recurrent abscess ayurvedic treatment options

Recurrent abscesses: There are a few disease conditions which occur repetitively even after a good course of treatment. recurrent abscesses is one such disease. It is quite often seen in clinical practice that even after antibiotic therapy some abscesses recur. Ayurveda has many effective abscess treatment options. Here is an explanation about how far Ayurvedic treatment would benefit in the recurrent abscess treatment.
Abscess causes – Ayurvedic explains diseases in terms of Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Master Sushruta, the father of surgery has devoted two chapters for Abscesses. one to explain abscess causes and symptoms and another to explain abscess treatment.

Abscess is caused by Vitiation of imbalanced Tridoshas affecting skin, blood, muscle, fatty tissue, and bones.

based on certain features, abscess can be classified into Vata, pitta, kapha, etc types.

Sushruta also explains abscess occurring due to external causes such as in injury and also abscess occurring due to internal causes.

Abcess ayurvedic treatment –
Drain abscess – Sushruta explains that the abscess with pus collection should be neatly drained first. This process is called as Vidravana / shastrabhedana. After draining, it the affected area is to be washed with Panchamoola kashaya.

Following that a paste  (Poultice) made with licorice and other herbs such as Dashamoola (group of ten herbs),  Bala (Sida cordifolia), turmeric,  etc is applied.

Panchakarma therapy – pridmoninantly Virechana therapy is administered.
The poultice with various herbs is applied in the treatment, based on the pridominance of Doshas.

Caution in Abscess treatment –
Sushruta says – Nishhalyamatha vijnaaya kartavyam vranashodhanam |

In cases of abscess due to external injury, the doctor should make sure that the abscess is free of foreign particles such as needle, piece of wood etc, before adopting the abscess cleansing technique.

abscess home remedy : While abscess needs treatment under medical supervision, Some relief can be sought by following a few home remedies as well. Click on the link to know about abscess home remedies as specified by Master Sushruta.

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  1. kevinkris says:

    Hi Doctor,

    You posts are really informative. But i have a question. In common man’s terms can you tell me what is the causes of recurring abscess. I want to know the root cause and based on that i want to fix it naturally.

    I am getting recurring absesses from few years and got one Anal fistula (Bagandhar) also treated.

    Is it due to bacteria? Poor health? Any type of food?

    Thanks for your help. Is there any way i can contact you for your consultation?

    • There are a few causes why abscess happens recurrently.
      1. low immune power
      2. repeated skin infection with bacteria
      3. certain food items such as junk food, too much oily food, very high non vegetarian intake – they cause free radicals, which damage the health of blood vessels (blood pipe) and indirectly cause abscess.
      4. There may also be some genetic factors, which have not been proven yet. But I strongly suspect.
      5. Diabetes and high blood pressure

  2. Mangala says:

    I follow a very healthy lifestyle with regular practice of Yoga and pranayama and complete vegetarian food. I also dont have any ailments lie High B P or Diabetes. but i recently got a very bad case of thigh abscess which has not yet healed. ( three days). I am a vata predominant woman of 52 yrs, I have been taking ksheerabala 10 drops everyday as prescribed by my doctor. could that be the reason or is there any other reason?
    Kindly clear my doubts.
    Thanking in advance,


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, Ksheerabala 10 drops will not cause or worsen abscess. Use more of turmeric and curry leaves in diet.

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