Highly effective Diabetes care and with an Ayurvedic herbal product

It is always advisable to consult an expert Ayurvedic specialist doctor before starting any herbal medication, especially for diabetes care. Ayurvedic herbal product called Setebid tablets manufactured by AVN Ayurveda formulations, Madurai, India works to normalise blood sugar levels.

Two tablets two times a day for a random blood sugar level of more than 180.  For a sugar lesser than that, one tablet two times a day will be sufficient. However, regular blood and urine sugar level monitoring so as to adjust the dose is highly advisable.

Ingredients of setebid tablets: Turmeric (Rhizome), Indian gooseberry (Fruit), Jaman (Seed), Guggul (Oleo-gum-resin), Clearing Nut (Seed), Black Catech (Heart wood), Tree Turmeric (Stem), Humboldtia vahliana (Whole plant), Mango (seed), Chebulic myrobalan (Fruit rind) and Cyperus (tuber) Kindly observe that the combination contains the best of the Ayurvedic herbs like Turmeric (haridra), Gooseberry (Amla), Black katechu, Cyperus etc.. which are used in India for healing the mankind from thousands of years.

About the manufacturer of the products mentioned in this article
All the products that are described in the blog are manufactured by AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt Ltd, a 79-year-old organization, involved in authentic and high quality Ayurvedic herbal product manufacturing and marketing.

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