chaywanprash helpful in curing prostate problem & urine incontinence

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It may help but there are specific Ayurvedic medicines for prostate and urine related problems. Please consider consulting your doctor.

  47. Hi, can a liver cirrhosis patient take this? How much to consume? Any ayurvedic medicine can cure liver cirrhosis?


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Better to consult an herbal specialist directly for a condition as serious as liver cirrhosis. The success of Ayurvedic treatment in liver cirrhosis depends upon the stage of the disease.

  48. Hi, can i know can pregnant lady take chyawanprash. I’m chinese and been introduced to this as multi vitamin. I can get migraine if my body too heaty. However, i’m scare of cold & wind. So i cannot really decide what type of body am I. Is chyawanprash suitable for this type of body? Thx

  49. nagesh says:

    Thanks a lot for the informative website on ayurveda.Regarding chyawanprash , can we take breakfast immediately after taking chyawanprash or should we wait for half an hour or so after consuming chyawanprash.


  50. sir .. i eat sona chandi chyavanaprash every day evening with honey is this correct….??please help me iknow better to eats morning but i dont like to eat morning

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, it is better to take it in the morning, before food with milk or honey or water.

  51. Samuel says:

    Sir, can we take chyawanprash with honey…If not how mush time gap we should maintain?
    Will taking honey along lemon reduces weight?If yes how much quantity we have to take it daily and at what time in the day( empty stomach)?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash can also be taken with honey no problem. It can be taken in the morning, before food.
      1/2 spoon of honey with 1 spoon of lemon with warm water early in the morning on empty stomach. It can be taken upto 1 – 2 months. But note that exercise and other measures are also to be continued with this home remedy.

  52. Thank you sir,but I have a small doubt can we take Chyawanprash+honey+lemon all at the same time or honey+lemon in the morning and chyawanprash in the evening when the stomach is empty?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is better to avoid honey, chyawanprash and lemon together. The second option that you have mentioned is quite acceptable.


    Does chyawnprash add iron or is it good for anaemia person?
    is it wise to take it while pregnant?or when planniing for a baby?.
    which other products would you recommend?
    thank you

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash does not contain any added iron. But it improves liver functions and aids in better absorption of nutrients from stomach and intestines, including Iron. Considering the quality of market available Chyawanaprash, I do not recommend it during pregnancy.
      It can be taken while planning for a baby. It is helpful during this time. But once after confirming pregnancy, it is better to stop it.
      While planning for pregnancy, among many other options of Ayurvedic products, Chyawanaprash is one among the best.

  54. Jaswant says:

    Can a person with high blood pressure take chyawanprash? Can they take it along with alopathic blood pressure medication?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes. He can take. However, to be on safer side of things, it is best to consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly before taking it.

  55. PK Yadav says:

    dear Sir I read ur all reply and all question on this page,,i m feeling very nice after reading this,,even i m a great supporter of Ayurveda,,bcoz when i was child my father always Prepared medicines in Ayurveda and Unani,,I read ur All Answers it Shows you have a very nice human being,,because free of cost u r Doing favor on peoples,,,my Best wishes are with you,,God Bless you Sir,,with Many many Thanx


    Chyavanprash is good for health..

    It reduces the Gastro intestinal disorders..



  57. keerthana says:

    hi sir,
    can we give Chyawanaprash to kids in summer?as my daughter has col and caugh for about 1week.

  58. Can I have Chyawanaprash after a heart attack?

  59. can we add other ingredients to increase nutritional values ( eg. shilajith & others) besides the ingredients mentioned in charaka samhitha to prepare chyavanprash ? because we have a consumer society, through the society we like to help poor people by supplying single general health product with complete ( at least maximum ) nutrients. can u pls. suggest us a formula. & where to get organic ingredients? whether available in hyderabad? i appreciates ur repply.

    best regards!

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, it is awesome that you work to help poor people.
      It is not ideal to add any other thing to Chyawanprash. Charaka was knowing about Shilajeet and if he had wished to add Shilajeet, he could have, but he did not do so for a reason. Chyawanprash is complete in its original formula.

  60. Kanda Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Hebbar

    My name is kanda kumar,can i & my wife take chyawanprakash everyday ,since we both are losing hairs ,can c.p can solve our problem

    Please reply

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes it would help to restrict hair fall. Please also use Neelibhringadi Tailam / Bhringamalaka tailam as hair oil.

    • Dear Kanda Kumar,

      Sometimes, hair loss could also be due to some minerals, etc. in the water of a particular place, esp. to vulnerable persons. A guy I know was losing hair and also suffering itchy scalp. When he moved to another place in the same city, that problem was gone. His eating habits were the same. You don’t have to move. If you suspect this could be a reason, then you can change the water you drink. Also, you can try herbal shampoo preferably made in home.

  61. I have started giving chyawanaprash to my kids. They don’t like the taste, so I mix chyawanaprash with little honey and give it. They drink warm milk right after. Is it okay to give it this way? Please clarify.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Honey is one of the ingredients of Chyawanprash. So there is no harm in giving it along with honey, followed by warm milk.

  62. my girlfriend by mistake stored the chyavanaprasha himalaya on the refrigerator (not the freezer), is this a problem?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Not a problem. But before consuming, let it come back to normal temperature.

      • Laxmika says:

        Hello, Does Chyawanprash help bring TSH levels to normal. My cousin has been diagnosed with a TSH level of 3.5 and told its slightly on the higher side. Thank you for the helpful advise above.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          A TSH Level of 3.5 is not very high. It only indicates that the thyroid is requiring some extra stimulation to release hormones at optimum levels.
          There is no definitive evidence about Chyawanprash lowering TSH Level. However, it might help due to its high phyto-nutrient value.
          The other ways of effective TSH control would be – regular exercise, control over excess of sugar and oily food, and using iodized salt.

          • Laxmika says:

            Dear Dr. Hebbar. It is really so good to get your inputs. I have already communicated to my cousin. I would like to let you know, these days I am closely following your different topics on this forum. It is such a blessing to get first hand Ayurvedic information from you. Thanks a ton for all your time and patience with all of our queries.

  63. Please let me know which one is the original brand of Chywanprash?

  64. Can I eat this to become psychoactive? I mean i want to disassociate… travel to other dimensions, meet some reptiles etc. Will this help if i overdose?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      No. It won’t, even if you overdose. There is nothing in Chyawanprash to stimulate the brain to that level.

  65. Kirran Kaur says:

    Hi iv been taking Chyawanprash for about two weeks now and realised that lately iv had more face spots/acne now than before. Isn’t it suppose to give me good complexion? Could you clarify pls?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Acne is due to Pitta balance. Because it is Summer, there is natural Pitta increase. Chyawanprash is again slightly hot in nature. Hence in your case, it is causing acne. Remedy: Take it along with milk. Dose is – a small spoonful in the morning with half a glass of milk. Milk will balance out the hot quality of Chyawanprash.

  66. Do chawanprash cause heat sensation in heart. i am having heat sensation in heart frm past one month, whn i started chawanprash. had visited doc n done with all chkups like ECG, ultra sound of hrt, cholestrol, sugar, all came normal. had tkn some tabs for gas too but still m feeling burning sensation. plz help

  67. dashan says:

    Can i take the Chyawan prasha along with Kusumandi rasayana ,As CP more heat and dosage also difficult due to it in paste form so if some dosage increased obiviously heat generated through out the day and moreover there is no spoon inside the boxes, atlleast supply a spoon will be good for patients.And one more suggestion can u pls suggest which C.P has the Aswagandha,brahmi,yastimadhu and bringharaga combination in market?else can pls suggest tablet with these combination in any brand?

  68. I take Chyawanprash with Almond Milk- non-dairy. I know that you suggest drinking it with milk, but I want to know whether it is inadvisable to ingest with almond milk. I really like it this way. Thank you.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If you are comfortable with almond milk then there is no harm to having it along Chyawanprash. It further adds to the nutritive value.

      • GBenny says:

        Is it okay to take chyawanprash with an Amla supplement.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          yes it is fine.

          • GBenny says:

            I started using an Amla supplement about two weeks ago and only two days ago I started using Chyawanprash (Dabur brand), I am from the West Indies and decided on using these products based on my own research to treat what I would term serious hair loss. Is this combination sufficient to obtain good results, or are there any additional ayurvedic products that I should be using. Note that there is an absence of such expertise in my country for consultation. Any suggested products may most likely need to be imported.

            • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

              If you are feeling comfortable with Amla and Chyawanprash, then please continue both for at least three months. There is no other better product than these two. Please continue and enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda.

  69. Some one suggested Chyawanprash on a regular basis for oral Lychen Planus. What is your opinion?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It might help to some extent. But it alone does not seem to be the wholesome remedy for Lichen Planus.

  70. srinivas says:

    If doing yoga excercises, when should i take chavaprash before or after.?

    I take honey in warm water half hour before excercise. should i need to stop it if take chavanaprash (or combine with it)?

    Your site is more informative. Thanks in advance

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash should be taken, 5 – 10 minutes after Yoga exercises.
      If you are accustomed to take honey with warm water before exercise, please continue same.
      Thanks for your kind appreciation.

  71. Nithin says:

    Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

    From your replies i got a clarification that we can use milk with chavanprash though it contains amla. I am consuming amla powder after eating meals, How much gap is required between consuming amla powder and milk?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      You can take chyawanprash with milk before food and take amla after food.
      Or you can take Chyawanprash in the morning and amla in evening.
      To answer your specific question, ideally a gap of one hour is needed between amla and milk.

  72. Vidyadhar says:

    Dr.Can we drink water instead of milk after taking chyavanprash?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Milk is the first and best choice. But if you’re accustomed to water, you can have water with Chyawanprash. Not a problem.

  73. Zaheer says:

    I have just recently started taking the chyawanprash dabur, i would like to know is there any artificial colorings, addtives or preservatives or steroids in the ingredients other than the herbs. I really would like to know ayuverdic methods and health supplements, how and where do i start?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If you’re willing to learn Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine, please go to and subscribe. I have just started this website exclusively to teach Ayurvdeda for free.

      As per my knowledge, belief and trust, Dabur does not add any artificial colour / additive to Chyawanprash. However, you can call the customer care number of Dabur, printed on the label for precise information.

      • Sir I think Dabur adds chemical preservatives to Chyawanprash. What about other companies like Kotakkal, SN Pundit, Pentacare, Nagarjuna etc. Do they add chemical preservatives for lehyas?? Because I think all companies add chemical preservative for Kashayam(in Liquid form)


        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          All companies do add perservative to Kashaya (liquid).
          Whichever company is manufacturing lehyams in bulk, with shelf life of more than an year, chances of adding preservative to lehyams such as Chyawanrpash is more.

          • You had written in your article that the expiry date of lehya is 3 years(as prescribed in classical texts). So without chemical preservatives fully organic lehya can last how long?? Is is 1 year, 1.5 years or 3 years??


            • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

              without preservatives, the shelf life of lehya (herbal jams) is one year only. reference: Sharangdhara Samhita.

  74. R B Kodical says:

    Dear Doctor Hebbar,
    Thanks a lot for providing valuable insights about ayurveda and its products as also for the valuable health tips. After reading your article on chyawanprash, I have started taking it regularly. Sir, my wife is looking very thin and weak and her haemoglobin level is quite low. I would like to know whether chyawanprash could help her with the above issue. Thanks and regards

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Dear sir, yes it would help her improve haemoglobin. But along with that, if you consult any Ayurvedic doctor, she would prescribe your wife with a natural haematinic, which will accelerate health improvement. As a general rule, Chyawanprash is good for her.

  75. AJIT SINGH ISSAR says:

    I never seen AVN or KOTTAKAL chyavanprash in market .I will thank full to you tell me the address from whear i may be able to purchage,I from Vadodara Gujrat
    Ajit Singh issar

  76. vishwa says:

    I feel like my body type is pitta dominated, can i take chayawanprash, if yes what quantity. I cannot take chayawanprash with milk as i am lactose intolerant. can you suggest me along with chayawanprash what foods should i take apart from milk for better benefits

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Congratulations for your interest in Ayurveda and getting to know about your body type. If you have lactose intolerance, you can simply take it along with cold (or boiled and cooled) water.

  77. can you suggest post chayawanprash what should i drink excluding milk, as i am lactose intolerant.

  78. Dear Sir,

    I have a problem of excess pith which on a monthly basis causes a severe soreness in my throat. I then find it uncomfortable to eat or drink water. Inevitably I end up vomiting the food taken. I get relief only if the bile / pith comes out with the food. After that I get severe cold and cough. Will Chyawanprash help.

    Thank you,

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, it will. But consulting an Ayurvedic doctor personally for a detailed analysis is a better option for you.

      • Amit Surana says:

        What about kesari jivan chawanprash? What are the benefits? Does it cause weight gain & can it be consumed by kids (age 2 years & 9 months)? Thanks

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Kesari Jivan Chyawanprash is just the regular chyawanprash with certain extra ingredients. The point is, it can not be told as Chyawanprash, when it contains ingredients, which it does not supposed to contain. Hence there is some problem in branding it.
          Regarding is it safe for toddlers? I do not think so. But consult a doctor in person and take his views.

  79. hi please help me!!!
    Does chyawanprash also increase our height.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If you’ve not crossed the teenage, then Chyawanprash would help you to improve nutrition levels in the body, thereby helping in improving height, indirectly.
      Height of a person largely depends on hereditary factors. Calcium supplementation may lead to good bone strength, thereby indirectly helping in height, if the person has not crossed teenage.
      There are lot of advertises in newspapers with products claiming to increase height. But they do not help.

  80. anonymous says:

    I have a excessive seminal leakage problem, most websites say it could be due to weakness in the genital organs. Will chywanprash help me?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes. In terms of ensuring overall nourishment of all systems of the body, it surely helps. But it will be better if you consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly. There are better, specific, targeted medicines and treatments for seminal leakage problem. Regards


        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Chyawanprash contains Sugar in it. If he wishes to take it, then his sugar level should be monitored on a regular basis. So, the answer is, if he consults a doctor and gets his sugar level monitored and controlled, then he can take Chyawanprash.

  81. Hi!

    Thanks for the amazing post. Though it is good to have chawanprash in the morning but is it advisable to take it during night ?? because after I started taking chawanprash in night my asthma attacks are gone.

    Pls reply.


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Taking Chyawanprash in the morning is the advice for healthy people. The dosage, timing of administration would alter for people with health issues, as in your case.

      • Thanks for your reply. How much should be the dosage in my case?

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Difficult to decide without your full case history. Generally, 1 small spoon two times a day, before food with milk or luke warm water should be good.

  82. krishna says:

    I am taking vilwadi leham +drakshadi leham in the night for indigestion from last1 year.can i take chyavanaprash after that at night.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hope you are continuing the two lehyams with doctor’s advice.
      You can take, if your doctor advises it for you.

  83. Naveed says:

    hello sir can u tell me chyawanprash is good for increasing of men sex power coz i have prob that i lose money with in 1 mint i want to increase timing of sex can u suggest something

  84. Hi,
    My body type is Pitta and Kapha . How can I include Chawanprash in my diet?
    My gums start swelling if I take chawanprash or any hot spices.. and If I resist on hot spices etc, then I get the chronic rhintis and more mucus production in my body.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Try taking it with cold milk, quarter a spoon in the morning, after food for three days.
      If you still get gum swelling or any such allergic symptom, then better to avoid it.
      There are many spice-less medicines and treatments to chronic rhinitis and mucus production problem, which you can pursue by visiting an Ayurvedic doctor.

