China Root (Smilax china) Remedies: Syphilis, Epilepsy, Arthritis

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
China roots is an Ayurvedic herb. quite interestingly this herbal root got famous in the treatment while treating the Gout of King Charles V. 

Botanical name – Smilax china Linn.
It belongs to Liliaceae family.
Roots (tubers) are the most common used part.
Stems are also equally beneficial.

China cultivates this drug in large amount and for most of the countries it is exported from there. Hence it is usually recognized as China root.
Sanskrit names –  Dweepantara vacha, Chopchini, Madhusnuhi.

Availability: Japan, China. In India,in Assam and Meghalaya it is found as natural habitat.

The roots are light and dry in nature. It is bitter in taste and undergoes pungent kind of bio transformation. It is hot in potency and cats as Tridoshahara.
Predominantly it is a nervine tonic, carminative, digestive, laxative, analgesic and anti inflammatory.

Chopachinyadi choorna, Chopachini paka and Madhusnuhi rasayana are the important formulations of this drug. In 15th and 16th century it was believed to be a master drug for the treatment of sexually transmitted disorders and syphilis.
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Few of its simple and effective formulations and their health benefits are referred here below-

1. Medicated milk of china root for impotency and seminal disorders:
2-3 gram of the china root is added to a cup of water and a cup of milk. Boiled together, till the quantity reduces to half. Filtered. This is taken once daily by adding small amount of sugar. This has significant benefits in impotency and seminal disorders, low sperm count.

2. Decoction of the tubers for chronic arthritis and secondary and tertiary syphilis:
4-5 gram of the coarse root powder is cooked well with 200 ml of water and reduced to 50-60 ml. Filtered and consumed.  2-3 weeks’ medication gives very good result in arthritis and secondary and tertiary syphilis.

3. Hot infusion in schizophrenia and epilepsy:
10 grams of China root is added with 50 ml water. Macerated, filtered. This infusion is consumed early in the morning or in late evening. This is considered to be a very effective medicine while treating the epilepsy, insomnia and schizophrenia.

4. Sarsaparilla and china root decoction in pemphigus and skin diseases:
Equal amount of Sarsaparilla and china roots are taken and made into decoction (hot infusion can also be made). This is taken twice daily for the complaints such as pemphigus and chronic skin diseases.

5. Fine powder with honey for Osteo -arthritis:
1-2 gram of the powder is mixed with honey in cases like arthritis and neuralgia. It contributes significant benefits in the above said complaints.

Where the synthetic drugs end, there once again the natural molecules find priority. Today whole world is burning with the fire of chemicals and unorganized therapeutic constituents which are bombarding in nature. Gradually in several parts of the world they have started realizing the hazards of such molecules. As the modern Pharma industry is a Big Business they are not ready to quit several molecules where billions together their investment lies. But the eager world is watching for the incarnation of natural medicines in the dusk of each day.
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