Ayurvedic Medicine List With Non Vegetarian Ingredient

Most of the Ayurvedic medicines are purely herbal or herbo-mineral in nature. But a few of them contain non vegetarian ingredient.

Taking these medicines is fine from a healthcare point of view, but some people with traditional or religious belief may prefer to avoid such medicines. Here is the list. 
Please note: 

  • I have excluded the products that contain milk or milk products.
  • Some companies, on rare occasions leave out the non veg ingredients. But such a practice is worth discouraging. Because, without that particular non veg ingredient, the formula will be incomplete and the desired action may not be achieved.
  • It is always better to check with your doctor about any non veg ingredients, in case you are very particular about total vegetarianism.

Amrita prasha ghrita – a ghee preparation. contains goat meat as an ingredient.
Ajamamsa rasayana – goat meat
Gorochana pills, Gorochanadi Vati, Gorochanadi Gulika, Mathala Rasayanam – contains cow bile as an ingredient.
Aswagandhadi Lehyam  / Ajaswgandhadi lehya – herbal jams with Ashwagandha as the main ingredient, contain goat meat.
Vayu Gutika, Kasturyadi Gulika – contain a part of Musk deer as ingredient.
Sri Gopal Tailacontains musk deer as an ingredient

kapardika bhasma / Kaparda bhasma – prepared from cowries.
Shankha Bhasma (conch shell).
Shankha Vati – Contains conch shell as an ingredient.

Kamadudha rasa – contains conch shell.
Mukta bhasma, Muktapishti – contains pearl.
Navaratna Raja Mruganka rasa – contains Navaratna – 9 gems, out of which many are derived from sea animals.

kukkutandatvak bhasma made from egg shell, good source of calcium.
Mrigamadasava, Mrigamada rasayana, Kasturi Bhairava Rasa, Brihat Kasthuri Bhairava Rasa – contains musk deer ingredient.

Maha Sneha – contains fat and meat of animal.
Pravala Panchamruta rasa – sea origin animal shell.

Chagalyadi Ghrita, Brihat Chyagalyadi Ghrita – Ghee preparations containing goat meat.

Shringa Bhasma, Manasamitra vatakamprepared from deer horn.
 (Samisha) Mahamasha thailam contain goat meatas an ingredient.

Mahakukkutamamsatailam, Mahasneham, Maharajaprasarini Tailam, Dehaposhanayamakam,  are a few other Ayurvedic medicines  containing meat as an ingredient.

Chukkumthippalyadi Gulika – contains deer horn bhasma and Civet cat semen as ingredient. But many companies skip the second ingredient.
Dhanwantara Gulika – contains Civet cat semen as ingredient

Reosto tablet of Himalaya herbal healthcare and osteolief contain egg shell.

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  1. Thank you very much doctor for this list. I actually read about a medicine named goskhura(cow’s hoof when literally translated) when going through a list of names of ayurvedic medicines a few days back and thought that would figure in the list, but i googled just now and found out that it is a name of a herb(probably the plant or flower looks like a cow’s hoof).

    I would like to ask how is cow bile obtained? is it possible to extract bile by making the cow vomit rather than killing it?(sorry if this is sounding like a joke)

    also I would like to add that musk deer farms have been set up where musk is extracted without killing the deers. but we do not know whether musk deers are still being poached for musk, which would be a crime and should not be allowed. even deer horn is safe I guess from a vegetarian perspective.

    According to you what is the percentage of Ayurvedic medicines derived from animal sources(excluding milk of course)? seeing the number I guess it may be 1% or maybe lesser.

    could you also tell us the uses, benefits of these medicines, as vegetarians will avoid these medicines unless really required.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Vin, Thanks for giving the idea for this post.

      Gokshura is a small herb that spreads on the ground, having fruits with thorns. It usually grows along with grass. When cows are left tow wander around, this herb is found to stick to the hoof (kshura) of the cow. Hence the name Gokshura. It s botanical name is Tribulus terrestris. Used mainly in treatment of low sex power, urinary tract infections, and urinary calculi (stones).

      Cow bile is usually collected from the slaughter house. I have heard a technique where in purgatives are given to cow to get bile out. But really do not know about its practice today.

      Percentage of non veg medicines in ayurveda would be around 0.01 % only

      Since these medicines can be easily substituted, and since Ayurvedic formulary is very huge, Ayurvedic doctor has lot of options of medicines.

      I will try to explain the benefits of these medicines some other time.

  2. i also heard that a few allopathic medicines also have animal sources. is this true?
    of course we also have to take into account the animal testing where many animals are being led to have a miserable life.

    • Any allopathic drug, before approval as medicine should undergo animal experimental studies to determine at what dose the medicine is effective, at what dose, it exhibits adverse effects, which organs might be affected, what is the mode of action etc. Then it is subjected to human clinical trial at four stages, followed by approval by US Food and Drug Administration. Then it is released into market.

  3. sir i don’t think kumkumaadi thailam has any animal ingredients apart from goat’s milk(as verified from another doctor)

    thank you

    • There are two references (formulas) for the manufacturing of Kumkumadi taila. – Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali 60th chapter. The one containing goat milk, does not have cow bile as an ingredient. and the other reference has cow bile as an ingredient. and most of the companies prepare the one with goat milk.. As a rule, if the list of ingredients over the label contains ‘rochana’ or ‘gorochana’ , then it is the one with cow bile formula.
      Thanks for bringing this point to my notice.

  4. thank you very much doctor for the valuable advice

  5. Very informative, I have been using Him.Reosto which contains egg shell which I feel harmless. I do use meat/eggs. In boyhood I have been using due to habit of my father only.

  6. Vasugee says:

    Doctor Sir,

    Could you throw light on Maha Thiktakam Gritam’ and its usage, dosage etc I know nothing about it?

  7. sir, what are the benefits of mahasneham ghrita

  8. 9247056871 says:

    how & where can i get your printed books in hyderabad?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      My ebooks are only in pdf format and printed versions are not available yet. I have an offer of all 6 ebooks plus 6 months emagazine subscription plus 15 days of email consultation for just Rupees 749. Go here and grab this offer now! – https://easyayurveda.com/my-book/

  9. My doctor suggested me tohave mahasneham. But I am pure vegetarian. Is the medicine contains any nonveg ingredient

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, yes, it contains non veg ingredient – muscle fat and marrow. Have another talk with your doctor.

  10. dear sir, it is intresting to note that baidyanath shri gopal taila has written kasturi (jatikosa) as an ingredient. i think they have used jatikosa as a substitute of kasturi. means no real kasturi is present in baidyanath gopal tail.

  11. rajith says:

    thanks for giving this information,was shocked to know gorochanandi gulika is made from cows bile

  12. Ranjith says:

    I think there are some more medicines containing meat, like Ajamaamsa rasayanam.

  13. Thanks a lot for the list. I thought Conch shell is calcium carbonate of organic origin. If there are no living beings in the shell when used in medicine it is as good as vegan

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