Ashoka Bark- Saraca indica Uses, Medicinal Qualities, Ayurveda Details

Ashoka is an important Ayurvedic herb used mainly in bleeding gynecological conditions. Its … [Read more...]

Kanchanara – Bauhinia variegata – Uses, Dosage, Ayurveda Details

Kanchanara is a famous Ayurveda herb. Its fame comes from being an important ingredient of Kanchnar … [Read more...]

Bakuchi – Psoralea corylifolia – Usage, Benefits, Ayurveda Details

Bakuchi is an Ayurvedic herb, very well known for its efficacy against skin diseases including … [Read more...]

Sarapunkha – Tephrosia purpurea – Qualities, Usage, Ayurveda Details

Sarapunkha is a famous Ayurvedic herb used in liver cirrhosis and splenomegaly. Its botanical name … [Read more...]

Latakaranja – Caesalpinia bonduc – Uses, Ayurveda Details

Latakaranja is an Ayurvedic herb. Its seed is peculiar. When rubbed over a rough surface, it … [Read more...]

Karanja – Pongamia pinnata:Uses, Side Effects, Research

Karanja is an important Ayurvedic medicine, used predominantly in skin diseases. Karanja twigs were … [Read more...]

Uraria picta – Prishnaparni – Benefits, Usage, Ayurveda Details

Prishnaparni is one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs. It is one among Dashamoola (Group of 10 … [Read more...]

Shalparni – Desmodium gangeticum – Benefits, Usage, Ayurveda details

Shalparni is one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs. It is one among Dashamoola (Group of 10 … [Read more...]

Yavasa – Alhagi camelorum – Benefits, Usage, Ayurvedic Description

Yavasa is an Ayurvedic herb, used mainly in the treatment of obesity, skin diseases and Pitta … [Read more...]

Aparajita – Clitoria ternatea – Ayurvedic Explanation of Medicinal Use

Aparajita is an ancient Indian medicinal herb. Its botanical name is Clitoria ternatea. It is mainly … [Read more...]

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