Learn Ayurvedic Principles And Ashtanga Hrudayam Easily

This massively informative e-book is about learning the basic principles of Ayurveda by scientifically understanding Sutrasthana (first section) of best treatise ofAyurveda – Ashtanga Hrudayam

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Learn Ayurveda

About the ebook – It is a 600+ page ebook, containing

  • 30 chapters of Ashtanga Hrudayam Sutrastha
  • My comments and explanation
  • Original sanskrit verse separate file
  • 51 extra chapters explaining relevant topics.

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Special features of this ebook – 

  • If you ever want to start learning Ayurveda, reading Ashtaga Hrudayam Sutrasthana is the first step.
  • That is the reason, it is kept as an important subject in the first year syllabus of Ayurveda degree course.
  • Each chapter ends with related articles written to explain the hidden principles in the chapter.
  • Complete Sanskrit verses in a separate ebook.
  • The ebook is a combination of ancient Ayurveda and modern relevant explanation.
  • The ebook will make you understand all the basic principles of Ayurveda like never before.
  • The Sanskrit verses in the book are broken down into smaller words. This helps you to read and understand the Sanskrit words better.
  • The ebook will help you understand Panchakarma like never before.
  • Suitable font size for easy reading on your computer screen.
  • Search option to quickly find any topic.

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Chapter details –
Introduction to Ashtanga Hrudayam

Chapter 1: Basic Principles Of Ayurveda- Ayushkameeya Adhyaya

  • How To Easily Understand Ayurvedic Principles
  • Distribution Of Tridosha In Body And In A Day.
  • How To Understand Tridosha By Its Qualities?
  • How To Make Prognosis Of Disease According To Ayurveda?

Chapter 2: Dinacharya – Daily Routine – Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutra Sthana

  • Does Massage Really Work?

Chapter 3: Ritucharya – Ayurvedic Seasonal Regimen

  • Ayurveda Health Tips For Rainy Season

Chapter 4: Preventive Healthcare – Roganutpadaneeya Adhyaya

  • Not Suppressing The Urges – Greatest Health Secret Of Ayurveda!
  • Why Did I Skip My Lunch Today, Though I Am Not On Fast?
  • How Much Water Should You Actually Drink? Ayurveda Opinion

Chapter 5: Benefits Of Liquid Foods – Dravadravyadi Vijnaneeya Adhyaya

  • Hot Water Benefits
  • Cow Milk Benefits According To Ayurveda
  • Buffalo Meat, Buffalo Milk And Buffalo Products – Benefits
  • Goat Milk Benefits According To Ayurveda
  • Curds Benefits: Full Ayurvedic Details
  • Curd Consumption At Night? Can You Take Curd At Night?
  • Buttermilk Benefits – Ayurvedic Explanation
  • How To Make Buttermilk, Types: Ayurvedic Method
  • Jaggery Health Benefits, Usage, Side Effects – Full Ayurveda Details
  • Sesame And Sesame Oil Benefits – Total Ayurveda Details

Chapter 6: Quality Of Foods – Annaswaroopa Vijnaniya Adhyaya

  • Winter Melon Health Benefits, Medicinal Use, Side Effects – Ayurveda
  • Nutritional Health Benefits Of Grapes – Total Ayurveda Details
  • Pomegranate Fruit Benefits – Anti Oxidants Plus Tridosha Balancing
  • Chaturjata Churna – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects

Chapter 7: Annarakshavidhi Adhyaya Protection Of Food

  • Sleeping In The Day – Good Or Bad?
  • How To Sleep Naturally, Without Falling A Prey To Sedatives?
  • 20 Sleep Tips On How To Sleep Better
  • Abstinence: Brahmacharya – The Greatest Tool To Improve Concentration

Chapter 8: Food Habits, Indigestion – Matrashiteeya Adhyaya

  • The Best Health Advice That I Would Give To Everyone
  • Anupan – Importance Of Adjuvants And After Drinks In Food And Medicine

Chapter 9: Substances, Qualities, Action – Dravyadi Vijnaneeya Adhyaya

Chapter 10: Tastes, Their Qualities And Effects – Rasabhediya Adhyaya

  • Sweet Taste – Ayurveda Description, Effect On Body
  • Sour Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
  • Salt Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
  • Pungent Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
  • Bitter Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
  • Astringent Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects

Chapter 11: Tridosha In Ayurveda – Complete Details – Doshadi Vijnaneeya Adhyaya

  • How To Understand Tridosha Easily By Its Functions
  • Dhatu – 7 Body Tissues As Explained In Ayurveda
  • Effect Of Imbalanced Dhatu – Tissues On The Body – Ayurveda View
  • What Is Ojas? How To Increase Ojas During Health And Disease?

Chapter 12: Dosha Types, Imbalance Symptoms – Doshabhediya Adhyaya

  • How To Observe Vata Dosha Imbalance Symptoms In Your Body By Yourself?
  • How To Observe Pitta Dosha Imbalance Symptoms In Your Body By Yourself?
  • How To Observe Kapha Dosha Imbalance Symptoms In Your Body By Yourself?
  • Types Of Doshas And Their Functions

Chapter 13: Treatment For Dosha Imbalance, Ama – Doshopakramaniya Adhyaya

  • How To Balance Vata Dosha? Line Of Treatment And Reasoning
  • How To Balance Pitta Dosha? Line Of Treatment
  • Activities And Diet For Kapha Balance
  • How To Balance Pitta Vata Dosha? 6 Points To Consider
  • How To Balance Pitta Kapha Dosha? 6 Factors To Consider
  • How To Balance Kapha Vata Dosha? 6 Factors To Consider

Chapter 14: Two Types Of Ayurveda Treatments – Dvividha Upakramaniya Adhyaya

Chapter 15: Group Of Herbs Used In Panchakarma – Shodhanadi Gana Sangraha Adhyaya

Chapter 16: Snehana – Oils And Fats Treatment – Snehavidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 17: Sweating Therapy – Swedavidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 18: Emesis And Purgation – Vamana Virechana Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 19: Basti Treatment Procedure, Benefits- Basti Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 20: Nasya Therapy Benefits Types Indication – Nasya Vidhi Adhyaya

  • How To Do Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment At Home? Nasal Drops For Long Life

Chapter 21: Herbal Smoking – Dhumapana Vidhi Adhyaya

  • Herbal Smoking – Benefits, Rules, Side Effects, Blends To Try

Chapter 22: Oral, Ear And Head Therapy – Gandushadi Vidhi Adhyaya

  • How To Do Oil Pulling In Genuine Ayurvedic Way? 9 Tips

Chapter 23: Eye Treatment Types, Methods -Aschotana Anjana Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 24: Ayurveda Eye Care – Tarpana Putapaka Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 25: Instruments Used In Ayurveda – Yantra Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 26: Surgical Instruments Of Ayurveda – Shastra Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 27: Blood Letting Therapy – Siravyadha Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 28: Foreign Body Removal – Shalya Aharana Vidhi Adhyaya

Chapter 29: Procedure Of Surgical Operation – Shastrakarma Vidhi

Chapter 30: Cauterization – Kshara Agnikarma Vidhi

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