Sub Types Of Personality Features Based On Satva, Rajas, Tamas

By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat
The sub types of Shuddha Satva:
The Suddha satva aka SAtvika satva has been grouped into the following 7 categories – based on the mutual and synchronous involvement of the mind and physique, in being a cause for exhibiting the collective traits of  personality.

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The Suddha satva aka SAtvika satva has been grouped into the following 7 categories – based on the mutual and synchronous involvement of the mind and physique, in being a cause for exhibiting the collective traits of  personality.
3. Shakra
4. Yama
5. varu?a
7.gandharva – sattv?nuk?re?a.

1.brahma satva traits:-
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Shuchi?uci? – virtuous
saty?bhisandha? – truthful
jit?tm?na? – self controlled
sa?vibh?gina? jñ?na_vijñ?na_vacanaprati_vacanasampanna? sm?timanta? – versatile in the texts of knowledge and science and capable of reproducing the text word by word.
k?ma_krodha_lobha_m?na_moha_ ?r?y?_har?a_amar?? – peta? (free from), – Devoid of objective desire, anger, greed, arrogance(mAna), infatuation, envy, lust, impatience.
sama? sarvabh?te?u – Sees divinity in all forms of life and hence treats them in equality. – br?hma? vidy?t. (1) ||

2. Rishi Satva traits:-
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? |
interested in religious rites and conducts like – offering to God by means of recitation of the vedic sutras, doing homam, by following celibacy- Brahmacharya

atithivratam_upa??ntamadam?na – welcomes guests with soothing words. r?ga_dve?a_moha_lobha_ro?a? – capable of controlling and prejudiciuosly using raga, dvesha, moha,lobha,rosham.
pratibha vacanavijñ?na upadh?ra?a?akti sampannam – genius in executing a detailed discourse over the scriptural vedic texts verses – ?r?a? vidy?t. (2) ||

3.?akra / Aindra satva traits: – ?????????????????????? ??????? ???????????? ??????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? (?)|

ai?varyavantam – born as a rich.
?deyav?kya? – authoritative in speech.
yajv?na? – believer in God.
??ram – bravely faces any adverse situations.
ojasvina? – energetic in activities.
tejasopetam – bestowed with aura.
akli??akarm??a? – always fresh and active in executing a task.
d?rghadar?ina? – sagacious judgement or farsighted judgment to any given problems faced.
dharm?rtha_k?m?bhiratam – well balanced and efficacious  management of earning money, spending through helping others and enjoyment of the life. – aindra? vidy?t (3)||

4. yama satva traits:- ????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? [??] ????????????????????????? ?????? ???????? (?)|

lekh?sthav?tta? – abides by the rules and laws of the society.
pr?ptak?ri?am – follows morality and righteousness in his social activities.
asamprah?ryam – non quarrelsome.
utth?navanta? – works with zeal.
sm?timantam – cognitive and comprehensive.
ai?varyalambhina? – lucrative money maker.
vyapagata_r?ga_?r?y?_dve?a_moha? — Devoid of excessive desire, envy, hatred, or infatuation. y?mya? vidy?t (4)|

5. varu?a satva traits:-
???? ???? ????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????? ?????? ???????? (?)|

??ra? – fights for right cause
dh?ra? – courageous
?ucim- honest
a?uci  dve?i?a? – dislikes dishonest people
yajv?nam ambho vih?ra ratim akli??akarm??a? –
sth?nakopapras?da? –  v?ru?a? vidy?t

6. kubera satva traits:- ??????????????????????????? ????????????????? ????? ????????? ???????????????? ?????? ???????? (?.??.?/?)|

sth?na m?na upabhoga – conscious of his self dignity
pariv?rasampanna? – socially extrovert surrounded by friends and followers
dharm?rtha k?ma nitya? – inspite of being a philanthropist and spending enjoying the life, remains richer forever.
?uci? – perfectionist
sukhavih?ra? – enjoys living a comfortable and cosy life.
vyakta kopa pras?da? – gets irritated for known reasons- kaubera? vidy?t (6)|

7. gandharva satva traits:- ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????? ???????? (?)|

Priya – pleasant
n?tya – dancer
g?ta – singer
v?ditra – musician
ull?paka – flatterer
?lok?khy?yika itih?sapur??e?u ku?ala? – vesatile in short story telling from history and epics.
gandham?lya anulepana vasana – fashionably elegant and sophisticated.
str?vih?rak?ma nityam anas?yaka? – more inclined to sex and eroticism — g?ndharva? vidy?t (7)|

Thus based on the happy state of mind the shuddha satva is categorized as the above seven types. Due to this trait, the knowledge obtained by the purusha too will be clear and pure. (Charaka Sharira 4/37)

The sub types of r?jasika satva:

a) ?sura r?jasika satva’s traits:-
???? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????? (?)|

