Glossary Of Terms Used In Ayurvedic Pharmacology

By Prof. Vd. Rangaprasad Bhat Here are the definitions of commonly used Ayurvedic terms to explain … [Read more...]

Rasa Panchaka – 5 Qualities Of Substance (Dravya)

Article by Prof. Dr. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), Ph.D. The word rasa panchaka is include that the … [Read more...]

Kupilu – Nux Vomica – Uses, Dose, Purification, Side Effects

Kupilu / Nux vomica is a famous but poisonous Ayurvedic herb. It has many health benefits but should … [Read more...]

Nerium indicum – Karavira – Benefits, Usage, Side Effects – Ayurveda details

Karaveera is a toxic herb used in Ayurvedic therapeutics. Its external application is indicated in … [Read more...]

Paederia foetida – Gandha Prasarini – Benefits, Usage, Dose, Side Effects

Paederia foetida is an important Ayurvedic medicinal herb. Its Sanskrit name is Gandha Prasirini. … [Read more...]

Madanaphala – Randia dumetorum – Benefits, Qualities, Side Effects

Madanaphala is one of the most commonly used Ayurveda herbs. Its botanical name is Randia dumetorum. … [Read more...]

Colocynth: Citrullus colocynthis Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Colocynth is an important Ayurvedic herb. It is also known as bitter apple. Its botanical name is … [Read more...]

Dhataki – Woodfordia fruticosa Uses, Dose, Side Effects – Ayurveda

Dhataki is the backbone herb of almost all Asava and Arishta preparations. (Alcoholic liquid … [Read more...]

Khadira – Acacia catechu – Uses, Qualities, Ayurveda Details

Khadira is a very famous skin benefiting Ayurvedic herb. Its botanical name is Acacia catechu and it … [Read more...]

Aragvadha – Cassia fistula: Uses, Qualities, Side Effects

Aragvadha is an ancient Indian herb, widely used in the treatment of skin diseases and in … [Read more...]

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