      • Which type of milk one should consume?
        At present we purchase Pasteurized, Homogenized, Toned Cow milk from a professional dairy in plastic bags. What I learnt recently is Homogenized milk is very dangerous to health
        Appreciate if you could guide us on this subject

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          If you can get raw milk, and if you boil it for a couple of minutes and use it, and if you’re sure about the health of the cow, then that is the best.

  85. Veni Krishnan says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I take warm water + Lemon + Honey in the morning in empty stomach and do exercise for an hour. I want to know whether it is advisable to take chyawanprash with milk after my exercise and before my breakfast? Kindly reply

  86. my kakkanat chyawanprash spreads in water,and is quite sticky normally…tastes as u mentioned…is it not a good quality product?

  87. aparna says:

    Dear dr.,

    I have read in some artical that sour things like aamla or fruits if taken with milk is not advisable as it becomes viruddha aahar. But why CP is advised to take with milk. kindly explain

  88. Excellent article.
    I’ve heard that we should maintain around 30 mins gap between food intake and bathing. May I know why is that?
    Does the same apply to Chyawanprasha as well?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Bathing is a Vata balancing activity and is not recommended soon after food, when food is still there in stomach. Hence it is ideal to wait for 1 – 1.5 hours for bathing, if you’ve taken food.
      If you’ve taken a teaspoon of Chyawanprash, then just 20 minutes wait should be good enough.

      • Thanks a lot… If you don’t mind, please could you explain ‘Vata balancing’. What would be the downside of bathing immediately after having food.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          ok. Sorry for the Ayurvedic jargon. 🙂
          Taking bath soon after food would cause indigestion, bloating, and delay in natural downward movement of food from intestines to stomach.
          In simpler terms, soon after food, the Agni or digestive fire is much needed in stomach to kick start the digestion process. If someone takes bath soon after food, it would cause weakening of digestive fire.
          Hope it is somewhat better now?

          • Absolutely!! Thanks a lot Dr. Hebbar ji..

          • I apologize if I’m being stupid. I’ve another silly doubt. I read that it is the temperature difference which weakens the digestive fire. Does the same happen even if we take bath with hot water?? Does it still lead to same problems?

            • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

              Trust me. It is not a stupid question. Yes, even hot water bath weakens the digestive fire and would cause indigestion of food.
              I mean to say, hot water bath, soon after food. I do not mean, hot water bath in general, would cause indigestion.

  89. lakshmi says:

    can chyawanprash cure hypothyrodism?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      To some extent, it surely helps. There are other better medicines useful in hypothyroidism. Consult your Ayurveda doctor.

  90. Nirmalya Biswas says:

    Can even heavy non-veg eaters have chyawanprash… and can it be had during summers as well….

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, it can be had even with non veg eaters. If you are taking it all through the year, better to avoid it in summer. If you are taking it occasionally, better to use it in half the regular dosage, with cold milk.

  91. sheetal chhajed says:

    * i have made hommade chyawanprash frm reciepe frm, i have not added honey & 2-3 othr herbs which were unavailable…the procedure is similar to ur vidieo but ingrediants are lesser comparitively (35 herbs), plz tel me if this reciepe is ok.

    * also i have made it in quantity so it will not get over with in a year, plz tel me for how long can i store it ? as dat recepie says the older ur chyawanprash the bettr.

    * my daughter is 2.2yrs old i give her 1/4 tsp everyday, is it ok?

    * and also i m pregnant with my 2nd child, my 1st pregnancy was very smooth, so can i consume this chyawanprash as dis is hommade?

    kindly solve my queries will b really grateful,

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, congratulations on your interest to make your own Chyawanprash.
      Your procedure looks fine.
      Please note that the shelf life of Chyawanprash is just one year. The claim that older is better is absolutely wrong!
      You can give 1/4 teaspoon of Chyawapnrash to your daughter.
      It is better for you to avoid all Ayurvedic medicines, including Chyawanprash during pregnancy. Just eat healthy and be happy.

  92. Vijilak says:

    Hello sir
    I have intestinal ulcers can I take chyanprash?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Try with a small dose of half to one teaspoon, along with milk, in the morning. If you feel comfortable, you can continue. But please note that it is not a specific medicine for the said condition.

  93. Dear Sir, I have been taking Chyawanprash since very recently (I am non Indian). At first I could take it easily (it was similar to jam), but I quickly became very disturbed by its taste (I am not used to it) and as soon as I smell it now, I feel like vomiting… I have tried to take it with ice (to reduce the strong taste in my mouth) and orange juice. But I really get disturbed and unable now to take even a very small dose… What do you advice me? Do you think I should continue & try to take it? Thank you very much for your reply and congratulations for your very informative article.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Try to change the brand.
      Hi, if you are very offended with the smell even after changing the brand, better to avoid it.
      No point in taking something by bending your mind. 🙂

      • Thank you very much for your advices Doctor. Finally I am drinking a glass of warm milk just after eating a small spoon of Chyawanprash and it prevents me vomiting… But you are true, perhaps next time I should change the brand…

  94. Nishant says:

    Hi, can chawanprash be taken with gulkand?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes. Gulkand would reduce the hot nature of Chyawanprash.
      It is especially good for people with Pitta body type and those who seek to continue Chyawanprash even during summer.
      But if taken continuously, this combination may become a small reason for weight gain in weight conscious people. In short term usage, it is fine.

  95. In your earlier comment you have mentioned that sugar is an important ingredient from centuries , but use of suger started only after the british rule, before that what was used. pls let me know.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, in ancient times also Sita – white sugar was present. The word sita itself refers to the colour white.
      It was produced by clarifying the jaggery / molasses. Exact method of preparation is unknown.

  96. Great! The summer is exactly why I started taking Gulkand along with Chyawanprash. Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Best Wishes,

  97. Doctor please do reply to comments on other posts!!!

  98. hello sir, i am 5.9 inch male of weight only- 48 kg.
    i want to gain weight.
    so can you plz suggest me one ayurvedic medicine which will help me gain weight and without any side effect.

  99. Sreedevi says:

    Hello Doctor, Can Chyawanprash cure constipation? Will it improve sluggish appetite?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash is not the medicine usually preferred to treat constipation. It does not help much in constipation.
      It improves appetite.

  100. suresh says:

    thank you, sir is it usefull for sexual immunity.

  101. Is it safe to consume when you have been diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritis ? Thank you for you’re advice.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is safe. But it makes better sense to receive specific treatment for pyelonephritis and once when the condition is under control, then continue with chyawanprash.

  102. preethi says:

    Chyavanprash it;s usefil for weight gain

  103. sandeep says:

    Chyawanprash is very good for every one….

  104. vishesh says:

    Does it contain some rasayans like lead mercury,arsenic..?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      No. It does not contain any of heavy metal ingredients. It is purely an herbal product.

  105. Hi Dr, I’m from Singapore and i recently purchased the Dabur Chyawanprash. The weather condition in Singapore is relatively humid throughout the year. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid but I started getting spots (small acne white spots) on one side of my cheek and it has been there for a few months now. i stopped consuming Chyawanprash since then. I don’t know if it was because of the Chyawanprash or was it due to other things that I ate. I used to consume Chyawanprash with warm water. I understand that it is supposed to improve my complexion. Please kindly advice if i should continue with the consumption, Dr. Thank you!

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is quite unusual to hear such a complaint associated with Chyawanprash. Try changing the brand.

  106. any alternative for milk after chyawanaprash ???

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      water will also do.

      • u said some of the herbs need milk to release their nutrition …. will it b a loss while taking it with water ???

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          It already contains ghee, so most of the fat soluble nutrition will be available there.
          Milk brings in two advantages. –
          1. Nullifies the mild hot nature of Chyawanprash.
          2. Helps in easing the fat soluble nutrition.

          These two features will be missed if it is taken with water.
          But if someone is not at all accustomed to milk or has milk allergy, water is the first and best choice.

          • it might sound too weird … but …. i just wanted to ask whether i can add bananas in that milk or not ???
            coz i can never ever empty the glass of milk w/o any externel agent ( boost / bournvita )

            or to be more correct can i drink banana milkshake after chyawanaprash .. ?
            and 1 more ques.

            BAIDYANATH or DABUR ???

            • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

              Dear Yang, It does not sound weird. 🙂
              You can have boost or bournvita after Chyawanprash.
              Or just banana milk shake is also fine.
              Both are good brands. You can check the quality by yourself. See here –

  107. Margaret says:

    Hi,does intake on chawanprash once a day wlll lead to weight gain as i am trying to reduce weight.also want to know is it helpful in curing bladder problem

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi Margaret,
      1. It helps to improve appetite, hence there is a chance of weight gain.
      2. It helps in bladder problem.

  108. Margaret says:

    I need to know one more thing which brand chawanprash is good and can i consume it before going to bed with milk as i am consumingwarm water with honey in morning.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      1. Whichever brand meets these criteria should be good to consume.
      2. You can consume it before going to bed with milk. Or, in the morning, give a gap of 20 minutes between honey plus water and chyawanprash with milk.
      Honey and water first.

  109. Is there any problem for Kidney Stone Patients while taking Chyawanaprasham

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      No Vipin. Kidney stone patient can take Chyawanprash.
      It contains many anti inflammatory herbs and herbs that reduce stone size. So, it is going to help for sure.
      I am not saying that it can be standalone medicine for kidney stone. But it will surely help.

  110. rosemary says:

    is milk mandatory with chyawanaprash as my kids are allergic to milk and eggs, they are of age 8 and 5

  111. Gaurav says:

    The amount of information on this page along with all the Q&A is invaluable!

    (a) Does Chyawanprash have Rasayana effect on all 7 Dhatus? Or does it exclude some dhatus?

    (b) How does Chyawanprash (or other herbs for that matter) strengthen immune system? What goes on in the body to help strengthen immune system? Or I guess I mean – what are the components/requirements of a strong immune system in the body?

    Thank you,

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Thanks. 🙂
      a. Chyawanprash has Rasayana effect on all the 7 Dhatus. It does not exclude any Dhatus.
      b. I will write about immune system in future, there I will cover this topic in detail. To explain in brief,
      Good immune system = well nourished all Dhatus, good digestive strength, good mental health.
      For nourishment values, Chyawanprash has herbs like Mudgaparni, Mashaparni, Jivaka, Rishabhaka, Amla etc.
      For good digestive strength – Long pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, etc.
      For good mental health, it has Kamala, Vidari, Jivanti, Guduchi, ghee etc.

  112. sachin says:

    I am suffering from dry cough from last 6-7 years. Every year the cough persist for 4-5 months and it is very painful for me. can regular intake of Chyvanprash will help to cure it? Please explain me in bit detail.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Regular intake of CHyawanprash will help you improve immunity and lung strength. Hence it will surely help you in relieving cough. You can take it regularly, but it is better to avoid it during summer.

  113. Ranjit Singh says:

    Dear Sir, Is there also any seasonal preference for taking chywanaprash, like in summers or winters only?

  114. vandana says:

    Hello sir
    Nice information
    But I m tensed a bit because I was taking chawanprash during pregnancy and after that my kid is taking 1 spoon chawanprash since he was 1.5 year he is 6 years.
    Is there any side effects of taking chawanprash like I specified above.
    Will my son have any side effects.
    Please ans me.

  115. Gaurav says:

    Even if I take half a tsp. of Chyawanprash with warm milk at around 10-11am, it causes heat boils on my face. I’ve tried taking it for just 2-3 days after gap of several months, with same effect, even during cooler days. (Currently using Banyan Botanical’s Chyawanprash). Is there something I can do to mitigate the boils so I can regularize taking it? Any good brands (in India/US) that might not be so heating perhaps?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      1. Try taking it in about 8 am with cold milk.
      2. Try with organic India brand.

  116. vandana says:

    Thanku so much for ur reply tn……why it is said not to give below 5 years.
    Also I want to know is it ok to give haldi milk every day to my kid after eating chawanprash, n is it ok if I give him tulsi ghanwati(1TAB) if he gets cold.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Avoiding it for kids below 5 years is a general statement. If your doctor prescribes it for your kid, then there is no harm in taking it.
      Giving turmeric milk after Chyawanprash is fine. But if the kid is feeling excessive heat, then only milk should be good.
      Giving Tulsi Ghanavati during cold is fine.

  117. vandana says:

    Thanks Again sir.
    It was not told by doctor, since I was eating it when I was a child so my papa suggested me to give it to my child n I just started chawanprash without consulting doctor.
    is it must to consult doctor before starting chawanprash? If yes why?
    I m 33 year old can I start chawanprash n shatawari without consulting doctor, what else u suggest for women , that is good to take regularly.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      For children, it is best to consult a doctor in person, because, the kids may not tolerate the hotness of the product.
      For everyone else, as a general tonic, CHyawanprash can be taken with milk and avoided during summers.
      It is not a good idea to take Shatavari as a general health supplement for women. Again, menstrual cycle, etc needs consideration, hence personal consultation is the best choice.

      • Gaurav says:

        Any other suggestions for general tonic (either individual herb or complete product) for women, other than chyawanprash?

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          It depends on age, menstrual cycle, mental aspects, body type.

          • Please consider writing an article or providing some guidance on general tonics for women stamina – something that can be followed based on self evaluation of general parameters like body type, mental aspects, etc, at least for short term…unless of course doctor’s evaluation is always recommended for women…in general, some women focused articles will also be most appreciated in future.

            thank you,

            • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

              Hi, have written about an Ashwagandha milk remedy for women expecting to conceive, and also, post delivery ayurvedic regimen. Of course will cover entire female health and tonics they can use etc in future.
              … just have got myself tangled for the time being. Matter of few months to become more aggressive and totally concentrated.

  118. Sir, want to know if there is any real chyawanprash out in the market or we r simply wasting money on these so called chyawanprash. i heard from someone that Ashtavarga is required in original Chyawanprash but there are only 2 brands that say so. One is from Dhootpapeshwar(Ashtavarga One) & the other one is from Divya Pharmacy I think. But I am not sure if they r even putting a bit of Ashtavarga. Also, every company is adding preservatives.I haven’t seen any brand making chyawanprash which has a shelf life of less than 3 years whether it’s Dhootpapeshwar, AVP, AVS Kottakal or any other brand for that matter. Don’t know if there is a test to determine if there is Ashtavarga in the Chyawanprash or not.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi Tarun,
      even back in 14th century, Ashtavarga herbs were not available. Hence, many traditional text books have mentioned legal substitutes for Ashtavarga. Hence, I do not think it is justified to judge the quality of Chyawanprash brand just with Ashtavarga ingredients.
      I think, Dhootapapeshwar, AVS, Organic India brands are quite good. But I do not know /can not guarantee that they do not add preservative.

      • Thanks for the reply doc. I am currently using one from Gurukul Kangri(Special One with Kesar) but it’s not having the formula as you have told. Maybe they are using some other reference book but I heard it to be quite reliable brand. There is no mention of preservative in this but the shelf life of this Chyawanprash is 3 Yrs so I am assuming that it is adding preservatives. Also, now only Dhootpapeshwar is having Ashtavarga in it’s Chyawanprash. Also, may I know what is the official substitute for Ashtavarga & when to add it. This time around I am thinking of making it myself. Also, want to know if there is any problem if we don’t get 3-4 ingredients & don’t add them in the recipe.

