Camphor Benefits, Dose, Research, Side Effects


Camphor is a rare herb which, being coolant, balances Kapha Dosha and reduces fat and cholesterol levels. Camphor used for medicinal use is slightly different than the camphor used in Pooja / Spiritual practices. In the market, you get the edible … [Continue reading]

Dandruff – Ayurvedic Treatment, Herbs, Oils, Home Remedies

dandruff Ayurveda

Dandruff is a common, non infectious skin disease of the scalp. It may be found even in face, ears, body folds, neck and front of the chest. It is caused due to faster shredding of the dead skin in the lesions. Thus the white dust gets seen on … [Continue reading]

Cinnamon Benefits, Dose, Home Remedies, Side Effects

Cinnamon benefits

Cinnamon improves digestion strength, is useful in diabetes, high cholesterol, its oil is applied externally for premature ejaculation and insect bites. Read more about this wonderful spice.  … [Continue reading]

Edema – Ayurvedic Understanding, Treatment, Home Remedies

edema of legs

Edema is explained as Shotha or Shopha in Ayurveda. We come across the edemea conditions in different local areas such as face, feet etc or throughout the body or half of the body. Even though it usually appears as a symptom, in so many diseases … [Continue reading]

Vaginal White Discharge – Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

stomach ache

Excessive vaginal white discharge with symptoms like itching, burning sensation and pain followed by bodyache and tiredness is explained as Shweta Pradara in Ayurveda.  … [Continue reading]

Somaroga – Excessive Female Discharge With Loss Of Vitality

stomach pain

Ayurveda explains varieties of unique diseases for which equating through modern medicinal science is a difficult task. Many a time they remain as a premonitory symptom or a symptom of some disease in modern medicine. So, they do not consider them as … [Continue reading]

Jaiphal- Nutmeg- Myristica fragrans Uses, Dose, Side Effects

Nutmeg benefits

Jaiphal - Nutmeg is an aphrodisiac, digestive tonic, very useful even with external application in case of headache, useful in cough, cold, asthma and more.  … [Continue reading]

Pippali – Long Pepper Fruit – Uses, Dose, Side Effects

long pepper benefits

Pippali  - Long Pepper is a very unique spice. It has all qualities of a typical spice like useful in indigestion, asthma, cough etc. but it is also a very good aphrodisiac and anti aging spice.  Consider this - Pleehamaye Pippali - For all spleen … [Continue reading]

Black Pepper- Piper Nigrum Benefits, Usage Dose Side Effects

Maricha - Black Pepper Benefits

Black pepper has not got its well deserving credit. It certainly is not just another spice. It removes toxins conditions, heals, stimulates organs. It is also used as antidote in insect bites. It is one among the three ingredients of very important … [Continue reading]

Apamarga – Achyranthes aspera – Uses, Dose, Side Effects

Achyranthes aspera

Apamarga - Achyranthes aspera is one of the powerful Ayurvedic herb. It is used to prepare a special medicine called Kshara, used extensively in surgical procedures to treat fistula, and as oral medicine for obesity, tumors etc.  … [Continue reading]