Ayurveda – Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Diet control is crucial in the success of Ayurveda Ulcerative colitis treatment. Food that are hard to digest, that cause increase in bowel motility, that cause increase in Pitta and fiber rich diet are best avoided in Ulcerative coloitis. As per the … [Continue reading]

25 Ayurveda Ulcerative Colitis Diet Tips

Ayurveda Ulcerative Colitis Diet Plan

Diet plan and lifestyle changes are crucial in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, because of its higher chance of recurrence.  It is one such disease, where Ayurveda offers comprehensive treatment including Panchakarma, herbal medicines, home … [Continue reading]

How Long To Take Chyavanprash? [video]

Once you start taking Chyavanprash, how long should you continue it?  If you are accustomed to take Chyavanprash of a period of many years, then  there is no reason to fear in continuing  it as such. No harm. But if you are not sure about the … [Continue reading]

My New Year Resolution – Physical Fitness

There was this badminton championship in our college last week and I was confident of entering at least the third round. First match, I won the first set but lost the second and the third. Championship dream.. gone!  When I look back at the match, I … [Continue reading]

Chilblains Cure Through Ayurvedic Home Remedies

What are chilblains? Chilblains is a disease with redness, swelling, itching, pain and sometimes blisters in toes, fingers, nose tips, ear lobes etc.  As the name suggests, Chilblains are caused due to severe cold exposure by person, susceptible for … [Continue reading]

Easy Ayurveda Home Remedy For Fever And Cold [video]

A simple home remedy for fever and cold can be prepared with three easily available herbs. This  home remedy  for cold and fever is prepared in the form of Ayurvedic kashayam. This home remedy is especially beneficial if the fever is of viral origin. … [Continue reading]

Kashayam preparation – Easy Rules To Follow [video]

Kashayam is an Ayurvedic dosage form having water soluble active principles of herb or group of herbs. Kashayam can be easily prepared at home. Different herbal combinations Kashayam are mentioned in Ayurveda for different diseases. Any kashayam that … [Continue reading]

Kashayam (Kwath) – Herbal Teas Preparation, Benefits, Usage

Kashayam (kwath, Kwatham) is a famous and widely used dosage form of Ayurveda, compared to herbal teas. The word Kashayam does not suggest towards any Ayurvedic medicine. Instead, Kashayam refers to water decoction or water extract of a herb or group … [Continue reading]

How And When To Apply Hair Oil? Ayurveda Details

when and how to apply hair oil

Applying oil to hair is one of the ways to improve hair strength and hair quality as per Ayurvedic principles. Apart from improving hair qualities, applying hair oil also has other benefits such as - sleep improvement, calmness of mind, remedy for … [Continue reading]

Improving lifestyle Habits Is Very Important To Prevent Cancer

improving lifestyle to prevent cancer

Till recent times, we used to advise improving lifestyle habits to avoid a list of lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other degenerative disorders. But now it is a clinical proven fact that improving lifestyle habits also … [Continue reading]