Do Not Fall To The “Spiritual” Trap

Advertisement in a costly magazine. Consultation with a spiritual healer having expertise in spirituality since 20 years, future teller etc and then  “Third Eye Activated”. Fees is 5,000 rupees per consultation. 

1. So, for a “third eye activated” spiritual healer, making money is important.
2. Spiritual healer does not have her own power to attract the needy people. She is opting for advertisement in a costly magazine to attract her clients.

Spirituality and marketing never go hand in hand.
Spirituality and advertisement are almost antonyms.

With growing spirituality within ourselves, we tend to cut down on our desires, we cut down on worldly demands, our focus goes inwards, we become more and more self conscious.
How can we achieve all these from a person who is advertising and also charging money from you? How can we acheive all these from a person resolving to worldly means to get her clients?
How can you become spiritual, by consulting a money-minded person who is inviting you by marketing?

Chocolates for activation of Chakras:
Nothing can be as sleazy as this. Yoga Shastra describes Chakra activation and related spiritual experiences by
– following stringent Brahmacharya,
– following strict diet and lifestyle
– following the path of no desire
– following the path of maintaining the body and mind at highest positions by Yoga, Pranayama and meditation.
Even with all these, there is no guarantee that the Chakra activation, spiritual experiences would happen in a single lifespan. It is a continuous journey towards truth and light spanning many lives.

Do not do all these hard work, continue your materialistic world, just eat this chocolate and see that your Chakra is activated?!
Gimme a break!

Naked Yoga
Of course there are many Sanyasis who roam naked. They have left  all their materialistic attachments. They are one with the Almighty. They became naked “after” realizing that the world is myth and ultimate knowledge is the only truth. – Brahma Satya Jagan Mithya 

They did not become naked “before” the realization dawned upon them.
So, if you, without any control of mind, without any growth in the spiritual field, go to a drastic Naked Yoga, the mind will get distracted and it will fall to a lower plane.

Beer Yoga, Sex Yoga – Oh well! Let us not talk about them at all.

Be very careful. 
1. Any spiritual experience offered as instant fix, a readymade remedy, “heal all your bad Karma in 5 minutes” is a myth. That person is fooling you.
2. Spiritual growth cannot happen by eating chocolates
3. If a spiritual entity is indulging marketing to attract spiritual seekers, I would not trust them.
4. Yoga for healthcare is different than Yoga for spiritual growth. The former can be a step for the latter.

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