Curd Consumption At Night? Can You Take Curd At Night?

Curd At Night – Ayurveda explains curd as having sour mixed sweet property and it increases Kapha and Pitta dosha in the body. During the night, there is a natural predominance of Kapha in the body. So, curd consumption at night will further increase Kapha leading to many complications.

This is quite similar to exposing yourself to hot Sun in the afternoon hours, which is not recommended, because, afternoon period is naturally Pitta predominant period and sun exposure also increases Pitta.

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Qualities of curds according to Ayurveda

curds benefits are explained as follows –
Amla paka rasam grahi guru ushnam dadhi vatajit |
meda shukra bala shleshma pitta rakta agni shopha krut ||

Curds are sour in taste, hot in potency, is heavy to digest (takes a longer period to undergo digestion).  It increases fat, strength, kapha, pitta, digestive power. Click to read curds benefits in detail.

Whenever there is swelling or inflammation, if curds are taken, it worsens the inflammation.
Note that these properties are attributed to sour curds.

What is curds? How to make curds?

Naivaadyaa nishi naivoshnam vasantha ushna sharatsu na |

Sour curd should not be consumed by making it hot (ushna).
Curds should not be consumed during the night (nishi),
It should also not be consumed during the spring and summer seasons.
However, sour curds mixed with soup of green gram, honey, ghee, sugar and amla is helpful in relieving Dysuria (difficulty in urination) and indigestion.

Rules for using curd

As mentioned in Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 7– 61,62,
One should not take curd at night;
If one desires to take curd at night, it can be taken along with ghee, sugar, green gram soup, honey or Amalaka (Amla – Indian Gooseberry.)
It should not be taken hot.
If one does not follow these rules he is likely to suffer from diseases like fever, Raktapitta (bleeding disorders), Visarpa(Erysipelas), Kushta (skin diseases), Pandu(Anemia), Bhrama(dizziness) and Kamala (Jaundice).

How to consume curds?

Try to avoid consuming curd at night. because night is basically a Kapha predominant period. Thus consuming curd at night is best avoided according to Ayurveda. Curd also increases Pitta. Hence, taking it at night might cause problems related to indigestion.

If you are accustomed to curd at night, mix a small pinch of pepper powder to curds and consume. (do not add too much, as it may cause burning sensation). You may also try adding fenugreek powder if you can tolerate a slight tinge of bitterness. (but this superb combination will relieve stomach pain generated due to indigestion).

Buttermilk is the best substitute for curds at night. Buttermilk clears the channel and chucks mucus secretion.
Buttermilk benefits

Q: sugar added curd or non sugar added curd. Which is better?
Sour curd is Pitta aggravating. Hence, it is recommended to add a little sugar to it while taking at night.

Heating of curds is also unhealthy. 
Heating curd will destroy all useful bacteria present in the curd. The useful bacteria prevent putrefaction in the intestines and promote health and well-being.Such properties of the curd are lost on heating.

If heating is unhealthy, why so many dishes have heated curds?
Biriyani, some curries, Punjabi Khadi, South Indian products such as – Majjige huli, Mangalore bajji etc have heated curds. People living in these places are habituated to this for a very long period of time, so much so that, their body can tolerate it well. Hence, it is fine to continue.

Curd may increase joint stiffness  –
Joint stiffness is a classic Kapha symptom. Sweet curd can increase Kapha along with Pitta Dosha. This leads to increased inflammation of joints with increased stiffness.
Hence, it is best to avoid curd – sweet or sour, in rheumatoid arthritis.
Such people, if they cannot avoid curd at all, can add a pinch of black pepper to a cup of it and take.

Curd with sweet fruits –
Both can increase Kapha. So, in a low Kapha, high Vata patient (lean, emaciated), this is fine to take. In high Kapha persons with obesity, weak digestion, nausea, cold, cough, itching skin diseases, it is best to avoid.

Lord Sri Krishna was fond of curd. So, why is it bad?
Curd in itself is not bad. Even in Sri Lalitha Sahasra Nama Stotra, Dadhyanna Asakta (desirous of curd rice) is one of the synonyms of Mother Goddess Sri Lalitha. So, it is actually good, if it is taken in the right way, at the right time, with the right combination.

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  1. Thank you very much for your information. I am not eating curd at night since few years, my mom told me to do that. I was always seeking information behind it. Really Thanks.

    • Vata refers to the factor responsible for all the movements in the body. Like hand, leg movement, blood circulation, food movement inside our gastro intestinal system etc. When Vata is normal it does all these functions.
      Kapha refers to moistening effect, lubrication effect. like between the joints there is synovial fluid.
      For more information, you can buy my ebook on Tridosha –


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