Flaxseed, Flaxseed oil Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

flaxseed and flaxseed oil benfeits

Flaxseed / linseed along with Flax seed oil are used both externally and orally since the times of Charaka. It is used in treating cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, high BP, wounds, abscesses etc.   … [Continue reading]

Dhanvana – Grewia tiliaefolia Uses, Research

dhanvana - grewia tiliaefolia

Bark and fruits of Dhanvana - Grewia tiliaefolia are used for their medicinal value. This tree is used in treating non healing wounds, ulcerative colitis, menorrhagia, cough etc. … [Continue reading]

Guda Sharkara – Grewia hirsuta Uses, Research, Side Effects

Grewia hirsuta is identified with different names in Ayurveda such as Guda Sharkara, Nagabala and Gangeruki. It is used in treating bleeding disorders, dysuria. It acts as aphrodisiac and anti aging herb.  … [Continue reading]

Gangeruki – Grewia tenax Uses, Research, Side Effects

Gangeruki - Grewia tenax is explained by Charaka and Sushruta. It has blocking action, useful in bleeding disorders such as menorrhagia, ulcerative colitis etc. Bhavaprakasha considers Gangeruki as synonym of Nagabala.  … [Continue reading]

Falsa Fruit – Grewia asiatica Uses, Dose, Research

Falsa fruit uses

Falsa fruit is known as Parushaka in Sanskrit. It is used in Ayurveda since the times of Charaka and Sushruta. Ripe fruit is coolant, used in treating burning sensation, fever etc.  … [Continue reading]

Helicteres isora – Avartani – Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Helicteres isora

Helicteres isora - East Indian Screw tree is an Ayurvedic herb used in treating diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal colic pain, intestinal parasites etc. Its root,stem bark, fruits are used for medicinal purposes. … [Continue reading]

Abroma Augusta – Devil’s cotton – Uses, Dose, Side Effects

Abroma Augusta -Olatkambal

Abroma augusta - Pishacha Karpasa is used in Ayurveda for gynecological disorders, infertility treatment and amenorrhoea. It is called as Devli's cotton. This herb is commonly used in Homeopathy.  … [Continue reading]

Bayur Tree: Pterospermum acerifolium Uses, Dose, Research

Kanak champs, Pterospermum acerifolium

In Ayurveda, Indian system of medicine, Pterospermum acerifolium is used in treating headache, ulcers, wounds, cough, cold, bleeding disorders etc.  … [Continue reading]

Karpasa – Cotton Plant Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

levant cotton benefits

Levant cotton plant, called as Karpasa in Sanskrit is used in Ayurvedic treatment. Cotton seeds are an excellent aprhodisiac and nerve tonic. Its root bark decoction is used in amenorrhea.  … [Continue reading]

Marshmallow – Althaea officinalis Uses, Research, Side Effects

Althaea officinalis benefits

Marshmallow is known as Khatmi in Ayurveda. It is a recent included herb into Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia. It reduces high cholesterol, blood sugar levels and is a very good immuno-modulatory herb.  … [Continue reading]