4 Swarnaksheeri Mexican Poppy Remedies: Painful Periods, Joint Pain

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.
‘Svarnaksiri’ is called Mexican poppy in English. Pricky poppy is thev another name of this drug. Where as in Hindi it is well known as Sathyanashi, Bhandabhand or Kantaila.
It belongs to Papaveraceae family and it is botanically identified as Argemone mexicana Linn. 

This spiny herbaceous annual is common everywhere in India on road sides especially in waste lands, in the cold seasons.
The Roots, seeds, seed oil, latex are the main usable parts of this plant.

The seeds are found some times adulterants with black mustard. Argemone oil in edible mustard oil is reported frequently responsible for out breaks and epidemic dropsy.

Hence care should be taken while selecting the drugs from the drug stores.
Bhavaprakasha text refers that the seeds as well as the roots are bitter in taste and hot in potency. It is drastic purgative and a potent wormicide also. It is recommended in abdominal worms, itching skin diseases, poisoning, chronic skin diseases etc. It is a good pacifier of Kapha and Pitta dosha.
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Few of its simple and effective remedies are as follows-
Roots and seed oil in constipation and abdominal colic:
The roots are washed thoroughly and fresh juice is obtained. To this 1-2 drop of the seed oil is added and administered in the patients who have severe constipation and abdominal colic. Within 30-45 minutes the person will defecate. In case of burning sensation, milk is given to drink. This should be followed only and strictly under medical supervision.

Fresh juice of the roots for worm infestation and painful periods:
The fresh juice obtained from the roots is used to treat the worm infestation as well as dysmenorrhoea. But the dose should be determined as per one’s condition of the intestine and ability to tolerate the potency of the drug.

Seed paste and massage of seeds oil in rheumatic joints and other painful joint conditions:
Seeds are made into fine paste and mixed with few drops of seed oil(it can be diluted by adding large amount of sesame oil).This is applied to the joints by making into lukewarm. This is effective in painful joint conditions and even in rheumatic joints.

Fine paste of the roots mixed with jaggery for obstructive jaundice:
Fine paste of the roots is mixed with jaggery and administered to the patients in a dose of 3 – 4 grams once or twice a day, for the treatment of obstructive jaundice.

A weed can be a good medicine if one is aware of its action. Also it is very essential to know its qualities and actions. In this respect the folk healers and village people are thorough and hence while collecting these people will help us
to select the genuine species and they have unique techniques too pluck this thorny plants.
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