Healthy tips To Put On Weight, To Become Fat Naturally

It is often seen that many lean and thin people face the problem with their looks. so, here are the Ayurvedic  tips taken from Charaka samhita to improve your looks by putting  weight on healthily.

What happens if some one is very lean and maintains size zero for a long time?
– Depletion of digestive power, immunity, skin complexion and muscle mass.
– Person becomes prone to repeated infections, debility, constipation and digestive disorders like peptic ulcers.

– There will be severe increase in Vata leading to vata related joint disorders.

put on weight easily

Diseases caused by severe weight loss
reduction in the power of digestion, strength, complexion, Ojas, Semen and muscle tissue,
continuous fever and cough, pain in chest, anorexia, weakness in the power of hearing sounds, insanity, pain in cardiac region, obstruction to the passage of stool and urine, pain in calf, thigh and lumbar regions;
Cracking pain in fingers, bones and joints and such diseases due to the vitiation of Vata like Urdhvavata (upward movement of Vayu) etc.
For their treatment, therapies resulting in long term nourishment should be administered. 

How to put on weight quickly ?
If one has lost weight very rapidly in recent times, then putting on weight can be achieved in a short period of time.
But if some one has lost weight over a long period of time, then, putting on weight will also take time.
So, in general, putting on weight should be ideally a gradual process.

Diet to put on weight :
Regular intake of meat soup, milk, ghee, curds and dairy products, sweets etc.
Ayurvedic Home remedy to put on weight: A smash fruit mixture prepared with Dates,  dry grapes, Indian gooseberry (Amla), pomegranate. A little sugar can be added to improve taste. – one tablespoon of this mix can be taken two times a day.
This fruit salad kind of juice can be taken two times a day up to one month to achieve effective weight gain.
Use Soy bean in diet. request your parents to include soy bean in food
Take white part of egg white – three per day. Do not eat the inner yellow part. it is rich in cholesterol.
Take meat soup – at least once or twice a weak.
Fruit / Fruit juice – minimum 4 times a week.
Any non veg food of your choice at least twice a week.
Fruit salad / Vegetable salad. once in two days.
Freshly harvested rice, fresh wine
Frequent usage of meat, curd, ghee, milk, sugarcane, rice, black gram and wheat.
Regularly use little quantities of spices such as cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cardamom, clove and black pepper in diet. It helps to improve appetite.

Herbs that help in putting on weight:
Ripe falsa fruit
Winter melon

Eating rules to put on weight:
Eat only when hungry.
Do not eat slowly, chew fast and eat fast.
Do not distract yourself with phones and tv while eating.
Do not drink water before or after food. Drink water while taking food. Find out why.

Good sleep to improve weight – Sleep and stress free life is very important to put on weight. Sleep for at least 7 hours at night. If you have trouble sleeping, plan your sleep correctly and enjoy maximum rest.

Having a good mood and keeping stress away is very useful to gain weight. Try to indulge in comic TV shows.
Tranquility of mind causes weight gain. Try to keep mind calm by practicing Pranayama
Avoid excess physical activities. – Limit your exercise schedule to only 15 minutes a day.
Intake of freshly harvested rice,fresh wine,
Gramya, Anupa and Audaka Mamsarasa – Meat soup of domestic, marshy and aquatic animals,

Regular oil massage –
Regular oil massage with plain sesame oil  / Mahamasha thailam / Mahanarayan oil Helps to improve muscle strength, relaxes body and mind, relieves stress.
Take half a bowl of any of above oil, dip your finger times in the oil and apply a thin layer of the oil all over the body, do gentle massage just for 3 -5 minutes, leave the oil on the body for at least 10 minutes, then have luke warm water bath.If you do not feel comfortable massaging your own body, then visit an Ayurveda center.

Tasty Weight Gain Remedy:
Take 50 grams of each of raisins, dates, almonds, cashew anjeer etc.
Mash them, fry it with 100 grams of ghee, for 5 minutes. Add it to 100-150 grams of  jaggery or sugar and a little water. Continue heating till the whole mass becomes semisolid.
Take this – 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment: If you are struggling to gain weight by natural measures, visit an Ayurveda center. enema consisting of oily and sweet tasting herbs balances Vata and causes weight gain.

Modern outlook to put on weight:
Improving digestive power.
Clearing the intestine from worms
Putting on weight with diet rich in proteins, vitamins, carbohydrate and a little bit of fat.

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  1. gautam says:

    looking for weight gain

  2. please do post tips regarding weight gain

  3. Jitendra says:

    Best i ever found such information to improve health which is life’s whealth.