        There are avlehas in Unani medicines wherein they are having many dry-fruits in the avleha. Is it good to consume it even if we r not ill or should we take them too with doctor’s prescription. I haven’t seen such avlehas in Ayurveda. Why is that so even though both Unani mode of treatment & Ayurvedic mode of treatment is the same with one difference. Unani mode of treatment has more avlehas & Ayurvedic mode of treatment has various churans. Just the names of herbs r different ???

        Last thing doc. Want to know what r the ingredients that are considered sour in Ayurveda because some docs say that Lemon is not considered sour & some consider it to be. I have IBS issue which is about to get resolved but somewhere down the lane I think that I am doing some mistake due to which the issue is taking more time to heal. I have gone to six various doctors & none of them was able to do anything so I am treating myself on my own now since Feb 2013 & I am working on the principle of blood purification mainly & have been quite successful along with two churans(Shivakshar Pachak & Lavan Bhaskar) & Agastya Rasayan. Chyawanprash I have started to consume from the last few days & will continue to consume till March.

        I haven’t stopped taking even milk. I take medicated milk with ginger, tulsi, turmeric, mulethi & other herbs. Can I keep on taking that ??

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Official susbtitutes for Ashtavarga are – Vidari (Pueraria tuberosa), Ashwagandha, Varahi kanda (Dioscorea bulbifera)and Shatavari.
          It is ok if you miss a few ingredients.
          I do not know much about Unani, but taking any medicine / supplement without reason is not good.
          You can continue taking milk processed with Tulsi etc.
          Usually sour substances hurt stomach, but lemon does not.
          If you wish to consult me in detail, please go here –

      • Sir i hope mentioning a company name here isn’t wrong, but a karnataka based organic company called Khandige is preparing organic chyawanprash and ashwagandhadi lehya without any preservatives and with 1 year expiry and distributed in glass container(unlike plastic containers of other companies). The quality of their products is also very good.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Yes. I too have heard about them. But have not used it yet.

        • Rajiv just let me know the price of this Khandige Chyawanprash. Does it even have Ashtavarga in it & does it have all the ingredients as mentioned by Dr JV Hebbar. I think people r getting fooled by organic names. No herb is inorganic by nature. There is only added preservative in Chyawanprash by all the companies but in the name of organic people r demanding money which is simply not worth it. Organic brands demand around Rs 800 per kg. I didn’t even used Chyawanprash for a long time & then also was able to revive my body. If toxins r present in your body then also it doesn’t helps you that much in digestion which is what I have seen. I think it is an overrated product. I had Sinusitis & IBS both & have been able to recover 90 % without the help of Chyawanprash. Used Agastya Rasayana instead which is comparitively cheaper. Also if you take juice of 4-8 Amlas & eat 4 apples a day then you will benefit much more. And don’t underestimate the harad which is the main ingredient to break down constipation & give strength to intestines. Also, the dry fruits r having much more nutritious value than any Chyawanprash. I think even Triphla ghritam is a good product along with Aloe Vera & Munakka, anjeer(figs) & khajoor(dates) & take my word for digestion issues. Use all the herbs in your kitchen to make a syrup along with tulsi, pudina, trikatu churna, nausadar & five types of salt along with jaggery & mulethi. You will notice how these Ayurvedic companies r fooling around various patients. Dates should be juicy & of good quality in order to benefit from them. I take only those items for which I don’t have to take any doctor’s advice. Go to just about any Ayurvedic firm & they will load you with medicines that r costing somewhere Rs 1000 per month to Rs 4000 for 15 days only. No gold or silver or nothing else helps you to make immunity. Immunity comes from good digestion only. I don’t take any churan for constipation. I take medicines that r having trifla base & in asava form or avleha form only as I don’t prefer khayams.

          I found anly two churans that r good & don’t require any doctor’s prescription(except in case of diabetes or persons with high or low BP I think):

          1) Shivakshar pachak churan which is an extension
          of Hingawasthak churna


          2) Lavan Bhaskar Churna.

          For constipation don’t use any medicine whether it’s avipattikar churna or just about any other churna. The more medicines you take will make your life worse than it can be. People become dependent on churans which I have seen personally such as Kayam churna whch becomes habitual. Constipation is a thing which will go about with the correct diet only. Use sweet pan or gulkand instead. Also don’t become dependent on fiber intake such as Isabgol etc. Chyawanprash though is a good thing but you have to become like it doesn’t matter whether you consume it or not.

          • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

            Hi, even with the three medicines that you have mentioned, there are hidden side effects.
            For example, Shivakshara pachana churna – better to avoid in men seeking treatment for infertility.
            Hingwastaka Churna – contains ginger, pepper and long pepper, hence may irritate stomach mucosal layer in people with very sensitive stomach.
            Lavanabhaskar churna – can not be used in high BP patients.
            So, it is best to consult an Ayurveda doctor in person before taking any simple-looking medicines.

            Like you mentioned, the word “organic” is quite commonly used and misused.

          • Sir, I already mentioned that people with BP & Diabetes aren’t supposed to take medicines on their own.I have already mentioned that “I found only two churans that r good & don’t require any doctor’s prescription(except in case of diabetes or persons with high or low BP I think):” Even though I am not a doctor & had severe digestive issues such as severe sensitivity of the stomach, erectile dysfunction etc, went for motion 10-12 times a day & thereby severe fatigue. If I go to allopathic mode of treatment then they would tell that I have 3-4 diseases such as Sinusitis(Allergy), IBS, CFS & add dysentry to that. There is no treatment till date for stomach related bugs in allopathic mode of treatment. I consider myself to be a case of constipation only due to which blood impurity is present.

            I am not provoking people to treat themselves on their own. As, I myself went to six various doctors & recently went to 2 others for consultation but I don’t get any good doctors. Most of them r just trained fools. Some say that Agastya Rasayanam is to be given to Asthma patients only but what I read in Charak Sanhita was exactly what u have mentioned in your article on Agastya Rasayanam.
            People with chronic cough generation problems can take Agastya Rasayanam weather it’s case of TB, Asthma, Sinusitis or IBS as it helps in severe acidity related constipation due to good amount of ghee & oil.

            Also, most people don’t know that Agastya Rasayanam is also a good product for infertility related issues.

            Just want to know if Ayurveda has any product equivalent to Safi(Blood Purifier from Hamdard) which can be used safely on permanent basis even if I get well. Safi is said to be good but due to heavy metal content being high isn’t allowed to be sold in Canada.

          • Having read some of Tarun’s comments here, I feel that he is getting carried away too much by two things: (1) His bad luck in not being able to find a doctor to help himself, and (2) Some fortunate success in treating himself by his own efforts.

            We need our own efforts to help ourselves in this day and age. But for any medicine, there is always a risk of side effects, whether in allopathy or Ayurveda. And when we try to become our own doctor, we absolutely take up the burden of that risk on our own shoulders. We should realize that this risk is not zero by any means. At any given time, some people have the ability to ‘take that burden’ on themselves, some do not. Also, the less complete our view and knowledge, the greater the chance of side effects…

            Part of the reason we are unable to find a good doctor is subjective – we can think of it as Karma if we believe in it. Our success in being able to cure ourselves without the help of a doctor is also Karma – we might happen to have some good Karma that allows the required knowledge to come by us at the right time. One day if this good Karma exhausts, then we may find ourselves not only with no access to good doctors but also in a situation where the knowledge to cure ourselves eludes us somehow. In preparation for this day, it is best to avoid getting egoistic about things, and especially avoid criticizing other people and institutions. Criticism is a road to disaster for ourselves. Even at a physical level, it will adversely affect our health (per Ayurveda), so what to talk about mental/emotional/spiritual…effects.

            In my experience, the best results for the long term, come when we apply efforts (reading literature, etc) in conjunction with a trusted doctor. Until we find a trusted doctor, we have to keep applying our own efforts both to help our condition and to find a trusted doctor, but we have to be very careful during this phase, not to bad mouth doctors and institutions, because Karma is a silent recorder. It doesn’t forget. And practically speaking, how can criticizing others ever *help* our own self? If our efforts are sincere, help will come our way for sure. Until then, acceptance is the safest approach. Faith, prayer…helps in maintaining positivity which in itself is one of the most important factors for good health.


            • Maybe Gaurav’s right or he is living in fiction. My views are based on reality. Atleast in the Northern India there is a problem of finding good doctors.

              Yes I have taken the risk myself as I wasn’t able to find any good doctor & only I was able to analyze what things were suiting me & what weren’t. I didn’t found a doctor who would probe things atleast. I was left to myself.

              Also, can you be sure that the doctors are sure themselves whether one particular medicine is gonna do more harm or benefit.

              I went to one ENT specialist for problems related to Sinus & my digestion level wasn’t ok. He gave me steroid & antibiotics combination as it was around 1 Year that my cold wasn’t going. With his medicines when I felt direct impact on my liver then he told me that he was concerned about the throat only & stomach wasn’t his concern. What can you call this ?? Isn’t each & every part co-related & this is just one case. I have gone to 8 doctors till date & nobody has given me any guarantee that I will get well. What would you have done in that case ?? Just keep on praying & let each & every doctor to work on your body with different prescriptions.

              Remember one thing that our body has the ability to heal on it’s own with the correct diet only & with a bit of exercise. I worked out for 2-3 hours even when I didn’t had the strength to do so. I used to take long breaks in between.

              Rest you can pray & do whatever Gaurav’s telling you all to do.

          • Why would u approve with me ?? I don’t want anyone to approve with me nor can I satisfy each & everyone’s wishes ? When u would have been robbed of 1 Lakh with these so called doctors with little to no benefit in your illness then u would reconsider your decision. Nowdays medicine industry has become a business whether it’s allopathy or naturopathy or homeopathy or whatever. Whatever be the case if there isn’t a solution in allopathy then other modes of treatment are mainly dependent on blood purification only.

            I haven’t seen a doctor who considers the digestion level first. They only consider age etc. when your digestion is simply at the lowest level then you simply cann’t give an overdose of medicines to that patient. No doctor even gave me details as to what was the reason behind my problem. One doctor told me(he is a nadi vaidya) that my problem was due to pancreas. Just let me know if a person who is having persistent cold & severe indigestion can be said to have a problem with pancreas. Sinusitis is a problem wherein the feces get stuck in the intestines(due to which there is acidity & gastric problem). Due to severe gastric problem the cough simply flows upwards & gets filled in various sinus holes & since the path of vayu gets obstructed then it exerts pressure on those sinus holes & one has persistent & severe headache. If you remove the stuck feces then there is no problem.

            Nowdays doctors will try to load you with medicines which even aren’t required. They too need to do something to showcase their worth to an organization. There are only 10 % doctors who r knowledgeable & good. Rest 90 % are simply fooling around the patients.

        • Also, forgot to mention that there is no organic honey in the market. It’s just a gimmick by the companies to fetch more money from the customers. When there is a serious dearth of good quality honey for our consumption then how can one get it to make enormous amount of chyawanprash which I simply fail to understand. I haven’t seen any honey that is pure & readily available for sale by any of the companies. Nowdays you get sugar syrup only with a bit of honey & with loads of antibiotics which r gonna further lower down your immunity. Don’t consume too much sugar too which is being used by various brands to make chyawanprash sweet instead of sour. I am using Gurukul Kangri’s chyawanprash because it doesn’t contains either honey or sugar. It contains desi khand which is better for our health. The sourest chyawanprash that I have tasted till date is of Arya Vaidya Saala, Kottakal which I purchased a week ago. Haven’t tasted one of Nagarjuna yet. AVP’s chyawanprash too isn’t that much sour or spicy though both refer the same text i.e Ashtanghridayam. These r the only brands along with organic India whom I consider to be good manufacturers along with Dhootpapeshwar. I get these brands only in Delhi/NCR which r reliable. I don’t trust just about any other manufacturer nowdays as people r making it on daily basis & I wonder where from can this much raw material be acquired by so many companies that it can be manufactured on daily basis. When Divya Pharmacy’s chyawanprash came in the starting then they had Ashtavarga & the chyawanprash was corse & grainy type which is what it should be. Nowdays we get chutneys only in the name of chyawanprash.

          • Khandige Chyawanprash is very expensive at Rs360 for 500g almost 2.5 times other brands like kottakkal. But it is the only brand i have found in the market which has 1 year expiry and claims to have no preservatives added, and is also sold in glass bottle instead of plastic. Lehyas must have 1 year expiry only if no preservatives are added. All ayurvedic companies today are adding preservatives to push lehya expiry to 3 years instead of 1 year which is sad. They can instead sell lehyas in smaller bottles like 50g or 100g instead of 250g and manage 1 year expiry with slight increase in costs. Fast moving products like chyawanprash and ashwagandhadi lehya are usually sold within 1 year of manufacture so they don’t need preservatives also.

            Here are ingredients which are substituted in khandige chyawanprash
            Jeevaka and rishabhaka – replaced by vidari
            kakoli and kshirakakoli – replaced by ashvagandha
            rddhi – replaced by varahikandan
            meda and mahameda – replaced by shatavari
            pashkara – replaced by sati

            other jeevaniya herbs are present in khandige chyawanprash like
            jivanti, mudgaparni, mashaparni

            Also Chyawanprash must always be cooked in bell metal(a bronze which is copper 80% + tin20%). For example in Kerala traditional cooking and cooking in temples still goes on in bell-metal utensils like uruli/vaarpu. Even in TN sweet pongal(jaggery+rice), milk peda, are traditionally made in bell metal utensils only.
            But all companies today make chyawanprash in stainless steel vessels only. I’m not sure you can call it chyawanprash it is cooked in stainless steel instead of bell metal utensil.

            Anyway since chyawanprash is consumed only occasionally and for a few months in a year it shouldn’t matter. Try to choose the best in the market. Something is better than nothing!!!

            Regarding proof of goodness of bell-metal utensil, boil water in pure copper pot and in another stainless steel vessel boil water from same source. Water boiled in copper vessel tastes like nectar, water boiled in Stainless Steel vessel tastes like crap.

          • Why something is better than nothing ?? First of all chyawanprash was manufactured for Chyawan Rishi in order to regain the youth & vitality(Look for the exact story somewhere else). So, he consumed it probably after completing 50 years. Nowdays we start consuming it since childhood. What benefits have u got by eating any Chyawanprash ? If you r looking for heat to expel out the cough & strengthening your lungs then there is surprise in store for u. Just check out your items in the kitchen & try to figure out what does what then reply. My sir had Asthma & he became well with homeopathic medicines only but he had to restrict himself on diet for 3 years. I can challenge you that you can give Chyawanprash to any Asthamatic patient but it will not relieve him of his symptoms completely even if he keeps on consuming Chyawanprash for lifetime. How old r u so that you require chyawanprash at an early age ?? Just exercise & eat right. Remove maida stuff from your diet such as biscuits, namkeens, pastries, samosas, patties etc & heavy oily stuff. Main rejuvenators r Amla, giloy, Shatavar, Ashwagandha & bael fruit along with Aloe Vera, Apples etc. Also consume neem, tulsi, pudina on daily basis. Don’t consume garlic & onion in fried format. Eat them raw & let me know what you benefitted by eating from them. You can consume Jaljeera in between meals. You have to digest what you have eaten in order to benefit from the food otherwise you will become ill. Agnimandya is no disease. Same is the case with impotency. It’s all with the mind & digestive system. I was able to make a comeback because I wanted to become fit. Doctor’s don’t have any miracle formulations that will benefit you. Most of the diseases r due to impurity in the blood. Purify your blood & all the diseases will go that r related to digestive systems.

