Which Ayurvedic Medicine Form Is Very Effective?

Ayurvedic medicine dosage forms are numerous. We recently learnt about – why so many dosage forms are there in Ayurveda. Let us learn which dosage forms are very effective and are most commonly used in Ayurveda practice.

The traditional Ayurvedic doctors use Kashayams quite frequently in their practice. Because, it is believed that – रोगा: सर्वेऽपि मन्दाग्नौ  (rogā: sarve’pi mandāgnau ) – All the diseases are because of indigestion / lessened digestion capacity. It means, while treating the disease, we need to give priority of digestion and carminative properties (Deepana and Pachana).

First, we need to empower the patient by improving the digestion power. For improving digestion strength, decoctions (Kashayams) are very useful. Even an herb which is cold in nature, when administered in the form of Kashayam, gains hot potency. For example: Chandanadi kashaya – Even though Chandana (Sandalwood) has coolant property, when it is formulated in Kashayam form, it gains digestive and carminative effect. Whereas, Chandana in itself does not have carminative effect.  This effect cannot be expected, if Chandana Ghrita is made or Chandana Avaleha is made.

This is why, Kashayam is the preferred dosage form. It may be fever, arthritis, Vata disorders (neuro-muscular disorders), even in bilious conditions (Pitta disorders) or Kapha disorders, first preference is given to Kashayams.

If a person is not willing to take Kashayam, then next preferred dosage form is Phanta (hot infusions).
Nowadays, transportation, patient’s convenience, better taste preference etc are given much importance. Hence, tablets and capsules are becoming increasingly popular among Ayurvedic physicians and patients.

It is also seen that, due to good taste, swift therapeutic action, long dosage form, Asava and Arishta preparations (like Vidangarishta, Panchasav) are widely prescribed.

Nowadays, due to increases health awareness by the public and Avalehas – herbal jams like Chyawanaprasha, Brahma Rasayana, Kooshmanda Rasayana are also quite commonly used.
Overall, based on efficacy and utility criteria, Kashayam dosage form is the clear winner.

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  1. Is it acceptable to boil tablets (or capsule contents) in water to make kashayam?



    Excellent Informative. Thanks. By Siddhi Vinayaka Distributors Bng. ( Distributor of Patanjali Haridwar (FMCG) Product )

  3. Dr.Sreelekshmi says:

    Dear Dr.Hebbar,

    The articles that you are posting is really helpfull.It gives a scientific experience in all aspects.Keep posting


  4. Very Infomrative and thoughtfull. Besides there is another aspect. Bitter taste is most effective for cure. hence kashayam. Sweet for strength , hence lehyam etc.

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