10 Mustard Remedies For Cold, Headache, Tonsillitis, Nose Polyps

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Mustard is a well known culinary substance appreciated due to its specific odour and carminative effect.This is a compulsory item in almost all sambhar powder, masala powder, pickle and even while seasoning of the dishes and side dishes. 

Other than the fresh seed, the seed oil is also used abundantly in several parts of the world. In India several north Indian states use this oil in most of its cooking and frying.
Ayurveda prescribes the seed oil in arthritis, muscular disorders and skin disorders involving Kapha dosha (itching as main symptom).

But the texts do not recommend seed oil in Pitta disorders as it is very pungent and hot in potency. Further the crude oil is having the tendency to vitiate blood (Rakta dhatu pradooshaka) and Semen (Shukra hrasakara).
So this oil (as well as seeds) should be cautiously and in minimum quantity only.
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This article is intended to propose various medicinal uses of mustard and its various parts.
1.Mustard paste for headache and toothache:
This is a very common medicinal practice found in South kanara and North kanara of Karnataka.
Red or black mustard seeds are taken and by adding water it is ground well. Thus obtained  fine paste is applied over the fore head. This helps to reduce the vascular headache quite effectively.

In case of toothache also this paste mixed with little salt and applied/retained near the painful area of gum for a few minutes.

2. Lemon juice and mustard paste in tonsillitis:
2 teaspoon of mustard is taken and  one teaspoon of lemon juice is added and pounded well to obtain fine paste. This paste is applied over the throat (externally, on the skin) treat tonsillitis.  3-4 days medication usually pacifies pain and swelling.
In lymphadenitis also it is very effective to reduce swelling.

3. Charred mustard in ulcers, wounds
4-5 teaspoon of mustard is taken and by keeping it in an earthen pa n(steel plate can also be used) it is heated and burnt. This is pounded well and fine powder is made (black coloued). To this, sesame oil is added and mixed thoroughly.
This paste is applied over the ulcers and non healing wounds.

4. Mustard oil mixed with salt in nasal polyp:
25 ml of mustard oil is taken and 2 pinch of salt is added and heated. This is filtered on cooling. 2 – 3 drops of this oil is instilled into nose for the treatment of nasal polyps.
It is applied externally over hemorrhoid mass to shrink the mass and to relieve pain.

5. Mustard oil with turmeric in itchy rashes:
Mustard oil is mixed with small quantity of fine paste of turmeric and oil is cooked. This oil is applied all over the body.This pacifies itchy rashes.

People who complain of severe cold followed with shivering and rahses are advised to apply this oil and after an hour, warm water bath is advised. This has very good effect in seasonal cold.
(Note:Pitta prakriti persons should avoid it)

6. Mustard and pepper powder in recurrent cold of children:
Both the above spices are taken in equal quantity and fine powder is made. This powder is taken in small piece of cloth (or cotton gauge can be used) and folded. This is kept in the middle of the scalp and tied properly for 30-45 minutes every day preferably in early morning or late evening. This is used as a remedy for recurrent cold, rhinitis, cough, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, in children.

7. Mustard oil application in rheumatoid arthritis:
In rheumatoid arthritis, mustard oil is warmed with a pinch of rock salt and applied over the joints, gently. Regular application helps to bring down the pain and swelling.

8. Fine paste of mustard leaf/whole plant in oedema and abscess:
Whole plant of the mustard or its leaves are taken and by adding little turmeric powder and wet ginger, fine paste is made. This is warmed a little and applied over the swelling or non suppurative abscesses. It helps in maturation of the abscess and to pacify the swelling.

9. Fine paste of mustard seeds, garlic and clove in joint pain and muscular swelling:
Equal amount of mustard seeds, garlic and clove are taken and fine paste is made. This is applied over the abrasive wounds or crushed injuries .It relieves the pain, discoloration and swelling.

10. Seed powder with honey in chronic cough and rhinitis:
Fine powder of mustard is made. Warmed a little by keeping it over a lukewarm pan.1-2 pinch of this powder is mixed with honey and taken by licking. This relieves the phlegm, cough and acute rhinitis.
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