Koluppu katti – multiple lipoma – Ayurvedic treatment possibilities

Recently I have received many inquiries regarding treatment for multiple lipoma, called as Koluppu Katti in Tamil. So, this article intends to explore what Ayurveda offers for the treatment of this disease and what are its limitations.
Lipoma is a fat mass collection in soft body tissues, such as underneath the skin. They are non cancerous in nature. Usually harmless, in few cases, it may cause pain due to pressure over the structure below the lipoma. There are no known medicines to cure it as of now. Surgery is opted for cosmetic purposes, or if the pain and discomfort is severe.

Here are the following Ayurvedic treatment options for this condition. But  please note that these are just the treatment options, without any documented success. These treatments can be tried. But success can not be guaranteed.

Ayurvedic treatment options:

– Since the bulging or the mass is formed due to Fat deposition, there is significant Kapha derangement in the body. Hence patient needs to undergo Vamana – emetic therapy, one among the five important treatment group, called Panchakarma.

Since there is faulty fat metabolism, correction of metabolism with Ayurvedic treatment is required. Vamana therapy helps in this regard.

Ayurvedic procedure called as Udwartana is beneficial to control the further fat deposition.

Ayurvedic text books explain copper as one of the predominant metal used to treat extra growths. So, take water in a copper vessel, keep it over night and drink it the next morning. Precaution: if you feel vomiting sensation, then do not keep it overnight, but keep it for 2 hours and consume.

Ayurvedic medicine – kanchanara guggulu might have some beneficial effect.

Apart from these, on consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, some of the safe and effective herbo mineral preparations can be tried.

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    It will be better to have a community blog to discuss and find out what is best for specific diseases.

  2. hi, i am 31 years old, there is no proper and successful treatment for the lipomas, i have taken the treatment in batras homeopathy clinic, ayurvedic, unnani from last several years but there is no response, 8 years back by surgery i has removed nearly 5 lipomas, i assume by removing the lipomas surgically they are multiplying, at present i am having nearly 25 lumps

    • Yes. Even in my experience, the Panchakarma treatment that I have tried have not been successful in treating lipoma. I only meant to clarify about this with the above article.
      But surgery increases lipomas is a myth.

      • i have only one lipomas on my face. but after removing it from surgery it will increase to about 10 lipomas on my body now.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Sorry that I do not have any treatment for this condition.
          Surgery might not be the cause of eruption of new lipomas. I think it was just a matter of coincidence.

  3. gurunath s bowlekar says:

    lipomas are not killer desease but can make someone feel at unease throughout the life so drastic solution is a need of hour as there are so many cases of lipoma patient

  4. Nikhila says:

    I am 26 years old.I am taking kanchanara guggulu since a month it is showing slight results.But my periods have been delayed by almost 15 days now.Is it normal for such a change.

  5. Santosh Kr Gupta says:


    I am having multiple lipoma glands in my body. i have tried so many medicines but no results.
    Pls suggest the treatment for me

  6. i am 29unmarried having around 15 multiple lipoma, if i get married whether it will affect my wife.

  7. dhiren says:

    i have lots of lipoma i’m still searching for teatment
    want to now what is Kanchanara guggulu.
    please help

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      It is one of the medicines used to treat cysts and growths. It has some minor effect to control lipoma. read more about it here – https://easyayurveda.com/2009/11/10/kanchnar-guggulu/

      • hello sir i am 21 years old…and having almost more than 50 liphomas…as they r right now small so they r not clearly visible outside but as time passes they grow like human baby……i am worried as i goggled i got information that it may be hereditary so there is lots of chances to get my child…………..i visited top hospitals all doctors raised there hand and said “no doctor in the world can cure this”…..i am very afraid from it..please find solution for this………….if this would happens at old age no one would care so much…but at young it is very disgusting..my parents and no one in my four father generation r suffer from liphomas…i am not understanding how did i got stuck in it

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Like I said, I do not have any sure shot treatment for this.

        • Hi nitinshetty,
          I’m also suffering the same exact problem. My uncle has some 50/100 tumours (almost table tennis ball size) distributed throughout his body. Surgery generally is not the answer and only some 2 or 3 big tumours can be removed at a time(and it leaves really bad scars). If too many tumours grow big in size surgery will be very tough to perform.

          I advice following some sort of ayurvedic treatment before the thing gets out of hand(like it has for my uncle). I tried ayurvedic treatment for some 10 months with minimal improvements but not much, but atleast something is better than nothing. Still trying new treatments with help of Hebbar sir to beat the disease.(but no success yet)

          I am also suffering from the same disease :(. But most of the tumours are small and i had 2 big ones removed last year.

  8. I tried losing weight and improving metabolism.So far lost 16 kg and one lipomas which was of golf ball size reduced to 1/4.The smaller one dissappeared. Now because of losing weight 3 are visible like 3 pack from my 8 pack muscle.I have started doing abs exercises to stress these area.Although area these tease me with little pain due to exercise but I’ll try atleast one more month of my brisk walking and exercise.For diet I have reduced my fat intake and added flaxseed in various dishes.Other thing which I do is to drink warm water,if possible with lemon juice.I tell my body daily to reduce these lumps.I will update this next month for results.If someone else tried this before,please update me for results.I hope that other lumps(5-6)will also reduce and ultimately disappear.

