Is Ayurveda totally vegetarian?

In recent days, Ayurveda is more and more being associated with spirituality, hence a notion is there among people that, if you are on Ayurvedic medicines, then you should follow a vegetarian diet. If one is a firm follower of practical spirituality, and if one considers Ayurveda as a serious medical system, then here is the answer with detailed explanation to the question – Is Ayurveda vegetarian? can be explored.

The concept of vegetarian diet: In ancient Indian period, the concept of total vegetarianism was non existent. In Vedas, and Puranas, there is mentioning of non vegetarian diet and its qualities etc. The famous “Vatapi Jeerno bhava”  incident in Agastya Maharishi is a classical example for prevalence of non vegetarian diet in those times.

The Hindus adopted the total vegetarian system after Buddhism spread across India.  It is the classical nature of the Hindus to be flexible and to adopt any good thing from any other religion.

Is Ayurveda vegetarian ?

Ayurveda is not totally vegetarian by any stretch of imagination. Mamsarasa – the meat soup is explained in all the classical texts as the best medicine for extreme emaciation. It reduces tiredness due to Pitta imbalance (for example working under Sun for long hours), ideal for those who do daily exercise, improves voice strength, skin quality, immunity etc. (Reference: Charaka samhita Sutra sthana 27/312-325).

Aswagandhadi leham, also known as Ajaswagandhadi lehyam conains meat as an ingredient, along with other herbs. [Some companies manufacture it without meat as an ingredient]

Varients of meat soup are explained as Vesavara in Bhavaprakasha, another classical Ayurvedic text.

Meat soup and other non veg diet has been prescribed along with certain medications. Eg: Meat soup is a co -drink for the medicine Punarnvadyarishta.

Ayurveda does not say that one should follow total vegetarianism.
The non vegetarian diet has its own medicinal significance in Ayurveda.
It does not mean that everybody should have non vegetarian diet. One who is accustomed to it, can have it and one who is not, may not have it.
One of the reasons why total vegetarian diet is encouraged is because non veg is claimed to increase Tamas. Which, according to spirituality, is true.
Following non vegetarian diet will not have any bad effects on herbal Ayurvedic pills that one might be taking.   One can have non veg, during his Ayurvedic medication period. There is no rule that non veg should not be taken while one is on Ayurvedic medicines.

P.S: I am a total vegetarian and am not trying to advertise / promote non vegetarianism.

The above article made an interesting reading but spiritually it is wrong. When Bernard Shaw was asked to take mutton soup to recover from illness, he replied,i will not make my stomach graveyard of birds and animals. Swamy Vivekananda said, football takes you closer to God than Bhagwad Gita. By this he meant to do spiritual practices one should be physically strong e.g. to sit for meditation for 3 hours is no joke in Kali Yuga without changing leg position and hand position. So physical health is important but not at the cost of some helpless animals life. Have you seen how fish struggles when it is taken out of water or how painful it is when a hook is stuck to its mouth while fishing. And all these activities keep us pinned down to this earth with no chance of moksha which is the true aim of this life.When Buddha was asked the way to Nirvana he said HEALTH is the pre-requisite for doing spiritual practices. He further said, concentration on the breath from the nose to diaphragm, while walking, standing, sitting and lying down. He told his students that if they practiced like this they would become very healthy. FRANKLY AND PERSONALLY I SEE NO JUSTIFICATION IN EATING BUFFALO OR ANY OTHER ANIMAL/BIRD FOR MY SURVIVAL. This is the opinion of the true masters. Lastly astrologer Linda Goodman had said, that if you are eating non-vegetarian food from birth and now when you are an adult you can still wean yourself from this by staying on only mutton for five years than give it up and live only on fish. After this become a vegetarian and stay for five years and then become a vegan for five years and lastly become a fruitarian throughout your live and see the difference.