            Nowdays we get doctors who r dependent on reports to analyse what’s wrong with us & then also they aren’t able to do anything. Ayurvedic pacitioners nowdays don’t know how to do the analysis of the naadi because of which people r spending thousands on various sorts of reports which r meaningless still.

            If you get a blood analysis done of a Psoriasis patient then you will find nothing in the tests. Still if the blood is ok then why is there a disease such as Psoriasis. For cough patients there isn’t any sort of cure in Allopathy even after doing CT scan, X-ray analysis etc. I have gone to doctors who had a waiting period of 1 month in order to have the first meeting with them. Don’t dwelve too much into Ayurveda as you will waste your precious time. There are only few medicines which you can take on your own & the rest you can take with doctor’s consultation only so doesn’t makes sense to dwelve too much deep into Ayurveda.

            Also, if you want something then take Swamla from Dhootpapeshwar which is below the price point of Khadinge & is much more superior. There r other things in which we take preservatives & still they don’t cause cancer. Also, it hasn’t been proved that the preservatives in Chyawanprash r doing some nuisance in our body. Just take 2 teaspoonful a day & it will not heat your body as it contains pitta balancing things too which a normal chyawanprash simply doesn’t possess.

            Don’t know much about Makarprash from Sandu yet as there is no information available on the internet for this particular fortified chyawanprash.

            • There was one statement from Tarun that truly caught my attention:

              “Most of the diseases r due to impurity in the blood. Purify your blood & all the diseases will go that r related to digestive systems.”

              Is this really true? Dr Hebbar, would certainly appreciate your thoughts…

              Thank you,

              • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

                Short answer – no, according to me. But it is a debatable topic. There may be multiple true opinions regarding this.
                Long answer – will make it into an article. I will put forth my argument. Let us watch for other opinions and honor them as well.

            • Gaurav says:

              In response to many inaccurate comments from Tarun:

              ” I can challenge you that you can give Chyawanprash to any Asthamatic patient but it will not relieve him of his symptoms completely even if he keeps on consuming Chyawanprash for lifetime.”

              — This is not true. Look for ‘asthma’ on this page and you’ll see the testimony of an asthma sufferer whose attacks disappeared upon taking Chyawanprash.

              (2) The fact that Chyawan Rishi took chyawanprash at the age of 50 was because that’s when he discovered it. It is baseless to conclude based on that, that there is no point in taking Chyawanprash all our life.

              Also, if Chyawanprash helped Chyawan Rishi regain his youth from a state of old age, it can certainly help us keep disease away. The vice versa may not be true, that’s understandable.

              But again, even that is besides the point. Disputing the direct advice in the Charaka Samhita based on one’s ego or personal experience of something not helping one person is taking a generalization too far. It is unnecessary falsification of facts in my view.

              (3) “Main rejuvenators r Amla, giloy, Shatavar, Ashwagandha & bael fruit along with Aloe Vera, Apples etc. Also consume neem, tulsi, pudina on daily basis. ”

              –> Neem (and Giloy as well) at least in powder form can be very drying particularly for Vata-prone individuals. Tulsi can be very heating if taken in summer. Shatavar and Ashwagandha are very powerful herbs with very deep effects to the body and mind. So taking these without consideration for one’s physiology and other factors can backfire. A doctor can help.

              (4) “Don’t consume garlic & onion in fried format. Eat them raw ”

              –> Garlic will kill friendly bacteria present in the gut and hurt digestion in very serious ways. Same with onion. Raw is even worse in this aspect. So beware if you already have digestive problems.

              (5) “Agnimandya is no disease. Same is the case with impotency. It’s all with the mind & digestive system.”

              –> Yes, “and digestive system” — so why is not a disease? A problem with the digestive system means it is a ‘diseased’ state, an out-of-balance state of doshas…

              (6) Doctor’s don’t have any miracle formulations that will benefit you. Most of the diseases r due to impurity in the blood. Purify your blood & all the diseases will go that r related to digestive systems.

              –> I have a counter experience from my own life. A doctor has helped me. If I have been hurt, it has been due to my limitations in not listening to my body. A doctor is a consultant in my health. It is unfair to blame a doctor if I have not played my part. We should keep this in mind.

              –> Also, I have read from several sources that most (80 to 90% + ) of the diseases are due to some problem in the digestive system. Impurity in blood is just a symptom, not a root cause, to the best of my understanding.

              (7) “There are only few medicines which you can take on your own & the rest you can take with doctor’s consultation only so doesn’t makes sense to dwelve too much deep into Ayurveda.”

              This really doesn’t make sense.


          • “What benefits have u got by eating any Chyawanprash ?”
            Almost complete reduction/disappearance of bad breath/morning breath. Very little to almost no white coating on tongue in the morning. I was starting to develop asthma 2 years back when after taking chyawanprash it was cured within a few months. Also initially i was taking local brands only. These are very good observable effects after taking chyawanprash.

            Also I wasn’t specifically saying brand A better than brand B,etc. I just mentioned a company name that makes chyawanprash without preservatives. Which chyawanprash is superior will be decided by ayurvedic physicians not us, as they have more knowledge than us.

            Also ayurvedic medicines were never cooked in stainless steel vessels a few decades ago. this is a recent phenomenon. A few decades back bell metal utensils only were used for cooking food.

            Also the comments/comment trail information is for benefit of all who are reading. not just one or 2 persons.

          • Hello Tarun,

            If I am 4 feet tall, and I keep trying all my life to become 5 feet tall, it won’t happen. There is no point in my blaming exercise experts or personal health trainers for it.

            Going to ‘allopathic’ doctors for non-trivial ailments can often be something like this. I think many of us know that allopathic medicine treats every body part by itself as if it’s a ‘piece of equipment’ on its own, for lack of a better analogy, and also that it treats symptoms rather than root cause.

            So, at the risk of sounding impolite, one might say that perhaps you applied efforts, but some of them were in the wrong direction. For example, if you had tried to find Ayurvedic doctors, who knows, you might not have had to spend so much money and time and energy, and perhaps you might have been successful. Or may be even then you would have encountered disappointment. So then, what can one do if one has tried everything and not succeeded? One can either accept it, and intensify prayer, or one can criticize, or one can do both. It’s a choice. I have tried to draw out a picture that I believe in, of which choice is best, in my previous post about your comments.

            Also, do not misinterpret my comments. Praying is not mutually exclusive to applying efforts. Praying does not mean giving up. On the contrary, it means having a higher and deeper faith that can bring more of God’s grace into our lives so that (a) we have the ability to continue applying efforts and (b) the results of our efforts are favorable. Hence, both prayer and effort go hand in hand with each other. In difficult times, when results are not favorable, we have to be more careful and not criticize. Doctors are also human beings. They are not perfect, just like us. Sure they can do better, but so can we.

            When seeing a doctor, I also do one more thing: I try to pray beforehand to God to help guide the doctor to be able to help me. I try going with a positive frame of mind, after forgetting as much as possible about the negative experiences of the past, after removing all the negativity from my mind, and filling it with positivity about the doctor and my (future) relationship with him. After that of course, I leave it to destiny. But I have been surprised to see that this has often helped.

            Since you mention North India, I’d like to mention in case you haven’t already tried. Dr. Pratap Chauhan seems to have a good reputation. Also, the Patanjali Yoga clinics might be another worthwhile option to try. I haven’t tried either though.

            We are very fortunate to have this forum provided by Dr. Hebbar. I feel that we should use it to further the cause of Ayurveda in a positive spirit without demeaning the rest of the medical community or anyone for that matter. Criticism and venting out really should have no place here. If I were the moderator, I would not even publish some of your comments. Why? Because in my view, they do more harm than good: for example, it is my observation that Dr Hebbar tries very hard to maintain the right ‘balance’ between conveying a message of self help vs. going to the doctor. In my view, your posts have tipped that balance in the wrong direction and hence are more misleading/harmful in general. But at the same time, the overall discussion has, I hope, helped retain that balance to where it should be.

            Wishing you good health,

          • Dear Gaurav,
            I think you r a really nice person but it isn’t that I didn’t went for Ayurvedic or Homeopathic mode of treatment. I have gone to Patanjali, & 2-3 places more. Haven’t tried Jiva yet. Used only 2-3 products of Jiva Ayurveda one of which was neem syrup which consists of giloy, ashwagandha etc. first people told me that this Sinus issue would go with Homeopathy & wouldn’t return as before 12th class my problem of sinus was gone then with Ayurvedic treatment itself. Nowdays there are few pracitioners who have that much knowledge & r cheaper. My medicines never crossed Rs 700- 800 even then. Nowdays go to any reputed clinic for that matter & you would be loaded with atleast 5-6 medicines & would cost you somewhere between Rs 1500 to 3000 per month. This is the main problem. Not each & everyone can afford that much amount. My problem wasn’t diagnosed properly then & my condition went to such an extent that even doctors couldn’t do anything. Either they gave me very little medicine & charged hefty amount or load me with medicines that were simply too much for my stomach to bear even when I told them that my body wasn’t able to take that much medicine.

            I will give you an example:

            Went to one ayurvedic clinic & the doctor comes on TV where they made one avleha which consisted of only these six items:
            1) Amla
            2) Sarponkha
            3) Gorakhmundi
            4) Charaiyata
            5) Sharifa(Custard Apple)
            6) Honey

            What should be the cost of 450 gm pack of this much avleha according to you ? He was charging Rs 2400 for this.

            I just want people to become aware of these sorts of doctors. Also, at his place one doctor told me that they didn’t know what was the reason behind my problem as they don’t know what is happening inside. Just keep on taking set on monthly basis if you r benefitting or leave them. Also they don’t even take that much time to examine a patient. You name a disease & they have a set ready for just about any disease. You name the disease & take the package that might range from Rs 2500-10000 per month.

            Also to tell you. I had severe digestive issues & I took water made of raw onion, garlic & ginger all day long. This didn’t affected me in any negative manner as these r very powerful antibiotics from the nature itself. People take garlic(raw) to lower high blood pressure so it doesn’t impacts your digestive system in any negative manner.

            Also remember that if you r taking any hot thing then add cold thing too with that to nullify its impact as I take cardomom, mulethi to milk that is medicated with ginger, tulsi & other herbs. yes some people might be allergic to some things & that no doctor will be able to tell you that. You can take allergen’s test but it’s of no use as you can stop consuming those items to which you r allergic but not remove the root cause. I now take just about everything except maida stuff. I take sour substances too When your liver responds properly then there is no allergy.

            I am not advising people to take medicines on their own but atleast they will find a way like I found even if they don’t have access to good Ayurvedic doctors.

            Also, don’t recommend doctor’s name until you have verified the results yourself. Jiva or any other North Indian pharmacy(except Dabur I think) don’t sell Agastya Rasayan which is a cheaper medicine( there are other reasons as well).

            Also, Pratap Chauhan doesn’t sees the patient himself I think nowdays. Seen probably more on TV.

            I can tell you name of a nadi vaidya who doesn’t do diagnosis on reports basis & is quite accurate but there is no guarantee that a single formulation can work for just about anyone as everyone’s body is different & so r the causes. Also, he will use trifla as base medicine which is what most of the Ayurvedacharyas do & it can suit only to 80 % of the population & some might not benefit by it at all. Maybe in a different composition it might suit better to those patients instead of 1:1:1.

            There can be lots of arguments. Also, even if you know about all the medicines in Ayurveda can you prescribe it without any formal degree ? You can do so at your own risk only as you might get trapped if someone doesn’t gets any benefit & instead blames you for his condition after telling him/her about any medicine for any disease. Leave those things for doctors only That was the primary reason of saying that don’t dwelve deeper into Ayurvedic medicines.

            No one is stopping you or someone else to dwelve deeper into spices, dry-fruits etc.

            it’s not that each & every Asthamtic patient will benefit from Chyawanprash until you know the exact cause. Some people might benefit if they r at an initial stage & not when the disease has manifested itself for a long time.

            I hope Rajiv too has got the answer of why he benifitted from Chyawanprash.

            • Dear Tarun,

              Thank you for your very kind words. I feel the same about you too. I think you have undergone a very challenging period and come out of it successfully, learning some very useful things along the way, so it is very nice that you are sharing.

              Few follow up things…
              Whether we go to a doctor to cure ourselves or we try remedies based on our own knowledge/understanding, or whether we are trying to just keep healthy, we need to develop this art of being able to ‘listen to what our body is saying’. I didn’t realize this until I was thrown into the midst of health challenges. But I am surprised to see how much I’ve improved at being able to simply listen to what the body is telling me, over the course of a year or two. One thing that helps here is to introduce new things very slowly. Then one can isolate effects of that better and understand how it impacts our health. I think Dr Hebbar mentions this in one of his articles.

              Regarding the advice of “not going into depth of Ayurveda” – it can obviously be a very broad statement, so thanks for clarifying your meaning. All that you really meant was that we should not self-treat with Ayurveda. But expressed it quite ‘violently’. Ayurveda is much more than curing oneself after one is sick. Most of the benefits of Ayurveda come from prevention and entire lifestyle things that help avoid disease in the first place. So going into “depth” if the goal is ‘prevention’ is helpful.

              Just for example, if I read that Amla is good and start taking it, that’s one thing. If I understand a little more about the body and dhatus etc and then understand how a simple thing like Amla can help at every level, that’s another thing altogether. For some of us (with too much intellect and less heart and faith) this additional knowledge can be helpful to make the Amla more effective or just to make us feel more cheerful in taking it, I think. Another example – I was taking Ashwagandha for a while, then I read Dr Hebbar’s article where he mentions that Ashwagandha actually repairs nerves – that added a mental boost to my efforts. I felt so grateful that I came across this herb that has such powerful healing effects.

              Another benefit that I was thinking of, is that say we have a malady we are suffering from and we have no option but to go to the doctor (whom we are unable to have faith in for whatever reason). It may help us to have more intelligent conversations with the doctor if at least we understand the principles of treatment. For that, it doesn’t hurt to go into depth of the ‘how’ of how Ayurveda medicines work or how imbalances occur or how by taking a herb that acts to detoxify the liver but not taking care of kidneys and bladder at the same time, problems can arise, and so on…(not of course to go in depth on details like which medicine to take for which ailment, just like you said – we cannot try to become a doctor, no way). I think you will agree…

              Giving a pointer is different from recommending. That’s why I explicitly said that I had not tried Jiva and Patanjali. When I have not tried them, I think it automatically implies that I am giving a pointer, not recommending.

              Whether it’s the Chyawanprash / Asthma example or anything else, stage of illness matters. A lot of the times I responded to your comments because the language you used was too dramatic/inappropriate and lent itself very easily to misinterpretation. Along with our enthusiasm to share our experiences, is a responsibility to be careful in selecting our words and sentences so that possibility of misinterpreting is reduced, particularly in a public forum.

