Valuka Sweda – Sand Sweating Treatment: Procedure, Benefits

Valuka Sweda

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Swedana or fomentation (sudation, sweat inducing treatments, steaming treatment) is a specialized treatment of Ayurveda which helps in providing unparalleled relief in pain, swelling and stiffness associated with … [Continue reading]

WheatGrass Powder And Juice: Uses, Dose, Research

wheatgrass juice and powder

Article by Dr. Mahesh Annapure M.Sc., D. N., M.D. (A.M.) Wheatgrass powder or juice intake is the preferred medicine of choice for many Naturopathy practitioners. It is due to many basic components and trace elements with immense healing capacity. … [Continue reading]

OsteoArthritis: Symptoms, Prevention, Lifestyle tips, Ayurvedic treatment

osteo arthritis of hip

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) The ends of 2 or more bones come together to form joints of our body. There are many bones in our body which hold on to their counterparts to form various joints. The joints connect various parts of our body and … [Continue reading]

Plants And Humans: Growth And Relationship

uses of plant

Article by Mr AK Shyam. Plants have had a tremendous role in the human development ever since the early civilization and perhaps continue to shoulder much greater role in the future as well.  There has been a parallel between plants and humans in so … [Continue reading]

Janu Basti Ayurvedic Therapy – Procedure, Benefits

Janu Basti - Janu vasti

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Among all the remedies available for acute or chronic knee pain, Janu Vasti (Janu Basti) is the most popular Ayurvedic therapies.  It gives a magical relief from the pain and stiffness associated with knee pain. … [Continue reading]

Effective Ayurvedic Therapies For Low Back Ache

Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda - Njavara Kizhi

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) ‘Low back ache’ – the name itself scares us all. It is a common health issue in the modern day life, so common that we are confused whether it is our friend or foe! Many of us have learned to live with it because … [Continue reading]

Charaka Samhita Vatarakta Chikitsa 29th Chapter

Gout disease

29th chapter of Charaka Sanhita Chikitsa Sthana deals with causes, types and treatment for Vatarakta, a condition, often correlated with Gout.  … [Continue reading]

Greeva Basti – Health Benefits, Procedure, Treatment Duration

neck pain

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Ayurveda offers the best remedies for neck pain and related painful conditions. Among all the remedies available for neck pain (acute and or chronic), Greeva Vasti (Greeva Basti) is the most popular one. … [Continue reading]

Charaka Vatavyadhi Chikitsa 28th Chapter


28th Chapter of Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana is called Vatavyadhi Chikitsa Adhyaya. It deals with treatment for various disorders caused due to Vata Imbalance. … [Continue reading]

Dashamula Kashayam With Castor Oil For Low Back Pain

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Low back is an important area of our body. It connects the major part of the axial skeleton (skull, spinal column, ribs and sternum or collar bone). It consists of Lumbar and Coccygeal bones and hip bones. It is … [Continue reading]