As far as my knowledge goes, In the book – Talks With Swamy Vivekananda, Swamiji tells that, – have non veg, no problem, exercise and build a better body first, and then go for spiritual practices.
I am a vegetarian. But I do not have problem with people having non veg.
Do you know that when the vegetables and plants are plucked from the farms and gardens, they also do feel pain?
It is how the world works.

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  1. Hello doctor.
    It was an interesting read. This would clarify peoples doubt of whether ayurveda is vegetarien.
    I would like to write few things , which I think is amiss here.
    First of all the diet during intake of medicine is not with regard to the medicine but with respect to the disease. So if the disease condition aggravates with non veg intake then it has to be avoided and there are many diseases which worsens with it.
    Secondly some medicines like gugguluthiktakam is usually advised with purely veg diet.
    These are only my views on this matter… I understand , this article is about clarifying whether ayurveda is vegetarian or not.

  2. hello doctor. i bought ajaaswagandhadi leham a few days back, and then it struck me ‘aja’ and checked ingredients to see ajamamsam. i felt very bad as i am a vegetarian for ethical/moral reasons.

    i would like to ask you whether aswagandhaadi leham is as effective as the non veg version. what are the drawbacks of aswagandhaadi leham compared to ajaaswagandhaadi.

    also are there other ayurvedic medicines that are nonveg in nature? if so, could you kindly list them so that the patient knows beforehand what he is getting into.

    thank you

    • Hello Vin, Aja ashwagandhadi lehyam is a big embarrassment to many vegetarians.
      Please note that some manufacturers label it as ashwagandhadi lehyam, and yet, it contains aja mamsam or chaga mamsam as an ingredient.
      So, it is very important to read the ingredients, rather than go with the name of the product.
      For easy understanding, let us assume that Aswagandhadi lehyam = veg version
      and Aja ashwagandhadi lehyam = non veg version.

      both the variants are targetted towards
      1. To improve strength of the muscles,
      2. To relieve mental fatigue,
      3. As a medicine for treating unreasonable tiredness
      4. To restore strength of people who have been medicated or who have been ill for quite a long period
      5. To improve digestive power.

      So, Aja ashwagandhadi lehyam (non veg) has more effect on point number 1, than plain ashwagandhadi lehyam.

      From point 2 to point 5, both are equally capable. I would even say that plain version is better in improving digestive power than the non veg version.

      I will make a list of non veg Ayurveda medicines and will publish it soon. Thanks for the valuable advice.

  3. Is Zandu Kesari Jivan Vegetarian?

  4. Dear Doctor,

    I have just started taking medications for Sinusitis after consulting a doctor. I have not used Ayurvedic medicine for a long time although I know the benefits. I checked out the various medicines on the net. I was prescribed eosinophal, 2+2+2 where as I saw the recommended dose everywhere as 1 – 0 – 1. I am not trying to check out on my doctor but just addressing my concerns.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Dear JV,
      In Ayurvedic medicines, the recommended dosage displayed on the label is just for information. It is the doctor who would decide the dose, his patient needs. So, your doctor is right in fixing the dose by himself. That does not mean that for everyone, dosage of Eosinophal is 2-2-2. It depends on various parameters like age of the patient, seriousness of the disease, season, Dosha imbalance, etc.

  5. Dear Dr.,
    For my Dandruff & hairfall problem, following medicines were prescribed:psorakot tablet,cherya madhusnuhi rasayanam & ayyappala keratailam.
    1.Since i am a non-vegetarian, is it fine to consume these meds along with nonveg. or should i stop it for a while?
    2.Is it really mandatory to wash off that oil with shikakai or can i stick with my himalaya shampoo?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      There is no need to avoid non veg while you take the above medicines.
      Shikakai is better than himalaya shampoo. But you can use the shampoo also, no issues

  6. Dear sir
    Iam taking ayurvedic medicine like manjishthadi,saribadyasavam,psorakot,aragwadhadi kwatham for psoriasis. pls let me know sir does it affect spearm count or any fertility……

    Best Regards
    God Bless


  7. AARYA GOUR says:

    Dear Sir,
    how can i prepare gokshura powder at home ? I am an athlete and want to improve my stamina as i am a pure veggie and when to take it for best results ??

