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The list of video classes:
1. Hypertension – Ayurvedic understanding, treatment, home remedies, lifestyle tips
2. Ghee usage as per Ayurveda, Benefits, how to consume, contra indications
3. Mind power, Concentration – How to do meditation to enhance mind power
4. Amla usage, benefits, dose, home remedies, side effects
5. Chyawanprash – benefits, usage, side effects
6. Ayurvedic Hair Oils – how to apply, when to apply, which one to choose?
7. Triphala uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects
8. Kashayam – how to make, uses.
9. Meditation – How to do, Step by step explanation, demo.
10. How to Sleep better? Herbs, lifestyle tips and home remedies.
11. Guduchi – Most under-rated Ayurvedic medicinal herb.
12. Brahmacharya – Celibacy, Benefits, Herbs to help, rules to follow
13. Ashwagandha – Benefits, Ayurvedic Usage, Home Remedies, Research
14. Abhyanga – Ayurvedic oil massage – benefits, procedure, contra indications
15. Stress – Causes, symptoms, remedies
16. How to make Ayurvedic Hair Oils and Massage Oils At Home?
17. Ginger Usage, Benefits, Side Effects, Home Remedies
18. Tiredness and Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, Ayurveda Treatment, Home Remedies
19. Black pepper Uses, Remedies, Research, Side Effects
20. Vata Dosha – Introduction, Qualities, Places of Dominance, How to balance?
21. Turmeric  Uses, Remedies, Research, Side Effects
22. Pitta Dosha – Introduction, Qualities, Places of Dominance, Functions
23. Tulsi Benefits, Research, Side Effects, Home Remedies
24. Kapha Dosha – Introduction, Qualities, Places of Dominance, Functions
25. Swarasa – Herbal juices: How to prepare, Ayurvedic usage, benefits
26. Vata Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind
27. Pippali – Long pepper – Fruit and Root – Uses, Research, Remedies, Side Effects
28. Pitta Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind
29. Kapha Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind
30. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features As Per Master Sushruta
31. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features As Per Master Charaka
32. Prakruti analysis, interpretation, how to balance?
33. How to make herbal ghee – Ayurvedic Ghritams at home?
34. Kalka – herbal paste and Churna – herbal powders – how to make, utilities.
35. Honey – uses, wrong food combinations, side effects, remedies
36. Dhatu: Body Tissues As Explained In Ayurveda
37. Ojas: Causes Of Decrease, How To Increase?
38.  Ashwagandha remedies for male sexual disorders
39. Winter woes, Ayurvedic regimen
40. How to make Chyawanprash at home?
41. Tastes; Types, Benefits
42. Rules For Water Consumption As Per Ayurveda
43. Vata Imbalance Causes: Increase and Decrease
44. Pitta Imbalance Causes: Increase and Decrease
45. Kapha Imbalance Causes: Increase and Decrease
46. Vata Imbalance Symptoms: Increase and Decrease
47. Pitta Imbalance Symptoms: Increase and Decrease
48. Kapha Imbalance Symptoms: Increase and Decrease
49. How To Select A Perfect Hair Oil For Your Hair?
50. Dhatu – Tissues Increase And Decrease Symptoms And Intrepretation
51. Herbal Powder Combinations For Your Hair And Face (For Hair wash, Face Pack, Face wash etc)
52. Prakruti – Body Type Features As Per Vagbhata (Ashtanga Hrudaya)
53. Darshana Philosophies – Introduction
54. Sweet and Sour Tastes – Benefits, Side Effects
55. Salt And Spicy Tastes – Benefits, Side Effects
56.Bitter And Astringent Tastes – Benefits, Side Effects
57. Cold Infusions – Preparation, Principles, Examples
58. Srotas – Body Channels, As Per Ayurveda
59. Hot Infusions – Preparation, Principles, Examples
60. Fasting: Introduction, Types, Rules As Per Ayurveda
61. Agni – Concept of digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda
62. Guggulu – purification Method, Benefits, Research, Uses, Remedies 
63. Dhatu Dushti –
Vitiation of Dhatus by multiple Doshas, Their Symptoms, Meaning
64. Ancient And Modern Methods Of Herbs Collection And Preservation

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What is Living Easy With Ayurveda book?
It is a book that makes you understand Ayurveda in simplest sentences possible.
224 chapters, divided into 16 sections
732 pages book.
I have included all the Ayurvedic principles that you can easily adopt in your life to live a healthier, livelier life.  Click to know more about chapters etc

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