Madiphal Citron Fruit Remedies: Skin Glow, Gastritis, Paralysis

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Madiphala or Matulunga appears like a big lemon but is elongated and has rough surface. The skin will be thick and the inner pulp will be thin and less. 

In  Ayurveda it is considered as widely used in the treatment of Pitta disorders and as a good cardiac tonic. It is used in several Gastro intestinal disorders like gastric ulcers, abdominal colic, digestive disturbance, piles, mal-absorption, IBS etc.

The fruit is rich in vitamin C and hence it boosts the immune system. It plays a key role in formation of collagen, thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Hence it helps in maintaining the health and luster of the skin.
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The fruits are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and carotene contents and hence helpful to restore the health of the bone, blood and muscle tissues. Also it will safe guard the organs like kidney, liver and heart.

Citron Fruit Remedies:
1. Madiphal Fruit pulp in muscle wasting and emaciation:
Mature fruits are taken, skin is removed. Plain white colored pulp is taken (8-10 pieces/50-60 gram) regularly. This improves the absorption and helps to gain weight among the people who are lean. Also, this  is very effective for the patients with muscle wasting due to paralysis, muscular dystrophy.

2. Citrus medica Leaf soup for pregnancy and puerperal period:
Mature leaves are washed thoroughly. The leaves are cooked with water and adding a little salt and turmeric powder. This soup is used in traditional practices of South Kanara district, during pregnancy and puerperal period. Good benefit is claimed to get rid of nausea, vomiting and fatigue developed during pregnancy and to avoid the swelling in the legs during puerperal period.

3. Fresh fruit juice or jelly or syrup in acid peptic disorders:
Citron fruit is very effective in acid peptic disorders. So, the fruit pulp can be used in various forms like fresh juice, syrup or jelly to pacify the gastric irritation.

4.Tender leaf paste over the scorpion bite:
A fist full of tender leaves are taken and fine paste is made. This is applied over the site of scorpion bite. This pacifies burning and pain caused in the area instantly.

5. Leaf oil in headache:
10-15 mature leaves are taken and fine paste is made. This is cooked with 100 ml of coconut oil or sesame oil till the oil is free from moisture content.This oil is used to apply over the scalp to reduce the head ache.

Citron is a medicinal fruit that can enrich the health of the skin and gastro intestinal tract. As the fruit is less exposed, once after popularization this fruit has every chance to get a lead in the world of sour fruits!
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