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      You can get Gokshura – Tribulus raw herb in Any Ayurvedic store in India, you can just put it into mixer and powder will be ready.
      For best results, one teaspoon two times a day with milk will be ideal. for a period of 2 – 3 months.
      Consulting your Ayurvedic doctor will still be more ideal to fix the dose.

  8. Acharya-Parlathaya says:


    I have recently been prescribed madhusnuhi rasayanam and thrivril Lehyam. I have been taking 3 other lehyams for a long time now – agasthya rasayanam, dasamoola rasayanam, vyoshadi vatakam. Please let me know if any of these 5 medicines are non vegetarian.

    Thank you!

  9. Dear Dr.,

    I want to increase my body weight. I have some cholesterol problem. Please advice

  10. Hello Doctor, my father has been prescribed Maharajaprasarini gel capsules. After reading your article, I have learnt that it may contain ‘chagamamsa’ as an ingredient. Unfortunately the ingredients are not listed on the package and my Doctor informs me that it is completely herbal. Is it possible that they don’t manufacture it using that ingredient any more?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Chances are there that the manufacturer might have skipped the non veg ingredient. You can confirm it by calling the customer care number on the label. Only the manufacturer can confirm if it is purely veg or not.

  11. Dear doctor,

    i am 100% vegetarian. But my health is not fine, it is difficult to find a indian doctor in hk. Do you have sources for this ? Please let your advice.



  12. Dr.,
    My wife is having white discharge problem last two year also having fobia of non- veg it mean she lost her control while touch to non-veg product.Before two year she is eat & enjoy non-veg food bcoz she most like non-veg rather veg.
    Now she wants to start treatment on white discharge with ayurvedic medicine but she confused whether it is veg or non veg so pls suggest the same and also sugges veg medicine on white discharge. If any medicine on fobia pls suggest

  13. Dear doctor,
    I’m having epididymis cyst(right), a small one. And i m now having ayurvedic medicine, “kashayam” and some other mixtures. Should I avoid non-veg foods? What would you recommend?

  14. I think, you need to check your references before posting on ayurveda. Non-veg was never part of human culture. It is important to check things before communicating to the masses.

  15. Unfertilized white eggs layed by white hens are good for health or not in your opinion….

  16. ye sab galat tathya rakhe jaa rahe hain aayurved mein aur vedon mein non veg kisi bhi condition mein allowed nahi hain balki non veg ko tamsi aur rakshshi bhojan bataya gaya hai

    ye sab sajis hai hinduon ka dhar, bhrast karne ki.

    ghatiya log har cheej ko galat disha mein le jaate hain

  17. Hello doctor I have eczema and gastric problem I heard that triphala is good for both how should I use it ?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      1 teaspoon at bed time, with a cup of warm water after food for 4 weeks time.
      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      For email advice, please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  18. Doctor im taking sujat tablet.13 weeks of pregnancy.shall i eat non veg food

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, during pregnancy, it is best to avoid all Ayurveda medicines. Take only those your doctor prescribes.
      You can take non veg food.