    • sathish says:

      Even I have got more than 30 lymph nodes in my body..will drinking and eating fat items will increase the size andcount of it…

      • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

        There is no relation between a fat diet and lipoma. But fat rich diet is not good for most of the people. Hence better avoid it.

    • Hi Vik,

      Can we have further update from your end. ?

  9. Prasad says:

    What are the chance of my children getting these if I am suffering from this condition?

  10. devakumar says:

    hello sir,
    nice page to read thank you for spend time for this .i have skin tags and tinea versicolor in my body with lipoma .in this lipoma in uncurable so, tell me the treatment for the other two 1.skin tags,2.tinea versicolor

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, sorry to say that I have not treated any lipoma with succcess.
      Even the skin tags are hard to go with Ayurvedic medicines.

    • Madhav says:

      Mr Dev kumar, there are 2 effective medicinal applications for tinea versicolor – SELSUN shampoo by Abbott Laboratory, and Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo by Patanjali Chikitsalaya(Baba Ramdev) Both are very effective applications, interestingly, both the manufacturers do not know that their hair shampoo is so effective for a skin disease. Don’t use both, use either of them. Only for external application. However Lipoma is on my study, lets see how early I reach an effective remedy. I am not a doctor nor a marketing rep of any of these companies !! Good luck.

      • Prakash says:

        How to apply that shampoo. we should use while bath or we can apply normally on skin morning and evening time?

  11. Ayurveda (traditional medicine practiced in India)
    Proper exercise (cardio)
    Proper diet (no junk food, limit carbs and proteins, eat raw food)
    Liver detox (with fresh squeezed juice, milk thistle, eleuthero or Siberian ginseng. turmeric)
    Limit to only two orgasms per week
    Liver flush presented as optional extra method (with water, epsom salts, olive oil or sunflower oil, grape fruit or any other sour fruit juice, organic apple juice)

    That’s it. In 5 to 6 months following the methods one should expect disappearance of small lipomas and a reduction in larger ones.

  12. RAFI

    can you explain once again last statement please and also Dr J V Hebbar sir

  13. manish says:

    drink 1 glass warm milk with 1 tbsp turmeric powder in it. its a home remedy known to reduce lipoma.

    manish yadav

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, This is a good remedy for allergic rhinitis and allergic skin conditions. Not sure of its effectiveness on lipoma.

  14. Hi Friends,
    Surgery and doing intense exercise wiil increase lipoma, reason : Lactic acid is generated more when we do intense exercise, as it should burn out naturally for other people ,cuz of our rare condition it wont burn so it will keep depositing and getting more am not discouraging you, this is what i got from my experience,
    Due to back pain i did more dead lift to strengthen my lower back later few weeks i noticed many lipoma popping out, God can only save us. Their is no medicine for this shit if some one find any good result pls email me anand89ce@gmail.com thank you

  15. karthick says:

    Hi to all,

    The lipoma is reducing by siddha treatment. Contact This. Selvam Clinic, Ph. +91 9994441076.

  16. ansaar says:

    hello friends iam ansaar i am too suffering with this limpoma and i am using ayurvedic medicine it is showing some result after 1 month of observation ill update again hope it works

  17. Surinder Pal says:

    hello friends i am also suffering form this problem someone tell me to donate blood. what u think is it right.

  18. Hello Sir,Whether it leads to cancer…some of my friends advised to do some biapsy test….Please advise.

  19. Angelle says:

    In reply to the video about lipoma, one thing the Western Doctor did not consider when telling the man not to exercise, is that abhyanga helps to clear toxins from the body via the oils used and the massages which activate circulation. I know it is painful, I have lipomas, but I would rather do abhyanga and steam than give up something the body needs, such as exercise — like yoga and light things like swimming with hot tub. So my efforts with my close to 20 lipoma now will focus on the herbal, massage and yoga, but adding steam room at the gym with application of oil (sesame on body, coconut on head) before the steam. When I can afford it, I will go to a local ayurveda doctor here in Pittsburgh. We are lucky to have one in Robinson.

  20. Hi sir.iam sindhu.iam also have lipoma in my both hands only.now iam Single.after getting married it will affect my child???.

  21. jermy43 says:

    dr.hebbar.. what kind of doctor you are.. instead finding the correct treatment you are psychologically reducing the confidence in people

  22. S.M.Rakesh Rao says:

    Ashwagandha sonti and cow ghee are useful in treating with cysts ? Please also advice cure for lipoma cure

  23. A seshapani goud says:

    I have multiple lypomas in the body. My question is my blood group is o -tive some body is asking to donate a blood. Whether it is suggestable to donate blood having multiple lypomas in the body. Plz clarify, and one thing, I did biopsy to my lypomas, the result is fibro lypomas.

  24. I have a lipoma (assumed so) just above the start of the penis. Not on the penis, but at the end bottom of the abdomen. It’s slightly painful when touched. What it could be? Why it’s happening so. What can I do. ? Please help ji

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