Synonyms of Ayurvedic Doctor And What They Generally Mean

An Ayurvedic doctor may represent his profession with different terms such as Ayurvedic practitioner, Ayurvedic physician etc. For external world it might seem that all terms carry one same meaning, but they have subtle differences in what Ayurvedic doctor is trying to convey or express with his title. It is also has got something to do with legality of Ayurvedic practice in some instances. Let us explore. Ayurvedic doctor – This term is usually used in India, or in countries where BAMS – Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda is a legal academic course and practice of Ayurveda is also a legal profession. The person calling himself as Ayurvedic doctor is usually has BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery) degree.

Ayurvedic practitioner – Usually used in India and also in other countries, with people having BAMS or any degree or training in Ayurveda. This term is more used in foreign countries than in India.

Ayurvedic Vaidya / Ayurvedic Vaid – The term Vaid  / Vaidya is usually used in North part of India. This term has a traditional touch to it. Apart from a few qualified Ayurvedic doctors, traditional healers who are practicing Ayurveda from many generations usually prefer this term.

Ayurvedic physician – Generally this term is used by BAMS or higher qualified Ayurvedic doctors in urban areas. It gives them a modern touch, a hint towards their knowledge in allopathy / modern science.

Ayurvedic healer – Not quite used in India. Used in foreign countries, where people might have done Ayurveda course. Usually they   are also thorough with other systems of natural healing like Yoga, Naturopathy, Chinese, Reiki etc.

Ayurvedic Guru – Used by those who wish to give spiritual touch to their practice.

Ayurvedic surgeon, Ayurvedic pediatrician- Usually used by people who have done post graduation after BAMS, and have specialized in respective fields of Ayurvedic practice.


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