  19. Is it ok to eat chicken while taking ashokarishtam?

  20. Its very sad to see a doctor of capability write an article based on lies spread by British scholars who wanted to break the backbone of our heritage and confuse us of our identity.
    you are using Vatapi Jeerno Bhava out of context. If you use Vatapi Jeerno Bhava to justify meat eating by your logic it is more apt to justify cannibalism. Many such stories in hinduism where entire humans have been swallowed.
    Vatapi Jeerno Bhava was Agastya who had the power to digest Vatapi who was in form of a buffalo. The story goes that other brahmins could not digest when they were fed Vatapi in form of buffallo through deceptive means. It means generally humans cant digest meat.
    You take the example of Buddhism but many people don’t know that buddhists eat meat.
    Buddhism never believed in ahimsa infact it was adopted from Hinduims mainly jainism.
    Look up the book buddhist warfare. Buddhism was spread by the sword in Tibet.
    There was one tribe called Bon-pa who still exist. They are primarily vegetarians and believe in Ahimsa. They lived the life of Monks.
    What we see the practice of monkhood is from Bon-pa.
    They would rather die than convert to buddhism. So Langardama the buddhist King called upon an Indian scholar to add some hindu teachings and stories to buddhism to convince Bon-pa to convert.
    This where meditation and yoga came in. Also did vegetarianism.
    This is how buddhism got diluted as majority of existing buddists embraced Hindu practices that were introduced (for obvious reasons sadly only our Indians are ashamed of our practices) and Buddhism is the peaceful religion we know today.
    The biggest lies i Ashoka converted to Buddhism. No He was already buddhist He was spreading Buddhism by sword.
    Ask Nampoothiri brahmins of Kerala They have documented History their own personal record.
    Many temples were destroyed in Kerala and Karnataka by Buddhists long before Muslims invaders set foot on India.

    British rewrote our history and to destroy our Identify made Ashoka our Hero even though all sources of King Ashoka was only from Buddhists sources. But Britishers made it the history.
    Ever wonder why there is actually no trace of Buddhism even though Ashoka’s empire was so vast and almost covered entire India.
    There are No Indian Buddhists who can trace their lineage all the way back to ashoka.
    Ever wondering why it totally vanished?
    Because it never existed as vastly as they Buddhists sources claim. Infact they even tried to convince Keralites that Sabrimala Temple is Buddhist temple and Swami Ayappa is buddha avatar.
    The truth is they would invade a country and change its history Like they did with Angkor wat which was a hindu temple. Similarily they were succesful in east asia in destroying hinduism which was also prevelant.
    There is evidence that history fo Jainism was passed off as Buddhist history.
    You see you still find Jains today in India but You never find Buddhists who have been buddhists in their family as long back as Jains have.

    Get ouf of this brainwashing done by British.
    Also interact with Vaidya like Priyanka vaidya who’s family has been vaidya for 720 years!!
    They have been vegan. Not only Priyanka but many other people I have met who have good knowledge of ayurved have told me not only meat but even milk is prohibitied by ayurveda.
    Watch this video. You can ask her for proof.

    • 1. You have everything to choose for eating according to your situation, age, sex, disease, health, emergency etc. Its your own mind & heart to choose according to. If you choose not to eat non veg, its your destiny.
      2. All foods in universe created by God, and he will not hurt anyone except if any do wrong things like eating more or less etc.
      3. Only you have to balance tridosha. If environment is hot then dont eat hot food etc.
      4. In some countries or locations, environments are not same, some are hot or some are cold. Like india is hot and have variations of food according to. Western countries have to remain active by eating non veg & exercises.
      5. Like more tamas food destroy life, same that more satvik food too destroy life. You cant eat always ghee, shakar, atta and contrary to it you too can not eat non veg continously.
      6. practically old age people eating veg only are in worse condition to live compared to old age people eating non veg.
      7. Sometime you caught by asthma, poor digestion, you have to take non veg.
      8. Always balance. Life is balance, universe ia balance, country is balanced, govt is balanced so are food.
      9. All purana, granthas, vedas, samhintas not exclude non veg.
      10. Today life is very challenging than previous one. Progress is not going in linear way but in multi way. You should have more power and strength to absorb these progression. In last you read single subject but today you have to study lots like self motivation, business, money, relations, academic, new technologies even after you age.

      I think, these 10 reasons are enough to describe you. I do not intend to hurt you but try to lighten the subject.

      At last 2 more things…human can never decide, what is wrong or right. Only God decide it. If he not like then He balance wrong thing with good one.

      Life is given for living with full forms. But he should have right vision.

      Thanks and sorry !

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