Ginger Amla Home Remedy For Asthma And Hiccups – Make It In A Minute

Ginger and amla are powerful herbs with many health benefits, mainly targeting respiratory system and stomach. Let us learn a simple home remedy for asthma and hiccups, using ginger amla and a few other simple ingredients.

Ginger Amla Natural home remedy for asthma and hiccups – What you need?
Amla powder – 1 teaspoon (Indian gooseberry)
Pippali – Long pepper powder – 1 teaspoon
Ginger Powder – 1 teaspoon
Sugar / Sugar candy / jaggery – 1 teaspoon
Honey – 1 – 2 teaspoon.

How to make?
Make a uniform mixture of powders of Amla, Long pepper and ginger.
It needs to be taken along with a little sugar candy and honey.

home remedy for asthmaIndications –
Traditionally, this effective home remedy is indicated in
Chronic respiratory disorders
It is helpful in improving the symptoms of tuberculosis and chronic cough.
It is useful in chronic hiccups 

Dose –
1/2 – 1 gram of the powder mix of pippali, ginger and amla is taken along with a teaspoon of honey and a small piece of sugar / sugar candy.
The dose can be repeated upto 4 – 6 times a day based on disease intensity. Normally, it is administered twice a day, after food.

How long to take?
It can be taken for a period of 1 – 2 weeks. If the symptoms are severe, it can be continued till a month time.

Shelf life (expiration date)?
The powder, once prepared can be stored in air tight container for 2 – 6 months.

How does it work?
Ayurveda explains similar pathology principle for hiccups and asthma. Hence, the remedies useful for asthma are most commonly used in hiccups as well. But this remedy is not inferred to hiccups because of asthma reference. It is traditionally indicated in both conditions. 
Pippali – long pepper –
it is the number 1 spice used in any respiratory tract conditions in general, and asthma in particular. It acts as mucolytic (breaks down the thick mucous inside lungs), and bronchodilator (widens the constricted small long pipes). Many clinical research exists about its usage in respiratory disorders. (example).
Ginger – Another important spice for respiratory health. Dr Mercola has explained how ginger is useful in asthma in detail. Ginger is a good bronchodilator.
Amla and honey is a good combination useful to improve lung functions. It also has powerful anti oxidant activity.
Sugar candy, as per Ayurveda helps to mobilize and expel mucous.

Where to get the herbs?
Within India, they are easily available in any Ayurveda store. if not, contact Alva Pharmacy – 08258 – 262241 – they can supply the herbs in small quantities.
Outside India, the ingredients are available here –

Safe for kids?
In a very small dose of quarter teaspoon once or two times a day, after food, it can be used in kids above 5 years of age.

Pregnancy and lactation?
It is best to avoid this, and any other home remedy during pregnancy.
It can be administered during lactation period in a small dose of – half to 1 teaspoon once or twice a day after food.

Any side effects?
Very high dose is not recommended. It may cause burning sensation in stomach and worsening of gastritis.
Very long term usage is also not recommended.
It is best to take this remedy only after consulting your doctor.


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