5 Radish Home Remedies For Vitiligo, Obesity, Bad Cholesterol

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Radish possesses sweet mixed pungent taste with a lot of juice followed with fibre content it is appreciated in the treatment of constipation and haemorrhoids quite effectively. 

It is known as Mulaka in Ayurveda.
Botanical name – Raphanus sativus
Family – Brassicaceae. 

It can be eaten in raw form itself, it is usually taken in the form of salad, curries, soup, sambhar, pickle etc. Even its flowers, seeds and leaves possess many health benefits.

radish with leaves

Ayurvedic classical literatures as well as the modern dietetics recommend radish in jaundice, haemorrhoids, indigestion, constipation, urinary disorders, asthmatic conditions, diabetes, skin diseases, fatty liver conditions etc .
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Mulakarishtha, Kanjika, Mulaka kshara etc are the unique Ayurvedic medicines containing Radish as main ingredient.

Radish home remedies:
1. Radish water in obesity:
1-2 big radish roots are chopped well. This is added to 3-4 cups of water and kept for 1-2 hours. Later it is filtered and throughout the day this water is used for drinking. This helps to reduce the body weight.

2. Radish fresh juice with lemon for bad cholesterol:
Half cup of radish juice is is mixed with equal quantity of water and a spoon of lemon juice. This is taken in empty stomach daily for 30-40 days. This reduces the bad cholesterol significantly.
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red radish

3. Radish leaf juice in eyecare and nightblindness:
Fresh and green leaves of radish are taken and on crushing, juice is obtained. This juice is taken in fresh form in the dose of 40-50 ml twice daily, before food. This is considered good for eyes, relieves burning, itching and excess lacrimation. It is also told to be useful in night blindness.

4. Radish seed oil in leucoderma:
1-2 teaspoon of radish fruit pieces, 50 ml of radish juice  is cooked with 100 ml of sesame oil. Cooking is continued till all the moisture is emptied from the oil. Then it is filtered and stored.
Regular application of this oil over the lesions of leucoderma has good benefits followed with suitable internal medication.
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5. Radish fine paste as skin detox :
1-2 roots of radish is taken and made into fine paste. This is applied over the skin/face. This is retained for 15-20 minutes and washed thoroughly (avoid this if the skin is sensitive to radish and if you develop allergic rashes)
This rehydrates and detoxifies skin.

Radish – One vegetable; but several health benefits!
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