              Regarding: “I am not advising people to take medicines on their own but atleast they will find a way like I found even if they don’t have access to good Ayurvedic doctors.”

              –> I knew that this was your real inner motivation in all your posts. This is a very noble effort. In fact, this is why I talked about Karma and prayer – just to address this particular situation (when one cannot find doctors to help us), to give a balanced picture of effort vs. prayer/acceptance. Sometimes, we can go really crazy trying too hard and not getting benefits. At those times acceptance helps. It doesn’t translate to ‘giving up’, but to a positive spirit that helps us increase our tolerance levels. And then at some point, when the time is right, help automatically comes without actively seeking it out. That increases our faith in the long run…

              About onion/garlic – it depends. If your good bacteria are at a healthy level, then you’ll be fine. Mine aren’t sometimes, and so I have problems with it. Just two different subjective experiences, nothing is written in stone. Yes, garlic is a powerful antibiotic. If you read the story about garlic, it was created from the blood of both lord and demon so while it has powerful good qualities, it also has powerful bad qualities. (For example, using facts from modern research, garlic has sulfur which not only destroys bad micro organisms but also good ones) That is why some Vaidyas advise not to have them when they are treating with medicines. I know this because there was a very good family Vaidya who treated me when I was very young for 3 years and eradicated the problem entirely.

              Regarding herbs in milk, that reminds me – Dr Hebbar, would you please write an article or just a note on which herbs can be taken in milk vs. have to be taken in water? How to decide that? Is it based on Vipaka/Veerya/etc…? For example, Amla cannot be put in milk…can everything else be put in milk?

              Thank you

            • Gaurav says:

              And one important thing, which your experiences have only corroborated Tarun, and that you too have been trying to convey, is that gone are the days (or even the age) where we can blindly put our faith in doctors. Except for the few of us who come with stellar destinies, most of us need to have at least basic knowledge of the line of treatment/system of medicine, otherwise we can suffer not just financially but also from actual health perspective.

              This is where I feel that Dr Hebbar’s website has the most beautiful and important contribution, even more impactful than thousands of “top doctors” perhaps, because it makes it easy for every ‘common man’ (who has an internet connection and understands basic English) to understand Ayurveda and hence take one step forward in feeling comfortable seeking treatment from (at least!) Ayurvedic doctors, compared to say Homeopathy or Allopathy or any other branch where the knowledge is restricted to those with medical degrees and huge text books, and so you can’t really talk to the doctors in the same language.

              There are many sources of knowledge of Ayurveda on the internet, but very few as organized, purposeful, sincere and purely motivated as this. That counts for a lot in today’s world.

          • Thanks Gaurav. I literally didn’t knew about any negative aspect of Garlic earlier. Maybe you r right as my sir who had Asthma was advised to not take garlic when undergoing homeopathic treatment.

            Even in Accupuncture the basic methodology is to purify the blood for just about any disease(listened to Ganga Dadu on TV & she was saying that almost all the diseases in our system is due to impurity in blood due to which there is problem in blood circulation & that’s the reason why I tried to purify my blood ) & this is the case too in homeopathy but there you simply don’t know what medicines are being given to you. Also, Homeopathic medicines aren’t completely for vegetarians which is a fact. Even some Ayurvedic medicines had non-veg items under ghritams but I don’t know if that’s the case even now as don’t know too much about ghritams 7 neither am I interested.

            Also why I said that chyawanprash isn’t a necessity till old age as after undergoing treatment for Sinus issue earlier my body was able to cope up without any medicines for the next 5 years. At younger stage of life one shouldn’t become too much dependent on medicines as our body’s ability to self heal is present till the age of 50 or 60. After that our body’s metabolism goes down & thereby our immunity.

            Didn’t used chyawanprash since childhood. Right now using it because my body became quite weak & wouldn’t use it after this year too. When you r not getting something made in the traditional way then why is the need to have it which I simply fail to understand.

            There are other things than chyawanprash which can raise your immunity & the best & safest immunomodulator till date is trifla along with neem & tulsi. Even chyawanprash has two of it’s ingredients.

            While taking trifla there are certain restriction’s which people simply don’t follow:

            1) Don’t eat maida stuff
            2) Don’t eat heavily fried items. You can take
            paranthas made with cow’s ghee but not more
            than once a week
            3) Don’t take spicy stuff which will increase acidity
            & vata.

            I took only cow’s milk as was unable to find goat’s milk. There is certainly nothing better than cow’s products. It’s ghee is best for acidity related issues.

            I don’t know much about ayurveda but know about the basic things only.

            Also, one last & the most important thing for those having digestion issues:

            Chew your food properly. It should get converted into liquid form at the mouth level itself. That will simply not put additional burden on your intestines which is what people are doing nowdays & getting ill.

            I have followed these basic principles only & benefitted from them.

            I don’t dive too much deep into Ayurveda. I read only that much that is related to my ailment only. Like I read only that part of Charak Sanhita where the problems of cough was dealt with & even there I read a little & looked for various medicine names & found 2-3 products. After that researched for those products on the internet & found only Agastya Rasayanam being sold till date. There were others which aren’t being manufactured nowdays.

            But Hebbar Sir’s site is awesome. Not found anything like this yet.

            • Gaurav says:

              Yes, the deal with Garlic is that as ‘harmless’ as it may seem since it is so commonly used in all Indian Kitchens, perhaps even worldwide, the reality is that it is a powerful antibiotic that cannot quite distinguish between the good and bad germs that it wipes them all out. In this sense, it is no different from allopathic antibiotics like Erythromycin, etc. Hence, it is traditionally only meant to be used as a medicine to cure diseased state, not as a general health supplement by people who are healthy. That’s a subtle but important “dividing line” in my understanding. For comparison’s sake, turmeric is not the same. It is a much more ‘intelligent’ herb that actually aids/enhances the body’s functions in positive ways rather than going on a killing spree shooting down everything in its path. So turmeric can be used with regular every day cooking.

              The above sort of flows nicely into a very interesting point you bring up next —
              “At younger stage of life one shouldn’t become too much dependent on medicines as our body’s ability to self heal is present till the age of 50 or 60.”
              I too think the same and hence try to take the minimum ‘extra’ things required to maintain health or even to cure disease.
              So how do we decide? By answering this question: What substance qualifies as a ‘medicine’ only to be taken to cure disease vs. what can be consumed even in non-diseased state? In the above example, garlic is intended to only be a ‘medicine’, but turmeric is not. Chyawanprash is advised to be used as a supplement even when healthy (and may be it is also used as medicine, but we are not supposed to wait to have disease to benefit from it). Another analogy not from food would be — Many people start meditation and such activities/therapies if afflicted with cancer. But no scripture or traditional medical text says that meditation is prohibited for healthy people. We are all allowed to meditate. Those who meditate are certainly ‘dependent’ on it, but in a good way, because it doesn’t come with any long term negative effects, if done right. However, chemotherapy is only used as a ‘medicine’ for cancer, not by health people to prevent cancer. So in short, I think ‘medicines’ come with long term side effects, while general health aids do not, so we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with the latter and see if it works for us to keep us healthy and make us healthier.

          • Even a poison can be a safe medicine in the hands of good doctor & may be fatal otherwise. Isn’t snake’s venom used to cure some diseases. Even the milk like liquid that we get from aak (don’t know the english name of this plant) is used for some illnesses but very carefully. Garlic acts on kapha & vata & is an antibiotic as well. I have seen people who consume it in raw form in the morning on empty stomach with warm water & do running etc don’t suffer from any disease as such even at the age of 70. Gourav is living in America I think & that’s a reason why is quite emphatic about chyawanprasha. There is no adulteration in food over there. You will get the best quality products over there. In India the scene is entirely different. You will have to search a genuine medicine or even chyawanprash.
            Also, even after reading charaksanhita or ashtanghridayam you can’t become a master of ayurveda. Practical knowledge matters much more. I heard on a program of a nadi vaidya that garlic, onion in fried format creates constipation & it was he who told us about the benefit of drinking water made of garlic, onion & ginger together. I swear by it that I wasn’t getting much benefit by medicines other than with this formulation. If I would have kept on taking medicines then I would have taken it for continuously for 5-6 years. This much was the impact of this water. Also, he told that mixing any one of this in water even removes doshas of water & it won’t impact you negatively. In Rajasthan there are people who eat raw onion with chapattis & you know how heavy the water is in Rajsthan. If they don’t consume these things then they will not be able to survive the onslaught of heavy water over there.
            Sir, do you know of any method which can turn my grey hair to black again even after reading all the books in Ayurveda. But there are doctors who can even do that. So, in my opinion don’t think too much about the negative aspects of garlic. Ayurveda practitioners use even purified sulphur in various medicines. The dosage is what matters. There is no substantial evidence of any negative impact of any vegetable. It’s a problem with our digestive system only that we face several issues & say negative things even about simple vegetables which isn’t true. It’s a gimmick by the modern medicine industry to try to show negative aspect of just about everything so that people come to them for treatment for just about any ailment & become dependent on medicines.
            It doesn’t matters if you take chyawanprash or not if your digestive system is ok. If a person is of Pitta type then also he won’t benefit by it(That was the primary reason that I wasn’t getting any benefit even after consuming it last year). What matters is that you clear out your intestines every 3-4 months. Who says that by consuming chyawanprash you cann’t become ill. There is no solid proof of that. Also, you don’t take it all year round & in India it’s the summers which brings the most diseases & not winters. In winters one has to be careful if one has respiratory disorders.
            If you are following Dr Hebbar’s blogs then don’t read elsewhere. I trust Dr Hebbar as he is bringing in the knowledge from the best text books on Ayurveda. I have stopped reading about various medicines now because I know that I don’t have a formal degree in Ayurveda & hence can’t become a practitioner.

            • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

              I have found that regular intake of Amla in any form in diet or as medicine – Amla capsule – 2 per day, along with Iron rich diet helps in reducing grey hair strands.
              Liver stimulants might be required based on patient’s condition.

              • Thank you very much sir but still it’s by practice that you have found out that amla & iron rich food may help in greying hair condition but the question is can it turn it back to black & not only on the head & till what age. Did you found this formula in any Ayurvedic text book ?

                Even in the above formula proper nutritious diet is required which is what I have been saying so far. Basically most of the diseases are arising due to junk food culture & not chewing the food properly which is causing gas formation at an early age & will lead to constipation as gas disrupts the flow of feces downwards. The problem will start here & slowly & steadily if left untreated will give various sort of channel blockages & stress on organs. Slowly & steadily the organs will stop working in the manner that they should. Most of the digestive diseases are due to excessive vata formation & excessive pitta. Ama is dangerous & not cough as cough comes due to gastric trouble which impacts various chambers of the stomach & the cough will move upward. How the vata flows will determine whether the person will have rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma or whooping cough & this is the primary reason that the tests done for cough are useless as there is no test to determine vata flow as it cann’t be seen. One needs to undergo tests only to determine whether cough is arising due to digestive disorder or some wound is there.

                Am I correct sir.

                • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

                  Amla and iron rich food may turn the white hairs into black in some. Till around 35 – 40 years of age. (But it may not be very effective in all).
                  Amla use for the purpose of Rasayana (anti aging) is found in Charaka Samhita Chikitsa sthana 1st chapter.
                  Most part of your second paragraph description is correct.

  119. Hello Doctor,

    I bought a Jar of Chyavanaprasam – Arya Vaidya Sala. Out of curiousity I checked the ingredients list. But I dont see amla in the list. Can you please clarify??

    Sincere thanks,

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It should be there. They might have used synonym of amla, something like Dhatri / Amalaki. Its botanical name is – Emblica officinalis or Phyllanthus emblica. Please search one more time.

      • Ismail Karodia says:

        Dear Dr Hebbar

        Thank you for a fantastic web site. After visiting your website and reading about the benefits of Chyawanprash and your replies to questions on Chyawanprash I bought a jar. The brands available here in South Africa are the Himalaya Institute and Dabur. I bought the Himalaya Institute brand because the salesperson said that the Dabur brand did not contain honey. The salesperson also said that I should take two Tablespoon daily. However the label on the jar states two teaspoon (20g) daily. Please advise what quantity must I start with daily for my body to adjust to it and for how many days and thereafter what quantity must I increase to for continuation.

        Thank you


        Ismail Karodia
        South Africa

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Dear Ismail, a 20 gram dose will be very high dose on the long run. At this dose, it may cause burning sensation. I suggest you to start with half teaspoon Or one teaspoon in the morning with milk or water, 10 minutes before food. Thanks for your kind encouraging words.

  120. Sir I have a major issue with acidity so Ayurveda doctor said no south Indian no amla but I want to take amla for good skin n hair what do I do

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, Amla does not increase acidity. It is coolant and helps in acidity and gastritis. You can take it.
      Dr Hebbar

  121. Hi Sir,
    In the above said procedure you mentiond “This paste is fried with 6 liters of ghee and sesame oil.” I feel 5kg amla paste not required 6 litter ghee and sesame oil. Please clarify. I am sorry if it is a mistake.
    Thank you

  122. I have never seen Chyawanprash being made in such an authentic away and using all the ingredients. Where can buy this Chyawanprash? Please let me know.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      I do not sell this Chyawanprash. I just made for the sake of educating people. Organic India, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala are good brands for Chyawanprash

      • Chyawanprash & gulkand if taken continuously, this combination may become a small reason for weight gain in weight conscious people.

        What’s the reason for that sir ? Chyawanprash improves digestion so whatever we are eating must be getting absorbed in the body. Also, there isn’t too much ghee in chyawanprash so what’s the reason of gaining weight ? Gulkand doesn’t has anything in it that will increase the weight. It helps in removing constipation.

        If one keeps on eating & doesn’t do any sort of physical workout then there might be a possibility for weight gain but I am not too sure about this also as I have seen people who eat more than me & still are lean while I pile up weight quite quickly as I have cough related issue.

        Basically everything boils down to how fast or slow our metabolism is working. Am I right Sir.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          You are right in analyzing why some are lean, no matter whatever they eat, and some are not. It depends on metabolism.
          Gulkand is made with rose petals and sugar as per my knowledge..?! Hence it leads to weight gain if taken with Chyawanprash. Because, Chyawanprash would further increase hunger.
          However, if one has a good control over his diet and if he does good physical activity, this combination would not cause any weight gain.

          • Thank you sir but there are questions that I put in Triphla Ghrita of which I haven’t got the answers. Can you plz reply to my queries on Triphla Ghrita as I think more than a month has passed when I put up the questions on that post.
            Would appreciate your fast reply.

  123. Sir, while going through this article I think I saw one reply to someone where you have mentioned that taking chyawanprash & then gulkand after it will make us obese. Why is that so ? according to me there is not much ghee in chyawanprash & there is simply nothing in gulkand other than sugar that can make you obese. Also, if gulkand is made in the traditional manner(using mishri instead of sugar) there shouldn’t be such a problem. Also, I think obesity too is related to constipation which gulkand removes. So how can consuming gulkand make us obese after consuming chyawanprash ?

    Also, sir want to know if you are aware of Makarprash from Sandu & would like to have some information from you as to if it can be effective. There is no information on the websites about this particular product but I have heard good reviews about this product ?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Sugar and rose both tend to increase Kapha on long term usage. Based on this assumption, I wrote that Chyawanprash and Gulkand would increase weight. However, I have not tried this combination on anyone, so it is just a guess work.
      Makarprash is a proprietary product of Sandu. The formula is not classical. They have derived the formula by themselves.

