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I may be of help to you for online / email consultation for disease, health and lifestyle improvements.

Fees for email consultation  for health problems – Rs  250/-  or 7 USD for 10 days, per person. 

Please note that I offer consultation only by email. I do NOT offer consultation by phone / skype / chat. I do not have a clinic as well.
Regarding email consultation –
Once after making the payment, you may ask any number of queries in that 10 days period. I usually take 1 – 2 days for email replies.
Please read a few notes regarding my online consultation here.If you decided to consult me, it implies that you have agreed to the terms and conditions stated.

Disclaimer regarding my email consultation:
1. My email consultation has many disadvantages and is inferior when compared to a direct doctor’s consultation.
2. I strongly suggest to verify my advice with your doctor before starting off with my advice. I am not responsible for any untoward health incident that may occur by following my advice.
3. If you have any doubts with my advice, please get them clarified with me, before starting to follow the advice. ‘
4. My health advice are just suggestions and are not a doctor’s prescription. The statements that I make are not approved by FDA. They are not substitutes for direct consultation with your doctor. Read more

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  1. abhijeet gupta says:

    I m 24 Years old have night fall problem can o take chandraprabha vati

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, you can but what constitutes a night fall problem needs to be evaluated. If it is once a week or once in 15 days, there is no problem.

  2. Which is better shankhapushpi or saraswatarishta?

  3. I am suffer from PCOS and hair loss(male pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness)
    It is useful for sukumaram ghitra .

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