Eladi Churna – Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects And Dose

Eladi Churna is an effective Ayurvedic powder mix. Eladi Churna comprises mainly of Indian spices. Eladi Choornam is used in the treatment of digestive complaints of Kapha imbalance. 

Eladi Churna is also known as Eladi choornam, Eladi Choorna, Eladi Chooran etc.

Many Ayurvedic textual reference of Eladi Churna is available. But most of the companies manufacture this herbal formula from Kerala Ayurveda text book – Sahasra Yoga

Eladi Choornam ingredients – 

Ela (Cardamom), Cinnamon, Nagakesara, Pepper, Long pepper, Ginger, – all in the gradually increasing proportion.

Fine powders of these spices are mixed together and kept inside a container.

Eladi Churna benefits – 

Eladi Churna is traditionally used in the treatment of excessive salivation, anorexia, vomiting, pain abdomen  and throat discomfort.

Those who complain of throat irritation and phlegm when they get up in the morning, they can take a small pinch of this powder with honey or hot water at night, after food.

Effect on Dosha – Balances Kapha and Vata at the level of oral cavity, stomach and intestines. May cause increase of Pitta.

Eladi Churna dose – 1 – 3 grams with sugar.

Diabetic people may take it along with water.

Eladi Choornam is advised after food.

Eladi Choornam side effects – People with gastritis and peptic ulcer may feel burning sensation in stomach and increased gastric irritation.

Care should be taken in chlidren and pregnant women.

This Ayurvedic medicine should only be taken after prescription by Ayurvedic doctor.

Companies that manufacture Eladi Churna – 

AVN, Kottakkal, AVP, Gurukul, Mukthi, Zandu.

एलात्वक् नागकुसुम तीक्ष्णकृष्ण महौषधम् ।
भागवृद्धं क्रमाच्चूर्ण निहन्ति समशर्करम् ।
प्रसेकारुचि पार्श्वार्ति छर्दि कण्ठामयापहम् ॥ सहस्रयोग
elātvak nāgakusuma tīkṣṇakṛṣṇa mahauṣadham |
bhāgavṛddhaṃ kramāccūrṇa nihanti samaśarkaram |
prasekāruci pārśvārti chardi kaṇṭhāmayāpaham || sahasrayoga
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