  4. it is awsome and i’m going to try it to put on weight

  5. it will be going to a bit use for me……and post me some more tips to put on my weight

  6. meghana says:

    wow! thanx for the information
    please give us some more tips

  7. Will I gain weight by drinking more water? What is the essential weight in kgs for a lady 24yrs?

  8. jijish says:

    Thank you Dr.
    i have one doubt abt eggs. actually which part of the egg is protein rich, the white part or the yellow. can egg white increases phlegm in the body.
    ? eating icecreams have a chance to cause phlegm.??
    pls do reply to me.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      White part of egg is protein. It does not increase of kapha to a considerable extent. Yellow part contains cholesterol and it increases kapha.
      Eating ice creams has a chance of increase of phlegm. Yes.

  9. Thank you for this post, Dr. I have been reading a lot about this topic over the last two days and a few things still remain unclear. Some sites say eat more bananas and milk, others say supplement with ashwaghanda, but to not say how much and what drink to pair the supplement with. Also, how does one in the US know what brand of supplement to trust? There are too many choices.

    I have been keeping track of my calories using and have regained 10lbs, but am struggling to pick up an additional ten. I’m 5’3″, 100lbs. I’m not looking for a quick fix, but would like to put it on by the end of the year. Do you think that ashwaghanda can truly help when mixed with weight training?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Ashwagandha helps in terms of improving muscle power, and body strength. It is a very good anti oxidant. It improves the strength of internal organs. Hence, it improves stamina and boosts your exercise power.
      Banana etc are high in nutritive value and hence are good to put on weight. Hope it is clear.

  10. i really need to be fat as fast as possible.. im now
    looking skeletal-like man!!

  11. “If one has lost weight very rapidly in recent times, then putting on weight can be achieved in a short period of time.

    But if some one has lost weight over a long period of time, then, putting on weight will also take time.”, WOW Words of wisdom indeed.

    But I don’t agree with this ‘egg yolk not being healthy because of cholesterol’. I think it is one of the many modern medical myths. I think refined oil, refined sugar, sunflower oil do more damage to the body than egg yolk. Cold pressed Teel oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, olive oil, Jaggery instead of sugar seems to be a better health choice .

    Also various Indian pulses & Millets seems to be a better choice than Soybean.
    *All these are not my personal opinions but health advices of people who have done study on these topics*

  12. Also eating eggs with Table Salt maybe a reason why eggs have become bad for health. Eating eggs with raw salt maybe a better option. Raw Salt is much more healthy than table salt.
    Regarding Soy, it is traditionally eaten in tofu or fermented form in china. So tofu maybe more healthy than eating boiled soybean.

  13. mahadev says:

    is nutrigain help us to become fat ?

  14. Thirsting for more in this area…

    Thank you,

  15. Dear Doctor,

    What is the best time for eating fruits ? Some reserach it can be only consumed solely instead of combing other foods. Otherwise, it makes indigestion. Because fruits are only be digested within half hour to one hour. The ideal time is between meals. Do you agree ?


    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, I agree. It is best to take fruits separately.
      Exceptions – Banana can be had after food.
      Jack fruit is usually had in empty stomach (because it is quite heavy to digest).

  16. Sudha Udipi says:

    Dear Dr. Hebbar,
    I would like to share some facts about gaining weight which might be useful to some.

    For anybody being healthy and fit is more important than the body size alone.
    If some body feels he or she is really very thin,That too if they have lost weight rapidly without any apparent reason, before starting any treatment I think they have to seek medical advice just to rule out any chronic but silent disease like silent tuberculosis, Thyroid issues or even diabetes. All these are curable but without addressing them one cannot succeed in putting on weight.
    A family physician or a good ayurvedic doctor can easily make the diagnosis and help them.

    For otherwise healthy person , all the tips you have given will be useful.
    Anyway journey to putting on weight is much happier than the one to lose weight.
    Just increasing the quantity and frequency of food intake with proper exercise will definitely help them.

    Slow and steady gain is always preferable.
    Happy weight gaining!

  17. Hi Dr,
    do underweight people have to eat every 3 hours or 3 meals a day?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Hi, underweight people should eat two or three full meals per day, when they feel good hunger.

      • Hi Dr,
        thank you for the answer, i guess i am going to exercise a bit just to increase my appetite so i can eat good amount of meals a day

      • Sunitha says:

        Sir,normally it is said that muscle breakdown takes place once in every three hours,so fitness experts ask us to eat something for every 3 hrs. especially if someone’s on a body building plan.And how does having 3 full meals a day serve the purpose?Plz explain.
        Thank you.

        • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

          Hi, if someone is on a body building plan, then taking small meals multiple times a day is good, rather than fixing the schedule to thrice a day.
          Even while eating multiple times in a day, one has to be careful about the quantity. The quantity of food should be so much that the person feels hungry before next meal time.

  18. R Gopalan says:

    I am following most of the suggestions. Yet weight has not increased even by a kilo. Pain all over the body persists, though there is no knee pain. Apparently vata is high. What to do. Taking only Ayurvedic Medicines. E.g. Salakki 600 mg. Dazzle Capsules, Aswaghanda Tablets besides oil massage with maha narayana Thailam+Karpoorathi Thailam. Undergone physiotherapy for ten days. Weight in the range of 43 to 45 kg. age 75, Male. What to do ?

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Please include a teaspoon of ghee in the diet. Make sure to use ghee when the meals you take are still hot in nature. For example, you can put a teaspoon over hot Dosa.

  19. Sir,

    I would like to know whether vegetarian options are equally good as non-veg to put on weight? Or does meat have an intrinsic quality that help to gain weight much better n faster than veg?

    For eg., I heard veg foods like bananas, ragi malt, coconut, peanuts, walnuts, almonds etc are excellent ways to gain healthy weight. Are they less effective than chicken if the primary focus is weight gain n not just protein or nutrition acquisition?

    Kindly clarify.

  20. Shruty Sakpal says:

    I am 20 years. Docter can I take shatavari capsules for my harmonal acne? Will it help?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Madam, It is advised to take Maha Manjisthadi kashayam in your case. Do avoid Shatavari capsules as it is a galactogogue and helps increase weight.

  21. manjula manjula says:

    i am 40yrs old my name is manjula please tell weight gain (fat) medicine

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Madam, Basing on all the conditions like your health, constituents,weight, height etc., we doctors prescribe medicine so would advise you to take advise from Ayurvedic physician face to face.

      Note: As we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated. For specific treatment, always consult with a qualified Ayurvedic physician.

  22. Sir, drinking a cup of soy milk every day makes any harm in longterm for a woman who is having hot flushes? When I consume a cup I feel good. But I fear about longterm basis

  23. HI can you recommend tips for gaining weight in a one year old (16months) child. Thank you.

  24. Akshay says:

    Am 6.1 height and 58 kg weight is it underweight ?How can I improve by weight am veg

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Yes, you are sightly underweight.
      Ashwagandha tablet – 1 tablet 2 times a day after food with a teaspoon of ghee for 2 months can be useful. Available in amazon website here

      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  25. Hi Doctor, first I would like to thank you for being there. My problem is hair loss and sinus. I have iron, cal and vitamin d3 deficiency. My doctor suggested to use lohasaha. I am very thin and unable to gain weight. Using lohasaha will reduce my weight further?

  26. Dr. Rajalaksmi Gopalan says:

    My husband is almost 80. His weight for the past 50 years is between 44 and 47 kgs. He is skeletal. What is the best way to gain a little mass. He is active, no sugar, no B.P. But has body pain. Not taking any allopathic medicine. Shallakki 125 mg. twice a day, ashwaganda and Tripala at night with milk.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Let him take Swamala chyawanprash – 1 teaspoon in the morning after food for 2 months time. Available here

      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  27. what about a combination of ashwagandha, shatavari, vidari and kauncha in hot milk to gain weight?

  28. Hi Doctor,

    I am 26 year old girl.My height is 5 abd my weight is 45 kg.I am very thin and unable to gain weight.Please suggest how can i gain weight.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Kushmanda Avaleha – 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food with water, for 2 months can be useful.

      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  29. Chaithali shetty says:

    Hello dr, my age is 30 m married and have a 7yr old kid. M 42 kg and my height is 5. My parents and my brother are healthy. But M not gaining weight. Even after my delivery i did not put on much weight . PLS suggest me a gud medicine to gain weight. M fed up of ppl telling me that i am thinking.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Please take following Ayurveda products for 4 weeks and revert back with progress.
      The below products should be easily available in any local Ayurveda store.
      If you do not get them locally, you can use the links given to buy them.

      Kooshmanda Avaleha – 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food – Available in amazon website here –

      Ashwagandharishta – 10 ml mixed with 10 ml of water 2 times a day after food. Available in amazon website here –

      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

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