Ashayapakarsha By Vata: Displacement of Pitta, Kapha Dosha

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Ashayapakarsha means displacement from original place. In this, the vitiated Vata Dosha displaces normal pitta and or kapha from its place. This displacement of pitta and or kapha from its place causes various disorders due to imbalance of pitta and kapha. 

The sites of pitta and kapha become vacant, thus producing deficiency symptoms therein.

In Ashayapakarsha, it is important to note that the pitta and kapha are normal and not vitiated. It is the vitiated vata that displaces normal pitta and kapha out of their places.

Generally ashayapakarsha is initiated by vitiated Vata Dosha. Vata aggravated due to the depletion of kapha pulls and or pushes normal pitta from its normal site. This pitta produces inflammatory or corrosive effect wherever it goes being motivated by pitta.

Example of Ashayapakarsha:
Vata getting aggravated following the depletion of kapha pulls the prakrita pitta (pitta in a state of normalcy) from its site and carries it all through the body. This pitta in spite of being normal will cause inflammation and corrosion due to its hot nature wherever it goes. Though pitta is normal, it becomes a foreign substance while travelling and reaching the other places.
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This leads to bheda (splitting pain) and daha (burning sensation) at those places of the body which come into the contact of the circulating pitta. This further leads to shrama (fatigue) and dourbalya (weakness) of the body parts which get afflicted. Such pitta which gets pulled from its place is called ashayapakrishta pitta (the pitta displaced from its normal site) and the whole pathological process is called Ashayapakarsha.

Though pitta is producing the symptoms in this condition, the treatment strategy lay in controlling the vitiated vata (which is displacing the pitta) rather than giving medicines or treatment to expel pitta.

Along with vata controlling measures, attempts should be done to restore the pathologically circulating pitta back to its place. This naturally occurs once vata has been brought under control.
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  1. sir how does one know whether its pitta primarily or vitiated vata.I had vata body type since birth to my childs birth.had a difficult time during postpartum period.slowly my body started changing,now it seems highly aggrevated pitta.PLease guide

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