Cinnamon and honey benefits

Cinnamon  (bark powder) and honey, both are widely used in numerous Ayurvedic herbal preparations & Ayurvedic home remedies. Cinnamon is used in Ayurvedic herbal powder mixes, tablets, Gulikas, avalehas (herbal jams) dosage forms. … [Continue reading]

7 tips about how to choose and use herbal supplements effectively

These are 7 quick tips about herbal supplement use. which is valid for anybody who is already taking or panning to take herbal supplements. … [Continue reading]

Brahma rasayana: Benefits, Dose, Usage, Side Effects

There are many Ayurvedic herbal products explained for natural rejuvenation. Among them, Brahma rasayana stands as the choicest natural remedy for stress and tiredness chronic. … [Continue reading]

Triphala guggulu – best of the herbal remedy for haemorrhoids and fistula anorectal.

Triphala guggulu is one of the best herbal remedy - haemrrhoids and fistula anorectal. It is one of the ancient of Ayurvedic formulation. Its reference is found in Sharangdhara Samhita, an Ayurvedic Sanskrit textbook. … [Continue reading]

Coriander Drink For Fever, Burning Sensation, Thirst

Coriander drink is a very easy to make natural cleanser and coolant drink useful in fever, burning sensation, thirst and such other high Pitta conditions. … [Continue reading]

7 Things you should know before taking Ayurvedic medicine

If your Ayurvedic doctor has prescribed you any Ayurvedic medicine, it is better if you  know following facts, prehand.These are based on Ayurvedic textual reference blended with my own experience in Ayurvedic clinical practice.1. If not … [Continue reading]

Pancha Nimbadi Vati Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Panchanimbadi Gulika is one of the wonder herbal product of Ayurveda, Its classical reference is found in Sahasrayoga. It is also known as Panchanimbadi vati. It is useful in wide range of skin conditions like allergic … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic treatment for Chikungunya – arthritis

Chikungunya outbreak has caused a lot of panic among people. It is a viral fever that spreads by the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes. Most of  the symptoms of chikungunya and dengue have resemblance.  Though there is slight difference between … [Continue reading]

Liver failure side effects of painkiller diclofenac sodium – read it. urgent!!

Treatment with a product containing diclofenac sodium as topical applications is now linked with liver dysfunction, resulting in severe hepatic reactions and liver transplantation or death, according to USFDA and … [Continue reading]

Amrutadi Guggul: Benefits, Ingredients, Dose, Side Effects

Amrutadi Guggul is used in treating gout, arthritis, hemorrhoids, etc. It is also useful in obesity management. A potent immunity booster comes with a set of side effects.  … [Continue reading]