      • Sir, I think gulkand made in the traditional manner doesn’t contains sugar. It consists of mishri. I also know that Makarprash is a proprietary formulation of Sandu but my question is that is it effective or not. Maybe you have tried this formulation on some patients & actually seen its benefits. I am not aware but the shopkeeper from where I buy my medicines was prasing it & Swamla. Swamla is the best that I have seen but it needs to be eaten in very small dosage & is also quite expensive. But Makarprash after discount of 10 % comes out to be somewhere near Rs 525 which is quite reasonable I think with the sort of formulation they have.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          I have not used Makarprash so far in my practice. Hence difficult to say. But Sandu is one of the good companies. So, we can bet on its products.

          • Thank you Sir. I am using it right now & till March I will be able to tell whether it works or not.

  124. sree lakshmi says:

    Hello Doctor ,
    My Baby is 5 yrs old can i start the chyawanprash can give on afternoon or evening? Is there any kids chyawanprash is there pls suggest.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      You can give just a pea size of chyawanprash in afternoon or evening. Better to give it along with milk. There is no special chyawanprash for kids. Stop it and consult your Ayurveda doctor if the kid develops loose stools.

  125. sir, i’m going to make chayanprash in bulk, with 100kg amla.. but i don,t know mow to make it preserve for one year. so please suggest me some preservatives which we can add in chayanprash with quantity and procedure, and by our formula we use only 50g of all above says decoction ingredients. so kindly suggest me is this quantity sufficient for making 100kg chayanprash. and what we add or change in method to make it better for diebeties patient, or how to miniimze calories in it so we can prescribe it to any diebeties patient. how much sugar or honey added in chayanprash. thank you.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Dear Harry,
      if you prepare Chyawanpash in authentic way, without using shortcuts, it can be preserved for up to one year, without any additional preservatives.

  126. chitra says:

    sir i have oily skin…can chyawanprash make more oily.?.ia m feel like that

  127. naveen says:

    Is badyanath chyavanprash is good for in take

  128. Pranay says:

    How to take chyavanprash for rasayana therapy, for kaya kalp. Chyavanprash being a kuti praveshik rasayana, can it be taken in the vata tapik way? or is any special way for kaya kalp, As kuti praveshik is beyond reach for a common person in this age.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      For a common man, just a teaspoon of Chyawanprash in the morning, before food with milk or water is good enough. It can be avoided during summer. No need to worry much about terms like Kaya kalpa and Kuti Praveshika.

  129. Mrs Asmath Mumtaz says:

    Hello doctor
    I prepare chawan Prash at home always some times it was very nice n it was safe till two years I kept. But sometimes it had funges then I kept in fridge. Today I prepared again now I want to ask u can I add preservatives in this if yes then pls let me know what shod I add n how much for one kg. reply pls

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Congratulations for your efforts. If you prepare it properly, If there is no free moisture left in Chyawanprash, While heating if you put the paste of Chyawanprash into water and if it sinks perfectly, without spreading, then there is no need for any preservative. It is not good to add preservative to Chyawanprasha.

      • Mrs Asmath Mumtaz says:

        Thank u sir
        Again I made chyawanprash sir but after one month the funges come on d top, now I remove funges n heated now I will keep in d fridge after cooling. I prepare it perfectly I tested in water also but this funges giving me tension sir. I prepared in aluminum vessel that’s why is it happened ? Pls reply sir n help me.
        What shod I do??????

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Hi, next time try with stainless steel or Iron vessel. Make sure that the spice powders that you add at the end are free of moisture.
          Make sure to pack it in air tight containers.

  130. Sir, I am taking ayurvedic medicine for skin problem and they told me to avoid milk and curd during medication. Can i take Chyawanprash with warm water.

  131. Ali Murtaza says:

    Hi Sir, I just had started have Chyawanprash, I am a non veg person. So please tell me best time to have Chyawanprash daily? How many times? also should Chyawanprash be in the fridge or in a drawer? Thank You

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi Ali Murtaza, best time to take it is, in the morning, before food, with milk or water, one teaspoon per day. It is best to keep it in a drawer than in a fridge.

  132. Ali Murtaza says:

    Sir, i have heard great things abt Pomegranate Juice, I have Chyawanprash in the morning empty stomach with Milk. At night, Pomegranate Juice. Is that ok? I take Dabur Chywanprash.

  133. maninder singh says:

    is it ok to have both chywanprash & ajaswagandhi leham for body building & strengthing muscules as well as bones

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      The overall effect might increase body heat. It is fine to have half teaspoon of each, followed by drinking half a cup of boiled and cooled milk.

  134. Sir, I am taking ayurvedic medicine for skin problem and they told me to avoid milk and curd during medication. I have acne problem also. Can i take Chyawanprash with warm water.

  135. Ali Murtaza says:

    Hi Sir, can you please tell me If Chyawanprash have Iron in it? As I have started taking Vitamin C tablets along with Chyawanprash so is it safe?

    Also i suffer from Gas, any tip to solve that problem?


  136. Hello Dr. Hebbar,

    Thanks for providing such useful information through your website.

    I am 42 years old. I started taking Patanjali Chyawanprash 1 tsp in the morning on empty stomach and after two days I started having some hoarseness in my voice. So I discontinued after 3-4 more days as the symptoms continued. Once I felt the voice getting back to normal, I tried taking amla powder with plain water in place of Chyawanprash and I got the same symptoms but this time also had some phelgm forming in my throat. Does it mean that amla does not suit my body type? If so what can I do to get the benefits of Amla.


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It might just be the case of bad quality of Chyawanprash. Consider trying a different brand.

      • Sir, the problem is not of chyawanprash quality. Patanjali chyawanprash isn’t bad. Even I didn’t benefitted from any chyawanprash until I detoxified my entire system because chyawanprash simply cann’t detoxify our entire system. Also, before one starts consuming chyawanprash it is essential to do purification from mid November- mid December. Most of the people simply don’t follow this rule as mentioned in Charak Sanhita. Whatever SG sir has written it seems that he is allergic to Amla. Maybe he hasn’t undergone body detoxification for a prolonged period & thereby the allergies are now coming. Whole body detoxification is a requirement after 1 Year. The sorts of foods & chemicals that are there in our daily food items require us to flush out toxins from our body after every single year now otherwise diseases will keep on propping up. Specially food allergy is bad as our body’s immunity becomes weaker after the age of 50 or 60 & then revival of the whole body is very difficult then.

        Also, he may try Agastya Rasayanam along with whole body detoxifiation & see if his problems persists or not after trying it for 2-3 months.

    • Sir, kindly try & take triphla ghritam & see if that suits you or not. Otherwise you have to undergo full body detoxification as these types of allergies are due to our body organs not reacting as they should be. There is generally high pitta involvement in these sorts of cases. Just check out with an ayurvedic doctor to know how to undergo whole body detoxification procedure.

  137. Soumya S. Jena says:

    plz tell me that is Chyabanprash contain onion and garlic.

  138. Shilpa M Chaturvedi says:

    Plz tell me f chaywanprash contains Iron.
    if so then is it safe to take it with milk which contains calcium ?

  139. Sir, should one take triphala capsules/tablets or Chyawanprash for daily use well being and balancing doshas? Which one is better for whom?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi Paras, thanks for asking this important question. I wrote an article. Please read here –

      • Sir, just a suggestion.
        Please insert SEARCH TOOLS in this site!
        May be according to different sections or else according to TIMELINE.

        Because though the search option is available, it feels like there is a pile of articles in this site. Please try to classify them more comfortably by making more sub-groups or by classifying them according to month and year. Just a suggestion, hope u will take it in a good sport. 🙂

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Dear Paras,
          I am glad you gave that suggestion. Many thanks. Many have complained about the same.
          1. I have classified the articles into categories which you can find in the left column.
          2. I have converted these articles into monthly e-magazine. So, if someone subscribes, he will get these in the pdf format, which can be accessed even off-line. There is also offer on this – More here –
          3. At the beginning of a new month, I make a list of Articles published in the previous month and send it to my subscribers. If you’ve subscribed, you will get the list to your inbox.
          Hope it helps. 🙂

  140. Atulkumar says:

    Dear Dr. Greetings of the day, God bless you for just outstanding support of you.
    we are really kind pleasure of you.
    It is right to take Chyawanprash with Milk , bcoz it contain Amla, I read that it is not to intake milk with amla.
    And can i give to my wife she is suffering from mild asthama.

    Please Suggest.


  141. 1. is it advisable to give chyawanprash to an Alzheimer’s patient. Will the patient benefit from its use?
    2. I started my dad on chyawanprash yesterday – and found that he did not pass any stool this morning (which is a usual and effortless habit for him). can chyawanprash create constipation?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      1. Yes, it is helpful.
      2. Please give it with milk. In a few patients, chyawanprash can cause constiptaion.

  142. Will i gain weight if i take chyawanprash in he morning empty stomach?
    Can i eat chywanprash after lunch or dinner?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If taken for a long time, more than 3 months, you may gain a bit of weight.

      • Ok..So we can have chywanprash post our lunch/dinner

        I would also like to know if I should drink immediately after having chywanprash

        Im asking this because I usually drink water post 20 minutes of my lunch /dinner

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Hi, if you are having Chyawanprash after lunch, then along with it, you can have a cup of water.
          If you are not willing to change the water drinking time, then you can have chyawanprash 20 minutes after food, along with water. Hope the problem is solved.

  143. Hello, sir.
    Are there absolutely no side-effects of Chyawanprash?
    Please add an another question like – “What are the side effects of Chyawanprash?” in the column, editing it, so that we get to know if there is any side effect of it?
    At least, some precautionary measures would be there if not any side-effect!!

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I have added the side effects in the article’s last part. Hope it is useful.

  144. maggie says:

    sir,is dabur chyawanprash good for bone formation of women after 25???

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi if the target action is specifically bone formation, then there are other better medicines in Ayurveda. Please consult your doctor.

  145. Hi,

    First of all, I would like to say that this article is very informative and changed my perception about Indian Chawyanprash.As of now, I’ve started having Dabur Chawyanprash and it tates good too.

    In one of your replies, you mentioned that chawyanprash should be taken before breakfast.

    Could you please tell me if its fine for me to have chawyanprash after lunch or dinner?

    Also please let me know whether I need to drink water after having Chawyanprash because I usually drink water post 20 minutes of my lunch/dinner?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, it is fine to take it even after lunch or dinner.
      You can have chyawanprash after 20 minutes after lunch / dinner, with water.

  146. thank you for the article. i’m a person who has high acidity. so do i need to take chyawanprash after 20-30 mins of breakfast or before breakfast with milk?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, for you, it is better to take it 20 minutes after breakfast, with cold milk.

  147. Harpinder Kaur says:

    Hello Dr Hebbar, Please confirm if the Ghee used in making chyawanprash as per the recipe given by you is correct. Should it be 600 grams as 6 kg of Ghee for 5 kg of Amla seems a lot.
    Some companies use a combination of Ghee and Sesame oil. Is jagery better than sugar? What are your comments about it

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Sorry for the mistake. It is 300 gram each of ghee and sesame oil.
      Unprocessed sugar (sugar candy) is the traditionally recommended sweetener to be used in Chyawanprash.

  148. Lakshmi says:

    Hello Dr.Hebbar,

    Recently I consulted Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala for my son’s frequent cold and cough bouts. To which the doctor prescribed Dashamoola rasayanam. My son is 2.5 years and he seems to dislike the taste. Can you help with ways to administer it effectively?

    Warm Regards
    Lakshmi Vijayakumari

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, you can mix the said dose of the Dashamoola rasayaman with equal quantity of honey, mix well and administer. This will make it a little sweet and will mask the unpleasant taste.

  149. satish says:

    sir chawanprash helps to grow new hairs

  150. Dear Doctor,

    Whenever I take chyavanprasam(kottakal) I have a burning sensation while passing urine and also while clearing stools.
    And the burning sensation goes away as soon as I stop taking it. (I am talking chyavanprasam with hot water, as I get digestive problems with milk)

    Is it reaction of clearing things for better or should I stop taking it immediately.

    I also get similar problems when I take very hot and spicy things (like lot of pepper), and it clears immediately if I stop them and take less spicy food.

    Is Chyavanprasam too spicy for my body, or is it working


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Dear Kumar, burning sensation is quite a common complaint with Chyawanprash. Hence it is commonly advised along with a cup of milk, in the morning, 20 minutes before food. So, I suggest you to take it along with milk. Even with that, if the symptoms do not improve within 10 days, I suggest you to stop it.
      Another thing is, if you are intending to take Chyawanprash for a long period of time, throughout the year, then it is best to avoid it during summer. So, it is also good idea to start it after summer ends.

  151. Faysal says:


    I wanted to know whether pregnant women can take this during their pregnancy?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, during pregnancy, it is better to avoid all extra medicines, including this one. Please avoid.

  152. Is eating Chawanprash safe in summers (i mean does weather matters?)

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, if you are taking chyawanprash throughout the year, then it is best to give it a break in summers.
      However, if you are prone to hey fever, allergic conditions or worsening of asthma during summer, you can continue chyawanprash, in half the dose during summer.

  153. When would you suggest taking ashwagandha and shatavari to help with digestion/rejuvenate vitality In addition to the chyawanprash?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, just for the purpose of improving digestion and rejuvenation, ashwagandha and shatavari are not needed. Chyawanprash itself is good at both.

  154. Wonderful article! I have two questions
    1) I am chronic victim of cold/flu (about once in 1.5 months). Does chyawanprash increases immunity against cold?
    2) Recently, I have started taking half lemon with honey in warm water first thing in the morning. So is it okay to take one teaspoon of chyawanprash with this?


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      1. yes.
      2. yes. But make sure that warm water is not very warm. lemon juice does not stand warm water.

  155. piyarilal says:

    Sir I am planning to take chawanprash during winter season. Can you suggest what can be taken during summer season . Thanks

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Simple Amla churna or amla fruit or amla capsule – 1 or 2 per day, is good for summer.

      • mear ek 2 sal ka lerki he, uska wajan 8.800kg . maxmimum time uska thanda lag lata hai , jitna vi kosis karu na thand lagne ki , lagi lata hai, may kiya usko duber chawanprash kila sakta hu? khulau to kitna khilau………kripa karke mujhe anser di jiye…please..

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Chyawanprash use de sake hai lekin ek Ayurved vaidya KO directly consult keejiye.

  156. Hi can I give dabur chyawanparash to my 4and6 yrs old girls ,can women and girls take it.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      You can give it to both in a small dose of quarter a teaspoon in the morning, just ahead of their breakfast.
      Women and girls can take it.

  157. Kailash says:

    No doubt it is a good, informative article.
    Can a person having ulcerative colitis consume chavanprash to build up immunity.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Some people with UC can tolerate chyawanprash and benefit from it and some people do not. It has to be tried with half a teaspoon in the morning for a week time to know.

  158. alpha1 says:

    What is your opinion about Chyawanprash with added Pearls/Kesar/Sona/Chandi etc.
    IS it based on some R&D done my manufacturing companies, or is it that they have just added expensive components to raise the price?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash itself is a perfect blend of 35+ herbs that is formulated 1000s of years before. So there is absolutely no need to re-invent it again. I see it as a marketing strategy that if a product is successful, then next year they bring product plus.. Or product active and auperactive product etc.

