Ashta katvara taila – an easy to make taila for thigh cramps, and leg pain

Ashta Katvara taila is an effective herbal oil used in Ayurvedic treatment to relieve thigh cramps. Its reference is found in an Ayurvedic text book called Bhaishajya Ratnavali

Urusthamba Chikitsa Prakarana 27/22. (explained under the context of  thigh cramp and leg cramp)

leg massage

Pippali moola  (root of long pepper)  –           50 g
Shunti (wet ginger)                                    –           50 g
Sarshapa taila –          Mustard oil         –            1 Prastha =16 pala= 800 ml

Dadhi                 –          1 Prastha –  16 pala= 800 ml

Katvara  (takra)- buttermilk  –  8 prastha   –   6.4 lters

water 3 liters.

Procedure: first Mustard oil is taken and kept over stove, after one minute, make paste of long pepper root and ginger and add to it. then add the rest of the liquids, stir mildly. and heat it till all the moisture content is evaporated.

when to stop: when you start the procedure, mark the level of oil. while heating, when the overall liquid level is coming down to the original oil level, take a small piece of bolus from the bottom of the vessel with the help of a log spoon and burn it. if you are not listening to any sound, then the oil is ready. If you are hearing any sound, then repeatedly check till you don’t hear any sound. After no sound, immediately remove the vessel from the stove.

After self cooling, collect the oil in a clean air tight bottle.

How to intake: 4-8 drops with hot water, before food, morning and in the evening.  (swallow 8 drops then drink a cup of hot water. )

Massage cream to relieve thigh and leg cramps –
Arthorub ointment: This ointment contains effective ayurvedic herbal formulae like Kottamchukkadi taila, Pinda Taila and Sahacharadi taila, which are used to relieve muscle and joint related aches and pains since many centuries.

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