Relieving Negative Feelings With Self Awareness: Atma Vijnana

By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat
For the Doshas affecting the body, resulting in a disease, the medicines in the form of combinations of the appropriate herbs will address the issue. But, what might be the remedial measures for the Mano Doshas namely the rajas & tamas which create mental stress by increasing the negative emotional thoughts in a human being?

Remedial measures for mano Doshas  (Negative state of mind):
The Atma VijnAnam (The knowledge of soul a.k.a self knowledge) in identifying the exact negative emotions like DveSHa – hatred
IrSHya – spite, envy, malice
MAtsarya – jealousy
krodha – anger
JugipsA – frustration etc.
These are the root causes of mental disorders and thereby adopting counter measures through counselling and educating the patient to increase his
Dhi (determination),
Dhairya (fearlessness) etc.

Such measures lead to mokSha – detachment from negative emotions. This kindles positive approach towards life and relationship, thus curing mental disorders.
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It is to be understood that both positive and negative emotions are to be maintained in working combination of balance to live in happy and peace. The remedial measure for the unhappy state of mind being created by the circumstances or the social factors do not happen as such without the involvement of one’s own reactions in the society.

Atma Vivechana (analysis of one’s own soul) and addressing the basic negative emotion as the cause for unhappiness is very important. Identifying the negative aspects and weakness of mind helps us to detach mind from those negative thoughts.

This detachment from negative emotions can be achieved
1. By the person himself, if he has good awareness
2. By the Spiritual master or with counselling experts, in case of medium mental strength of the patient
3. By counselling + oral ayurvedic medicines and herbs to strengthen the mind- in case of a weak minded person.
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By Vd.A.Rangaprasad Bhat
“Padmanilayam”, (Ayurveda & Non Conventional Marma Chikitsa Clinic) 49/46,
Kanagaraya Malaiyappan St,
Raja Annamalaipuram,
Mandavelipakkam, Chennai- 600028.

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