Hot Water Benefits As Per Ayurveda

Is hot water good for drinking? oh yes! it is!!

Hot water drinking is one of the best health tip that I can give for many health conditions. One of the major difference between Ayurveda and Allopathy is  – Ayurveda uses physical nature of medicines and food, as much as chemical nature.  While allopathic system is heavily dependant upon the chemical property of drug to bring about therapeutic effect.
This is very evident in case of “hot water”. Chemically Hot water is nothing more than H2O.  But as per Ayurveda, hot water acts quite differently than cold water over the body.

What is hot water?

Here is the method to prepare hot water.

Take water in a container. Heat it till it starts boiling. Allow it to boil for five minutes. Stop heating.

From there, till the time the warmth of the water is felt by hand, the water is considered as hot water.

How hot water acts?

According to Ayurveda, blockage of different body channels, big and minute, (such as respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc) by the imbalanced Doshas is one of the major causes of disease manifestation. Hot water avoids this blockage and clears the blockage to an extent. Thus helping in preventing and/or treating diseases.

Hot water health benefits –

  1. It helps to improve digestion and to relieve indigestion.
  2. Hot water drinking at night before bed time is an excellent remedy to clear white coated tongue.
  3. Hot water drinking is one of the major dietary advice in the treatment of cold, cough, respiratory tract infections, Asthma, allergic disorders etc.
  4. Hot water drinking will reduce the frequency of repeated cold attacks especially in children.
  5. Hot water drinking is a very good soar throat remedy.
  6. Drinking a spoon of honey with a glass of water is recommended in obesity treatment.
  7. Whenever you eat oily food stuff, junk food, or consume ghee, drinking hot water will make  your tummy feel lighter. And also, it avoids fat absorption to an extent.
  8. Hot water cleanses bladder. So, it is the natural most and easily available bladder cleanse medicine.
  9. Hot water drinking at night is much recommended in the treatment of fever.
  10. Hot water drinking is highly recommended in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

Effect of hot water on Doshas –

Hot water calms Vata and Kapha while it elevates Pitta.

Hot water relieves Aama. One of the root cause for most of the diseases.

Some precautions and clarifications:

Regular hot water drinking is not advisable if you often suffer from heat and burning sensation (Pitta body type)

In cases of disease condition, hot water drinking may not be the single solution. Medicines are also required in most of the cases.

Better to consume hot water in warm condition. Too much hot a water may cause damage to tongue.

It is better to consult your Ayurvedic doctor before changing any of your diet changes.

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  1. My 4 yr old daughter has constant running nose and skin allergies. I am going to switch to hot water for her (and all of us) based on your recommendation. If you have any other tips, please let me know.

  2. Rasa Manjari says:

    Personal experience of drinking hot water (piping hot) before bed is: it does not allow sleep to come for a long time.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Agreed. Drinking hot water before bed may not be suited for Pitta dominant persons. But it helps for constipated people and Kapha and Vata body type people.

  3. In North India summer is very hot, the temperature rise above 46 degree centigrade. is it advisable to drink hot water in such situations. In winter it is best. Please advise.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hot water is not recommended during summer and in hot places. In such conditions, boiled and cooled water is good enough.

  4. Can hot water kept in pot for overnight? Or just consumed on same day?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      As per strict Ayurveda rule, we need to use it within the day. Hot water can not be kept for the next day.

  5. Hot Water should be avoided for Pitta type at night but it calms Kapha and Vata. Can I take hot water at night for very lean person. If I take more hot water daily, will it affect my weight gain’s plan. Tks for your guidance.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, you can take hot water at night. It helps to cleanse intestine and body channels, thus will help you improve digestion strength. This will indirectly help in weight gain.

  6. Good article

  7. S.GIRI RAO says:

    will cinnamon powder (ayurvedic) ,Honey lemon juice and Warm water can be used for weight loss
    kids over 10 years can have this drink before going to bed. any side effects by cinnamon powder

  8. Sir, I have read a lot of contradictions regarding warm water first thing in morning. Some say we should not brush before drinking water as morning saliva has medicinal property, some others say brush and then drink water as overnight toxins have collected in mouth which needs to be cleaned and then have water. What does ayurveda say, I am confused.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      At first, Ayurveda does not recommend drinking water when one is not thirsty.
      I would suggest to drink water only after brushing.

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