Rasa Panchaka – 5 Qualities Of Substance (Dravya)


The word rasa panchaka is include that the five factors of dravya (substance) that is Rasa - taste Guna - qualities Vipaka - taste conversion after digestion Veerya - Potency of the herb (cold or hot) Prabhava - special effect of the herb. … [Continue reading]

Prabhava: Special Effect of Herb

magical ganja

Article by MS Krishnamurthy. Dravya - the matter is the substratum of Guna (qualities) and Karma (action). The Dravya (substance / medicinal herb) contains Rasa - taste Guna - qualities Vipaka - taste conversion during and after digestion … [Continue reading]

Nasya Karma: Procedure, Types, Benefits, Contra Indications

Nasika Kalpana

Nasya (nasya-karma) is a term to be applied generally for medicines administered through the nasal route. It is also known as nāvana and nasyakarma. The formulations used for the purpose of nasyakarma are called nāsika kalpana.  … [Continue reading]

Vipaka: Taste Conversion During And After Digestion

digestion system

Ayurveda stands on 3 Sutras – Hetu, Linga and Aushadha. Aushadha has its own importance in curing diseases and the knowledge about these medicines is brought about by Dravya Guna.  … [Continue reading]

Malahara kalpana: Ayurvedic Ointment Preparation

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Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy. Malahara kalpana comes under Bahya kalpana (external application). Malahara’s are ointment preparation. The word Malahara was adapted by Yograratnakara from the word Malaham or Marham are basically originated from … [Continue reading]

Dravya: Meaning, Ayurvedic Explanation

Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy. The first mentioning of Dravya guna is traceable from the description of Charaka who defined Ayurveda as the science which deals with Dravyaguna and Karmas of helpful and harmful material.(CH. SU. 30) … [Continue reading]

Collection And Preservation Of Ayurvedic Herbs

Herbs and spices in bowls

Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy. Dravya guna is a branch of Ayurveda, which deals with all drugs used in the treatment of diseases, their source, collection, preservation, preparation dosages and uses. … [Continue reading]

Bindi Allergy: Causes, Remedies, Ayurvedic Treatment

Indian woman with Bindi

Skin allergic reaction to Bindi stickers are very frequent nowadays. This usually occurs with using of stickers. In ancient times, Vermilion or Kumkuma was used as Bindi. But with changing times, we get different styled, shaped and coloured stickers … [Continue reading]

Padaghata Treatment: Deep Tissue Massage With Feet

Ashiatsu Padaghata Massage with feet1

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) When I was a kid, my paternal uncle used to ask me to climb up over his back and just walk up and down the back, as he slept on his tummy. I used to have fun doing it without thinking much about it. He used to get … [Continue reading]

Understanding Agni: Concept, Definition, Functions, Types

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) According to Ayurveda, man is created from the essence of the 5 basic elements which make up the nature. They are Prithvi (Earth or mud), Ap or Jala (Water), Teja or Agni (Fire), Vayu (Wind) and Akasha (Space or … [Continue reading]