  159. I took Chyawanprash some time back and benefited from it for my asthma. I am lactose intolerant to cow’s milk. Can I take it with almond or coconut milk? Thankyou.

  160. hi, can a poly cystic ovaries(PCOD) patient take Chyawanprash? how to avoid loose stools which is a side effect of Chyawanprash?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      PCOD patient can take chyawanprash. If it is taken along with milk, 10 minutes before breakfast, chances of loose stools are less.

  161. 1) Which bhasmas & at what amount of them can be mixed with chyawanprash for more benefit (special chyawanprash)?
    2) I am asking because many brands are adding different types of bhasmas, makardhwaj, kesar etc, but noone has equal formula .
    3) So for safe side, which extra amounts can be mixed with chyawanprash as prakshyep dravya?
    4) Plz tell are the chyawanprash contain astverg as I have heard that these are difficult to get them all .
    5) Is there any time prescribed in ayurvedic texts for preparing medicine?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      No extra bhasma or anything else is required. If at all anything else was required, the ancient seers would have added it. Chyawanprash contains a few ashtavarga ingredients that are officially replaced due to non availability of ashtavarga.

      • chinmaya says:

        1) U have mentioned the procedure & ingredients of chyawanprash making described in Charak samhita.
        Which other texts also have descriptions of chyawanprash?
        2) What is the difference between Charak’s principle & other ancient scholar’s principle?
        3) I am asking so that it will be a good idea to combine all the scholar’s formulae.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Hi, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sharangdhara Samhita, Bharata Bhaishajya Ratnakara etc have mentioned chyawanprash. Some have mentioned only ghee, and some have mentioned both oil and ghee. It is not a good idea to combine all the formula into one. It is good to just follow only one formula.

      • chinmaya says:

        In ur article Swamala Compound, also chyawanprash contains other 5/6 bhasmas?

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          I did not make that formula. SDL company did that. I cannot vouch for their actions 🙂

  162. Ashish says:

    I am 17 year old. what is use for increase my height. Can chyawanprash is better for increase height my height is 5.4 ft.
    please give me best suggestion

  163. Akshata says:

    Dear Dr,
    Is it really necessary to take chyavanprash twice a day? I eat it directly from the bottle, is this safe?


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is best to take Chyawanprash only once a day, preferably in the morning, before food, with half a cup of lukewarm milk or water.
      It can be eaten directly from the bottle, with the help of a spoon.

  164. Chandru says:

    I took Chyawanprash for last three months and left. Immediately i got cough and cold within two days. So i again continued consuming it and i feel normal. Should i consume it regularly and my question is if i stop it , will my immune system drops immediately.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, it appears like you are susceptible to cough and cold and CHyawanprash is helping you to keep them away. In your case, your tolerance to cough and cold is dropping after stopping chyawanprash. probably, using it for at least 6 – 9 months will make you more tolerant to respiratory conditions.

  165. Chandru says:

    Can i take Chyawanprash before going to bed

  166. Hello,

    I am 31 years old and have been experiencing joint pain for the past one year. The pain is mainly in the neck, knees and shoulders and occasionally in the wrist and some back stiffness . My doctor told me that I have tendonitis in the right shoulder.

    I recently visited a Ayurvedic doctor and she said my prakruti is Pitta+Kapha and my Vata and Pitta are out of balance. She gave me punarnava+guduchi+vasa twice a day. Will Chawanprash help? Can people with Vatta and Pitta imbalance take it?


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, people with Vata Pitta imbalance can take Chyawanprash along with half a cup of warm milk or water, before breakfast in the morning.

  167. Can a woman taking 2.5 mg blood pressure medicine also take Chywanprash ?

  168. PollyJo says:

    Dr Hebbar,
    I was doing a quick comparison of herbs in commercially available chyavan prash formulae. I had 2 quick questions for you:

    1. the two I compared with your formula (Himalaya and Banyan) have herbs like Ashwagandha (both), Shatavari (both), Guduchi,(both) Indian kudzu (Himalaya), Vetiver (Himalaya) to name a few, added to it that don’t exist in the Caraka recipe you posted here. I was wondering if there are different recipes for Chyavanprash in the texts later than Caraka. In addition, Himalaya and Banyan both did not have some of the herbs listed in the caraka recipe you posted. Banyan had very few from the list while Himalaya had most, except the following:

    Agaru (Aquilaria agallocha)
    Chandana (Santalum album)
    Jeevaka (Microstylis muscifera),
    Kakoli (Lilium poilyphyleum) (Ksheer Kakoli?)
    Vrishabhaka (Microstylis wallichi) actually M. mucifera ???
    Ruddhi (Habenaria intermedia)
    Vidari (Ipomea digitata).

    Now, I am not wondering if some of the names may be synonymous and I have listed them such here because I am not aware of it; or if there are different Chyavanprash recipes available. I understand that some of the Trees such as Aquillaria agallocha may be near extinction and may be replaced with something else????

    My 2nd question is: You have listed 2 herbs:
    a. Kakoli as Lilium polyphylum): is this actually Ksheera kakoli???? The reference I found on the web differentiates between kakoli and Khshirakakoli …Are these similar in their ayurvedic properties? (;

    b. The same reference differentiates between Rishabhaka as M. muscifera and Jeevaka as M. wallichi ) …. This is actually not a big deal for me if the names were interchanged in either place. It’s just me trying to have it straight in my head….

    I also found that these herbs were not used in the 2 formulae I compared …

    The greater question I have is whether some of the herbs in the Ayurvedic formulae been replaced with others with similar activities over time due to unavailability of the plant or other reasons, and whether this is on-going in the modern formulae as well. If that is so, is there an Ayurvedic society of experts that will validate the swapping of the herbs?

    I’d appreciate your comments and your expert opinion on the differences.

    thank you!

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, there are many versions of Chyawanprash. Out of them, Charaka’s and Sharangdhara Samhita versions are most famous.
      There are a few difference in herbs plus, Charaka has mentioned sesame oil and ghee as the fats. But Sharandhara’s has only cow ghee.
      Regarding Kakoli, Ksheera Kakoli, Rishabhaka and Jeevaka, there are a lot of confusions. I have just used one such opinion to quote botanical names above.
      These Ashtavarga Dravyas have been substituted,even in old Ayurvedic traditional text books like Bhavaprakasha. I will cover the herb substitution part in a future article.

      • PollyJo says:

        Thank you Dr Hebbar. I appreciate you taking the effort to sort it out for me as well. I will look forward to your article on the herbs and their substitutions.

  169. suaharitha says:


    My 3.5 year old son is suffering from cold for the past 1 month. No running nose but cold in the chest. Can I give him chyavanprash? Will it help? How much and for how long?


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      You can give a peanut size quantity of Chyawanprash in the morning, before food with milk for two months time. This will help in improving immunity. But this may not act as the medicine for your kid. Please consult a doctor in person.

  170. Sai Hari says:

    my daughter is 10. how much (qty) Chyawanprash to give in the morning ???? Can i give in the evening if not in the morning ????

  171. Padma JN says:

    sir, I would like to know the difference between chawanprash and brahmarasayanam. What are the basic benefits of these two. Will each one can substitute to the other? Like chawanprakash, i expect a detailed article on brahmarasayana also. Waiting your views

  172. Dear Sir,
    My son has asthma and allergies. Would Chywanprash relieve him from his symptoms? For how long can i give it to him? Ones I stop giving it to him, will the symptoms come back? (I am giving him allopathic medicine such as Bricanyl etc, I have also met with an Ayurvedic practitioner, however he did not mention Chywnaprash at the time). I am using the Dabur brand for myself at the moment, is it to be trusted?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, Dabur, Organic India, Kottakkal are good brands. The dose of Chynawanprash for your son depends on his age. –
      For a 10 year old, half a teaspoon in the morning with hot milk is a good to continue for 3 – 4 months time.

  173. recently i have started taking one tea spoon of dabur chyawanprash along with milk , after intake i feel like vomiting and my cold has also increased . can you give me the reason .

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, it is quite unusual to get the symptoms.
      1. Try taking with water, instead of milk.
      2. please try with organic India / Kottakkal Brand Of Chyawanprash.
      3. If the symptoms persists, stop using it.

  174. ageer vinay says:

    hi sir am vinay by eating chyawanprash will it lead to loose motions if we dont have milk along with it

  175. Faisal, says:

    Thanks for all useful information, I have Acidity problem, can I still take as advised in the morning with cold milk?
    Faisal . Kampala, Uganda.

  176. Monique says:

    Please give your opinion. Which is better. 1 tsp ghee in cup warm milk before breakfast OR 1-2 tsp ashwaghanda with cup warm milk before breakfast. For emaciated person. Should the ashwaghanda be taken from spoon or put in the milk. Thanks very much.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If the person seeking weight gain is suffering with excess dryness, then warm milk with ghee is good. (usually 1 – 2 teaspoon of ghee in a cup of milk)
      If the person has constipation, excess body heat, then warm milk with ghee is good
      If the person is suffering with low digestion, then ashwagandha with warm milk is good. (a teaspoon of ashwagandha with a cup of milk at night, after food)
      For hormonal imbalance, sexual weakness etc, ashwagandha with warm milk is good.
      IF the person is dry, does not have excess body heat and sexually weak, then ashwagandha with ghee and milk can be administered. A teaspoon of ashwagandha plus 1-2 teaspoon of ghee in a cup of milk at night after food).
      Read more about Ashwagandha benefits –

  177. I have Chron’s disease though not active now. Still i need to avoid milk maximum possible. Is there any fruit juice which can substitute milk after having Chyvanaprasha?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      You can have it with carrot juice / cooked carrot juice or just with water.

  178. Can I use this medicine for increase my appetite becoz I don’t hv appetite mch

  179. Monique says:

    Great articles. I was wondering the difference between taking chyawanprash in the morn before breakfast, and taking before bed. Also, can you explain how chywanprash helps in height? Thanks so much.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Thanks for the question 🙂
      Chyawanprash helps to increase height.
      Morning is better than night. The reasoning, I have included at the end of the article. Please go through.

  180. I have Chron’s disease, though not active now. Is it advisable to have milk after taking Chyavanaprasha in my case? or any alternate?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, usually milk after chyawanprash is tolerated even in Crohn’s disease. Even water is also a good Anupana.

  181. i want to weight gain so dabar chyawanprash help it ?

  182. Monique says:

    I notice chyawanprash is a very popular topic and you are doing a fantastic job. My question is: I almost finished my 1 kg bottle, and went to healthstore to purchase a new one. I noticed due date said Sept 2015. If I purchase and open bottle, that means I have to stop taking in September? There was a smaller bottle due date July 2015. I think their products don’t sell well, and was in the wrong aisle. In the weight loss section!!!

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If the product has Sept. 2015, then it means that it can be used till 30th of Sept.

      • Monique says:

        So if due date is Sept, then it will be a waste of a 1 kg bottle. No one will buy. That is so sad.

  183. Dear Sir, is Chyawanprash helpful in health conditions like hiv and hepatis B ?

  184. Dr Hebbar, is Chyavanprash best as a preventative measure in the case of URTIs, but during an episode of an URTI, would it not be too heavy to digest, due to its rasayana quality? I was taught that it should not be taken in ama conditions because it needs good agni, which would be low if you are suffering from URTI. Please would you clarify the contraindications of taking Chyavanprash. Also, I tend to get a post-nasal drip when I have Chyavanprash – is this due to its sweet/sour/heavy qualities, or is it due to already vitiated tarpaka kapha? Thank you.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chyawanprash is not heavy to digest. Though it contains oil, ghee etc, the hot potency of the herbs and spices like long pepper etc make it easily digestible. Master Charaka, who has explained Chyawanprash in his Rasayana (anti aging remedies) chapter, also enlists its usage in diseases like Kasa (cough, cold etc).
      The assumption that heavy medicines should be given in Ama condition is wrong. Ama – is where digestion is impaired. There, heavy-to-digest medicines will cause more harm than good.

      The post nasal drip that you experience with Chyawanprash might be due to Kapha liquefying, a stage just before it is pacified or expelled out. Take Chyawanprash – 30 minutes before breakfast, with half a cup of milk.
      Another factor is, Chyawanprash, when is perfectly made is sour in taste. But companies moderate it to give sweet taste. Consider changing the brand of it. This should settle the issue.

  185. Narendra says:

    Hi, after I added 2 tsp of chyawanprash to a glass of warm milk (sachet milk), I saw powdery spread appearing after I left for sometime without drinking. Is this safe?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, you should not mix Chyawanprash with milk while taking it. Take Chyawanprash first, and then have half a cup of milk. If your Chyawanprash is making the milk to curdle, it probably not correctly made. Consider changing the brand of Chyawanprash.

  186. How is unjha chyavanprash ?

  187. I am taking allopathy treatment for TB (AKT4 and multivitamin). As you mentioned that chyavanprash is especially used in pulmonary tuberculosis, can i take it during allopathy TB treatment? (Not with AKT4, but after an hour)

  188. Will consuming chyavanprash twice a day help in increasing my breast size?

  189. G.K.BHAT says:


  190. meganathan masilamani says:

    I am regularly using Ayurvedic medicines. But, very rarely mention about side effects, safety precaution, over dosage, min-max usage period etc as English medicines. I believe it is open hearted approach. It seems like a negative point. But I hope it will improve usage and people will get more benefits. However, now I able to see usage of Ayurveda, siddha medicines more.

  191. supreetha says:

    Is agasthya rasayana a type of Chyavanprasha?

  192. Jessica says:

    Dear Dr Hebber… Recently, after checking-out your very impressive article and youtubes on Chyawanprash, I happily went ahead and bought Patanjali Chyawanprash (PC) for myself… Since the past 8-9 days, I have been eating 1 tea-spoon of PC, daily in the afternoon… (I mix it in 2 sips of Milk bcoz the first day, I felt a burning sensation)… However, since the past 2 days, I am having PAIN in all my Joints (knees, ankles, elbows)… Today, to be on the safer-side, I haven’t consumed PC… But still, there is PAIN + ACHE in my entire body (including the Joints)… I know this might sound crazy but it seems to me that I have suddenly developed “Rheumatic Arthritis”, due to all the HEAT in the Patanjali Chyawanprash… I am 40 yrs old, very slim, slender and under-weight (45 kgs)… Do you think, the Chyawanprash might have boosted / affected my very ‘weak’ Immune-System, in such a way, that it might have ‘imbalanced’ my Vata or Pita… Please share your valuable input… Thank you.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      I do not think CHyawanprash has suddenly caused joint pain etc. However, stop it and take Yogaraja guggulu tablet -1 tablet twice a day for 1 month time, after food. You should be all right. If symptoms worsen, please consult a doctor directly.

  193. Can chyawanprash be taken during summers? And if so, what temperature of milk (slightly cold, lukewarm, warm, etc.) would be advisable?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If you are taking Chyawanprash throughout the year, it makes sense to give it a break during summer. If not, you can take it in summer with cold milk, before breakfast.

  194. Saurabh says:

    Doctor first of all thanks a ton for such a wonderful informative blog about ayurveda.

    It will be great if you answer few queries.

