Abscess home remedies – Ayurveda details

Recurrent abscesses can be effectively managed with Ayurvedic treatment. Abscess home remedy mentioned below can also be very effective, along with the treatment for quick relief from abscess.

Drumstick leaves
paana aalepana bhojyeshu madhushigrudrumo api vaa |

dattaavaapo yathaadosham apakwam hanti vidradhim || – Sushruta Samhita – Chikitsa sthana 16/31

Master Sushruta has explains that the drum stick leaves powder or drum stick leaves decoction prepared by adding 10 grams of powder to two glass of water, heated and reduced to one glass, filtered, should be consumed. Its powder should also be used to make a paste with water or pure honey and should be applied over the abscess. This is especially beneficial in early stages of abscess. Master Sushruta also explains that the red variety of Drumstick leaves give better results. Drumstick should also be used frequently in the form of drumstick leaves soup, drumstick leaves recipe etc.

Khichdi (semisolid food preparation) prepared with barley, mustard, and drumstick root can be used as abscess home remedy according to Master Sushruta.

Once the abscess is opened and pus is drained out, the area should be treated as wound.

For this purpose, regular washing with a decoction (kashaya) prepared by adding one spoon of each of neem, curry leaves, turmeric and triphala powder into two glass of water, heated and reduced to one glass, filtered. This decoction can be used in warm condition. But once prepared decoction can not be used for the next time.

Even a paste prepared with the above said herbs can also be applied under sterile conditions.

Neem and turmeric being anti-microbial and Triphala being astringent, this combination will help to stop the bleeding and will cause quick wound healing.

So these are a few traditional Ayurvedic herbal abscess home remedies.

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  1. What is option for internal abscess. Spinal abscess

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      They are relatively hard to treat and require direct medical consultation.

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