Cow Milk Vs Goat Milk – According to Ayurveda

Cow milk and Goat milk - both are extensively used in Ayurveda, but for different purposes. Both have their own unique qualities and benefits. Here is a comparison - cow milk vs goat milk.  … [Continue reading]

Goat Milk Benefits According to Ayurveda

Goat milk has many health benefits. Goats have lean built, Goats do not drink much water, do a lot of physical activities and eat grass and plants that are pungent, hot and bitter in taste. These qualities of goat gets attributed to Goat milk, … [Continue reading]

Cow milk And Buffalo Milk – A Comparison

Cow milk and buffalo milk both are very high in nutrition. When both are available, the choice of milk should be made based on your personal needs, health status and digestion power. … [Continue reading]

Cow Milk Benefits According To Ayurveda

Various products of cow are used in innumerable ways in Ayurveda. Cow milk stands first in them. Cow milk benefits are innumerable. Let us find out the effect of cow milk on Tridosha, when we can have cow milk, when we should not, in what diseases it … [Continue reading]

Activities And Diet For Kapha Balance

One thing to mention here - those Kapha imbalance symptoms  indicate that the person is neither healthy nor sick. Those symptoms indicate that if someone experiencing them, indulges in more of Kapha imbalance activities such as excessive sleep, … [Continue reading]

Kapha test – How To Know About Kapha Imbalance In Your Body

Kapha Dosha is one of the Tridoshas according to basic principles of Ayurveda. Kapha imbalance is one of the very common health event that we all observe in our daily lives. Here are the list of symptoms suggesting Kapha imbalance.  … [Continue reading]

vata diet – food for vata dosha balance

Suppose your Ayurvedic doctor tells you that your condition is related to Vata, there are foods that you should consider including in your diet for faster healing. Usually pains and aches related to joint, muscles, ligaments are related to Vata. … [Continue reading]

My Interview About Health With A NYC Yoga Teacher

Recently I gave an interview about health to A Yoga Teacher from New York City, Ms Nadya Andreeva, who is also passionate about Ayurveda and healthy living. The health interview covered a lot of interesting topics -  … [Continue reading]

Your Child Does Not Eat Well? Causes, Ayurveda Solutions

"My child does not eat well" is quite a common complaint heard everywhere. Not taking sufficient food is a type of common eating disorder in children.  It is called as 'anorexia' in medical terms. The problem looks simple, but finding a perfect … [Continue reading]

Inculcate 9 Qualities Of Leadership In Your Child

The mental and social aspects of parenting is a real tricky area. It is almost impossible to crack the code of perfect parenting. Here is an attempt.Child's mind is like butter, whatever little object falls on it, butter catches it … [Continue reading]