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Feeling tired all the time? 10 Reasons and solutions

“Why I feel tired all the time? My doctor says I am okay”  is one of the commonly heard health complaints.  Tiredness is so common now a days.  Tiredness and fatigue can haunt you in many ways. If you can formulate your daily life routine intelligently, you can do away with tiredness and fatigue. For this, the causes for fatigue are very important to know.
causes for fatigue and solutions:

Lack of physical fitness: Fitness is very important nowadays. By fitness I do not mean being slim or lean, without fat deposits.  Fitness is the ability of the body to sustain hard work.
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Gym, exercise, Yoga, dance etc. physical activities are the solutions.

If you  are feeling tired just because the body is not tolerating the daily physical activity, it is time for you to consider joining Gym or Yoga.

If you are starting a new physical activity, you may notice increase in tiredness in the initial week. But after 2 -3 weeks, things will start improving.

Conversely if you feel too much worked out / burnt out due to gym etc, it is better to reduce the amount of physical activity and take sufficient rest.

More food less work: If your total calorie intake is more than the energy spent in a day, then you are storing extra calories in the body, leading to weight gain. This causes lethargy and tiredness.

Less food more work: If you are eating fewer calories compared to energy spent, then also you will end up being tired.

For both the above two problems, maintaining balance between physical activity and diet is the solution.

If you are trying stand working and are feeling too much tired, better to quit stand working.

Lack of nutrition rich food: Fast food, colas, areated drinks, excess alcohol are in no way substitutes for home made foods, fruits and vegetables. Junk foods generate dangerous chemicals called free radicals, which cause damage to organs like heart, liver, kidney etc and cause excess tiredness.

Indigestion / Ama: This is one of the authentic causes for tiredness according to Ayurveda.

Fatigue  symptoms – 

  • You do not feel fresh after  waking up in the morning, though you had a good night sleep.
  • You feel your stomach heavy all the time.
  • Either you eat more or eat less, there is no balance in hunger.

In such cases, correcting the digestive system is the right approach to cure fatigue.

Lasting illness: Chronic illness or disease is one of the major causes. If you are suffering disease for a long time, then it is better to consult doctor for a supplement to take care of overall body nourishment. This will cure fatigue and tiredness.

mental fatigue: Lethargy, taking it easy, no mood for hard work, will train the mind and the body to feel tiredness, though you actually are not tired.
Having a disciplined lifestyle, with good work / rest balance is crucial to be competitive in this world, and to have a robust health.

Depression & anxiety: These cause mental fatigue and leads to tiredness. Solution lies in treating Depression and anxiety.

Stress: It is related with mental and physical fatigue. Physical stress due to accumulation of free radicals affecting the organs.
Mental stress can be handled with stress relief techniques.
Physical stress can be handled with rest and appropriate Ayurvedic treatment.

Excess alcohol and smoking – One of the obvious reasons for feeling tired and burnt out all the time and you already know the solution.
Implementing at least a few of these all Ayurveda tips would help you to a great extent.

Tiredness and laziness –
Confusion between tiredness and laziness is not uncommon. If you are willing to work, but do not have enough power within you to go on, then it is tiredness. But if you are not willing to work, though you have the power within you is laziness.
Laziness can be due to mental and physical causes. read more about how to get rid of laziness and procrastination

Dr JV Hebbar B.A.M.S, MD (Ayu), is an Ayurveda Doctor. Click here to consult Dr Hebbar
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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Apart from the reasons and solutions explained above, if you have got any specific personal issues, please go to an Ayurvedic doctor. A complete body and mind analysis might be required.

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