    1) Can i take chyawanprash continuously. I mean for years? Will it have any side effects? Suppose i stop it for some reason will my immune system be weaker as its used to chyawanprash intake? If yes then is there any other remedy or thing which i should do along with chyawanprash such as pranayam?

    2) You mentioned the we should avoid chyawanprash in summer. Can we do it in one step or do we have to reduce intake of chyawanprash in small steps?

    Answers will be much helpful. Thanks in advance dr.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Dear sir, I will answer it point wise:

      > You can take Chyawanprash continously cause it improves natural resistance and lends strength, energy, and vitality to the entire being.
      > And no it wont have side effects and suppose you stop it doesnt weaken your immune system but do practice Pranayam daily.
      > No you can stop taking it in summer without any steps.

  195. Naivedya says:

    I don’t like milk ,and currently having Chyawanprash directly .Will this cause harm to my body ? I am newly married so afraid of any complications .Shall i have water instead of milk or any substitute for milk ?Please advise.

  196. kaushal says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Its been amazing to read all your articles. You have been giving back, a lot to the society. Keep up the good work.

    i had one question, can I consume chawanprash, if I am on homeopathic medicines.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Thank you 🙂
      You can surely take Chyawanprash while taking homeopathic medicine. As a general rule, it is healthy to maintain a gap of 30 minutes between the two.

  197. Is it advisable to take it if one has vitiligo?

  198. Hello Doctor,
    Very good article !
    I do not like milk. Is it OK to take chyawanprash first thing in the morning followed by water and then Tea (made with milk) ?

  199. can i take one tsp in morning only,i cant drink it in night time,and can i eat it without milk

  200. hi ,

    This chyawanprash does improve hair growth. please suggest me.

  201. suresh says:

    hi i take stain tablets for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure tablets to lower blood pressure , my cholesterol is normal and blood pressure is normal , but the stain tablets increase my sugar ,can i take sugar free chyawanprash, can you please let me know i will really appreciate it . thanks suresh.

  202. Nikhil says:

    Which one is better Himalaya or patanjali chyawanprash? Both have different ingredients?

  203. We bought Patanjali CP from store which is not expired yet and we added hot milk (Amul Pasteurized, Homogenized, Toned milk) , Milk got sour/curdled immediately. can you tell us what could be reason and how should be consume CP.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, I have seen that even well made chyawanprash of few brands cause curdling of milk. Probable reason is, amla still retains some sourness in it.

  204. sinoj kumar says:

    which is best for sugar patient to increase weight. and stop loosing weight

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Ash gourd, are few options. Better to consult a doctor directly.

  205. dear sir,

    i want to use this chyawanprash in summer also . Does it cause any side effects if i use this in summer. i am using this for hair fall problem. please suggest me which time(morning or night ) is better to consume it in summer.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Sir, Consumption of Chyawanprash daily, all-round the year should be avoided, mostly during summer as it has a reverse impact during that period.

  206. Dear Dr Hebbar,
    I have read here some questions and your answers about Chyawanaprash not being advisable for pregnancy (ok before, and after, yes?). I have a little ayurveda center in Barcelona, Spain, for massage and other therapies and one of my clients who was pregnant and loves chyawanaprash, told me she had read what I mentioned. I am very curious now to know more on why it is not advisable. Could you please kindly explain the logic behind?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Dear Janeth, usually, during pregnancy, all medicines (allopathic or Ayurvedic) should only be given if it is very much necessary. During pregnancy, there is no real need for chyawanprash since the immunity of the mother will naturally protect the growing fetus.

  207. Rupesh says:

    I am currently taking 1 tablespoon chyawanprash at night with milk 45-60 mins after dinner and 20-30 mins before going to bed. I suffer from abdominal bloating. I feel that taking chyawanprash at night is causing my abdomen to swell though am not sure.
    I understand from your post that chyawanprash is best taken in the morning with milk 15 mins before breakfast. It is not possible for me to keep a gap between having chyawanprash and breakfast. Accordingly i wanted to know if it is ok to take chyawanprash alongwith breakfast and milk in the morning or should i continue taking it at night as being currently done? Which is a better option? Please advice.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Sir, according to the ancient texts it should be taken in the morning with empty stomach as it is a favorable time for eating rejuvenation medicines or supplements.

  208. Rupesh says:

    I am currently taking 1 tablespoon chyawanprash at night with milk 45-60 mins after dinner and 20-30 mins before going to bed. I suffer from abdominal bloating. I feel that taking chyawanprash at night is causing my abdomen to swell though am not sure.
    I understand from your post that chyawanprash is best taken in the morning with milk 15 mins before breakfast. It is not possible for me to keep a gap between having chyawanprash and breakfast. Accordingly i wanted to know if it is ok to take chyawanprash alongwith breakfast and milk in the morning or should i continue taking it at night as being currently done? Please advice.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Sir, according to the ancient texts it should be taken in the morning with empty stomach as it is a favorable time for eating rejuvenation medicines or supplements.

  209. Hi doctor, just one confusion. Although amla (coolant) is the main ingredient in chyawanprash, you say it has minimal effect on pitta. Could you please clarify?

    I have aggravated vata pitta, so I need to be careful with this.


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Though amla is the main ingredient, most of the other ingredients in Chyawanprash are hot in nature. Hence, the coolant nature of Pitta is subisded by the other herbs. You can take Chyawanprash with milk in the morning, before food.

  210. hemant says:

    Hi Dr.

    Thanks a lot for the articles. I have one doubt as you have mentioned that Chyavanprasham can be taken with milk even though it has Avnla and my doubt is on Triphla Churn, is it also can be taken with milk ? I have read in some books that Triphla can be taken with Milk or water. what is you view ??

    and need help…. Where to get authentic and pure raw herbs in blr ?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello sir,There are different adjuvants according to the health condition and the purpose of Triphala use.

      Milk is advised when a patient is taking it for general tonic or for rejuvenation.

  211. Thanks for such a useful article .
    I am suffering from a bad hair fall. Will Chyawanprash solve this problem?

  212. karthik says:

    sir which chyawanprash brand is better to use ???
    organic india or kottakal ??
    there is huge different in pricing of both brand

  213. Hi,

    patients with nephrotic syndrome can have this chyawanprash (Protine Loss from Kidney). Please advice.

  214. how is baidyanath sugar free chyavanprash for diabetics

  215. Shubham says:

    Dear Dr.,

    Can you please provide reference of “Nitya ksheera and Ghrita abhyasa”. Need some information on it for research purposes.


  216. Karina says:

    Doctor, thank you for these amazing articles.
    Just a question. Right now i have skin allergies with inflanmation and heat. May chyavanprash increase the heat? Or i can take to releive the skin?

  217. Sir can i take tulsi liquid in luke warm water with dabur chawanprash in early morning having empty stomach

  218. Jay kulria says:

    Does it helps in hieht growth?

  219. santhu says:

    Sir I am using kottakal chyawanprash brought from amazon. Is it safe to use. I am feeling small stomach pain while eating food after using this. I think my body cannot tolerate and taking milk with it causing my stomach bloat. So I am taking chyawanprash alone. Does kottakal chywanprash is a bad one. Please help sir

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Kottakkal Chyawanprash is very good. Please continue taking it with water.

  220. santhu says:

    sir I am using kottakal chyawanprash brought from amazon. Is it good? While taking it with milk i feel bloating,so I am taking it alone. But after taking that I am feeling small pain in stomach when I am eating food. is this normal?

  221. Anisha says:

    Sir i hav heard that chyavanaprasha has some androgenic property…so does it cause any hair growth in androgen dependent parts of face if used by a female?

  222. Anisha says:

    I hv heard that chyavanaprasha has some androgenic properties…so does it cause ny hair growth in androgen dependant parts of face if used by a female?

  223. Sir,

    My husband drinks dried fig, date and nuts milk in the morning. Can he have chywanprash with that fig, date and nut milk? Thank you in advance.

  224. Sangita says:

    Can someone having high triglycerides take chywanprash?
    I asked as chywanprash is high in sugar.

  225. Tejaswi says:

    If we eat a tablespoon of chywanprash daily, do we get our daily quota of aamla, or should we eat more aamla seperately.

  226. Rashmi says:

    Chywanprash is best taken with hot milk or cold milk. Which is more effective? People with high pitta should take with hot or cold milk? Also can triphala be taken lifelong as I heard baba ramdev said triphala or haritaki should not be taken regularly as it is a laxative and can spoil your intestines? Thankyou

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      For people with high Pitta – cold milk.
      Triphala can be taken for 3 – 4 months time.

  227. Deepika sharma says:

    Can we give chawanprash to a kid who is already suffering from cough?? Since it has ghee in it… Is it ok

  228. Anusha says:

    Hello , I am 25 years old and I have a respiratory problem and have sinusitis . Can I use chyawanprash and please let me know the dosage and correct time to use chyawanprash.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes. 1 teaspoon in the morning, before food with a cup of milk or water. You can continue till the symptoms last or throughout the year except during summer

  229. Am very it help for increase weight??

  230. I wish to buy kottakkal brand.Any prblm??

  231. what about chyawanprash for diabetics

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If the blood sugar is under control, then, such a patient can have chyawanprash. It does not increase blood sugar level to a very big extent.

  232. Iam using patanjali chyawanprash with warm water as iam allergtic to milk. I had noticed good results But only one thing I noticed is I am facing heavy hair loss . can you pls suggest what iam doing wrong while consuming patanjali chyawanprash.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, I do not think it is related with chyawanprash. Continue it for one more month, if still hair loss continues, stop it.

  233. Sunitha says:

    Can i take chyvanaprash….actually i am overweight whether it increases weight…is patanjali chyavaprash good…which brand is best….is it useful for menstrual prblms

  234. Gopalakrishna M Elluru says:

    Dr. Hebbar, You are doing a wonderful service to humanity and to the practice of Ayurveda. I am very thankful to you.

  235. Sandeep says:

    For some one with liver issues in the past, is it safe to take chyawanprash in the morning and Drakshadi leghyam before going to bed each day, for a long term?

  236. Hi Sir,

    Few companies sell chywanprash gold, silver(ex.zandu, dabur sona chandi ).
    Could you please let us know if it is safe to use during winter season and your views.
    Thank you

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, Chyawanprash itself is a perfect formula, explained 2500 years ago by Charaka. There is no need to add Gold, silver, bronze, copper, aluminium, plastic, fiber etc to it to make it more potent. It is already highly potent medicine.
      It is safe to take Chyawanprash during winter. Only during summer, it is better to avoid or to take in smaller quantities.

  237. Hello sir,
    whats the speciality of chyawanprash as per Yog ratnakar?
    Many ppl claim that chyawanprash increases weight, but what I have heard is that it increases weight of bones and not fats . is it right ?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      I will try to refer and update on Yogaratnakara later.
      Chyawanprash does not usually increase weight. It can improve health and strength of bones.

  238. Are kauncha beej or ashwagandha fattening as they are considered to be Balya in Ayurveda ? Would they make a person obese ?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      If taken with ghee, in higher doses of more than 10 grams per day, they may increase weight. With honey or water, in lesser dose, they do not increase weight.

  239. Thanks sir,
    if taken with milk , half tsp kauncha and half tsp ashwagandha, does it increase weight ?

  240. You have mentioned in your article that Chyawanprash should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast. You also say cup of milk, glass of milk, etc. In your replies to other people, you have mentioned that Chyawanprash should be taken on an empty stomach. It needs to be followed by a cup of warm milk preferably, but cold milk or water is also alright. Also that milk flavoured with Boost etc. is ok.

    I always start my day with coffee, then have my breakfast about an hour later. So my question is, can I follow up my Chyawanprash with coffee (which is approx. 150 ml of hot milk with 1 tsp of instant coffee)? If it is only plain milk, then how much is a cup or glass of milk (in ml). As I am diabetic, I have to watch quantities of everything I consume.

    Also what is the minimum amount of time I have to wait before having my breakfast or any solid food? If I have it at bed time, would that be after dinner or before? I have dinner around 10 pm and sleep around midnight.

    I also suffer occasionally from IBS, UTI, eczema, migraines, and depression (whenever I am very stressed). Are there any symptoms that I should look for to indicate that I should stop taking Chyawanprash? I don’t have any food allergies & take medications only for diabetes. After my doctor confirms that my sugar is under control, I plan to start taking Chyawanprash in about a month, when the weather will be cooler.

    If I may suggest, could you add a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. I went through all the comments hoping to find someone else might have asked my question, but could not find it. I only found a lot of the same questions being asked (and answered) repeatedly. It was literally a pain in the neck to read it all as there are many commenters. An FAQ section would help future visitors to your site.

    Thanks for a very informative article and would totally appreciate it if you could answer my question and forward the answer to my email also, if it’s not too much trouble.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, You can take Chyawanprash with coffee. Better to have a gap of at least 20 -30 minutes between Chyawanprash and breakfast.
      Chyawanprash is useful to relieve the symptoms that you have enlisted.

  241. Thanks Dr. Hebbar. Your reply is very helpful.

  242. Hello Dr Hebbar ,
    Thanks for such a wonderful website to increase everyone’s ayurvedic knowledge. I had a query as to ashtavarga ingredients as to which ones are the actual ones and with what are they replaced as per ayurved scripture. Also I believe it does reduce effect of chyawanprash a great deal . Pls elaborately explain the same if possible for knowledge purpose . Aren’t the original ingredients still available? Which brand uses the original ashtavarga ingredients atleast some of if not all ingredients ?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      As per some manufacturers, they use original Ashtavarga. But it is hard to believe. I cannot guarantee any brand using the original ashtavarga.
      This is the legal substitute to Ashtavarga herbs as mentioned in Bhavaprakasha – an ancient authentic Ayurvedic text book.

      Jivaka – Malaxis acuminata
      Rishabhaka – Manilkara hexandra
      Are substituted with
      Vidarikanda – Pueraria tuberosa (Indian Kudzu)

      Meda – Polygonatum cirrhifolium,  –
      Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus

      Mahameda – Polygonatum cirrhifolium
      Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus

      Kakoli – Fritillaria roylei
      Ksheerakakoli – Lilium polyphyllu
      Are substituted with
      Ashwagandha – Indian ginseng – Withania somnifera

      Riddhi – Habenaria intermedia
      Vriddhi – Habenaria edgeworthii
      Are substituted with Varahikanda – Dioscorea bulbifera – air potato

  243. Sunitha says:

    Hiii sir..will u plz tell which is far better kottakkal aryavaidhya shala chywanaprasham or organic india…am just confused kottakkal whether itz pure or not …which one is better doctor…

  244. Sunitha says:

    Sir whether this increases body heat…..actually i am from kerala here too much hot after taking this i got pimples type boils i mean small heat boils on face…..

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, it does. Avoid it.

      • Sunitha says:

        Hii doc thnk u 4 ur reply…..doc is khadirarishtam good for skin and pcod… taking adocarishtam now can i mix it both and take or can i avoid asocarishtam and take khadirarishtam…it wont increase body heat no

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          You can mix both and take 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food for 2 months time.
          For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
          If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

          For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  245. rupesh says:

    Can we take chawanprash with honey

  246. Question 1: Your link for how to test Chyawanprash is not working
    Can you please fix it Doctor?

    Question 2: Can Chyawanprash be applied to skin a face pack Looking at all the ingredients, seems to be safe. Please share your thoughts.

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