what is paneer? How to make paneer? paneer recipe

Paneer is one of the most widely used ingredient in many Indian dishes. Paneer is widely used in the form of paneer recipe. It is prepared by curdling of milk. While paneer is generally good for health, some set of people need to exercise caution … [Continue reading]

Ayurveda Vitamin D foods: Natural sources of Vitamin D

There are many Vitamin D foods that are naturally available. Though naturally available through ultra violet rays, the body may require extra Vitamin D in the form of food, especially in people who do not get exposure to UV rays of Sun. From a … [Continue reading]

Diet For Rheumatoid Arthritis: Ayurvedic Recommended Food

In rheumatoid arthritis Ayurvedic treatment, diet plays an important role in improving the joint health and to keep control on swelling and pain. Since Ayurveda believes that the root cause of rheumatoid arthritis lies in impaired digestion and … [Continue reading]

My Inspiration – Sri Guruji – Swamy Vivekananda

Today is the birth anniversary of Sri Swamy Vivekananda, the great divine monk of India who enlightened the whole world with his spiritual, globally accepted, universal, thought provoking and soul stirring divine words. Mahatma Gandhiji stated that … [Continue reading]

Ways To Handle Anxiety Depression Symptoms With Ease

Handling depression and related mood swing are tough to manage and to restore back to normal state. It needs time and a change in atmosphere to come back to original state. Daily stress and anxiety is the base for every change in mind state driving … [Continue reading]

Rheumatoid arthritis diet – food to avoid

Diet for rheumatoid arthritis is very important in the treatment. Rheumatoid arthritis is a complex and chronic disease, involving many systems. In Ayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis,  diet advice is as important as Panchakarma therapy and … [Continue reading]

causes and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis: Ayurveda and modern perspective

There are many diseases explained in Ayurveda, the causes and symptoms of which match exactly with the current day diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is one such example. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease mainly affecting joints. Most of the causes and … [Continue reading]

Parenting tips: Great hobbies for children for a great future

I remember my mother pushing me into Bharatanatya class (Traditional dance of Karnata), Carnatic Traditional music, Hindi classes, Cricket, Chess coaching class etc. Initially, I used to get annoyed (except for cricket and chess). But after a few … [Continue reading]

Eating Etiquette: Healthy Eating Rules

Eating not only nourishes the body but also mind. Following simple eating etiquettes make the eating lot more enjoyable and beneficial. Here are a few healthy eating rules. … [Continue reading]

Curds recipe of Amla – Ayurvedic home remedy

Indian gooseberry

Curds recipe of Amla has multiple benefits. The beauty of this curds and amla recipe is - it can be prepared within five minutes. Ayurvedic medicines not only always mean bitter Kashayams, or packed herbal supplements in tablet form. The real … [Continue reading]