??ra?  – stands up and fights for the right cause
ca??am – violent / aggressive
as?yakam – displeasure
ai?varyavantam – hysterical or super human strength
aupadhika? deceitful or impostor
raudram – savageness or assaulting ferociously
ananukro?am – uncompassionate
?tmap?jakam – orgulous / narcissism –  ?sura? vidy?t (1)|

b) r?k?asa? r?jasika satva’s traits:-

amar?i?am – enraged
anubandhakopa? – incessant anger
chidraprah?ri?a? – nefarious / brazen fighter
kr?ram – cruel minded
atim?tra ?h?ra  rucim ?mi?a priyatam – eats non vegetarian and tasty foods lavishly.
svapna ?y?sa – drowsy and tired
bahulam ?r?yu? — r?k?asa? vidy?t (2)|

c) pai??ca r?jasika satva’s traits:- ?????? ???????? ??????????????????? ???????????? ????? ????????? ?????????????????? ?????? ???????? (?)|

mah??ana? – revenous appetite
strai?a? – womanizer
str?rahask?mam – philanderer.
a?uci? – unhygienic
?ucidve?i?a? – Ablutophobia (fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning)bh?ru? – cowardice.
bh??ayit?ra? – affrightens women
vik?ta vih?ra ?h?ra ??la? – bad habits or addiction to food and activities like gambling, sex etc behavioural addictions.  – pai??ca? vidy?t (3)|

d) s?rpa? r?jasika satva’s traits:- ??????????????????????? ????????????????? ?????????????????????????? [??] ?????? ???????? (?)|

kruddha ??ram– Sometimes Valiantly brave
akruddhabh?ru? – sometimes fearful and calm.
t?k??am?y?sa – passionately hard working
bahula? santrasta gocaram – sports a terrorizing look and pose.
?h?ra vih?rapara? – awful eating habits and activities too.– s?rpa? vidy?t (4)|

e) preta r?jasika satva’s  traits:- ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ???????? (?)|

?h?ra k?mam – increase appetite / binge eating
atidu?kha??la  ?c?ropac?ram – highly irritable mood in conduct and practice
as?yakam – displeasement
asa?vibh?ginam – meanness / who donot wish to share things with others
atilolupam – extremely greedy
akarma??la? – lackadaisical or lethargic — praita? vidy?t (5)|

f) ?akuni r?jasika satva’s traits:- ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ???????? (?)|

anu?aktak?mam – constant sexual longing
ajasram ?h?ra vih?ra param, – continous indulgence in food and recreation
anavasthitam – fickle minded
amar?a?am – impatient
asañcaya? – bankrupt – ??kuna? vidy?t (6)|- ??kuna? vidy?t (6)|

??????? ??? ??????? ????????? ??????? ??????? ????????, ????????????||?.??.?/??|| ityeva? khalu r?jasasya sattvasya ?a?vidha? bhed???a? vidy?t, ro????atv?t||38||
Thus based on the angry state of mind the r?jasika satva is categorized as the above six types.

The sub types of t?masa satva:
i) p??u t?masa satva’s traits:- ????????????????? ????????????????? ???????? ?????????? ????? ???????? (?)|

nir?kari??um – absent minded
amedhasa? – idiotic
jugupsit?c?r?hara? – disgusting eating habits and activities
maithunapara? – sexaholic
svapna??la? – sleepy & lethargic  – p??ava? vidy?t (1)|

ii) matsya t?masa satva’s traits:- ?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????? ??????? ???????? ???????? (?)|
bh?rum – timid
abudham – foolish
?h?ralubdham – eats food avariciously
anavasthitam – unsteady minded
anu?akta_k?makrodha? – in habit of contant expression of lust and anger
sara?a??la? – in habit of eloping / running away
toyak?ma? -fond of water and water sports like swimming – m?tsya? vidy?t (2)|

iii)vanaspati t?masa satva’s traits:-
???? ???????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????? ???????? (?)|
alasa? – lazy
kevalam abhinivi??am ?h?re – binge eating
sarvabuddhi a?ga h?na? – low intellect – v?naspatya? vidy?t (3)|

Thus based on the angry state of mind the r?jasika satva is categorized as the above six types.

By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat
“Padmanilayam”, (Ayurveda & Non Conventional Marma Chikitsa Clinic) 49/46,
Kanagaraya Malaiyappan St,
Raja Annamalaipuram,
Mandavelipakkam, Chennai- 600028.

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  1. This a very interesting article. I have heard about gandharvas, and the number7 type of shuddha sattva gives their qualities. But I am wondering, how person, attached to sex enjoyment, can obtain any knowledge of the Supreme? Arent brahmacari vows should be followed by anyone who wants to find out about the transcendental joy of association with the Supreme Lord? Thank you sir.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      That is a very good question.
      Categorization helps to understand the nature of people – their likes and dislikes.
      For Satva types, it is easier to concentrate and enjoy higher spiritual state.
      For Rajas types it is harder
      For Tamas types, it is hardest.

      That does not mean, Satva types are “granted” with spiritual states.
      All have to follow the path of righteousness, do their Dharma, fight off lust, greed, anger and do their bit to follow spirituality, to succeed.
      So, Gandharva Satva trait fellow has all good ones, except for one disadvantage, which he has to overcome to excel.

      Hope I make sense.

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