Human Breast Milk Benefits, Ways To Increase Production

breast milk

Apart from being best food for babies, breast milk is also used in Ayurvedic treatment. It is not only used in oral administration, but also in a few Panchakarma therapies as well.  … [Continue reading]

Audbhida Lavana – Benefits and Usage

Audbhdida Lavana is a type of salt, used in Ayurveda. This salt is in usage since thousands of years, since the time of Charaka Samhita. … [Continue reading]

Vida Lavana – Benefits, Usage, Ayurveda Details

Vida lavana benefits

Vida Lavana is one among the group of five salts as explained in many Ayurvedic text books. However, there is difference of opinion regarding the identity of this salt.  … [Continue reading]

Romaka Lavana – Sambhar Salt Benefits, Usage

Sambhar Salt

Romaka Lavana is called as Sambhar salt, as it is collected from the banks of Sambhar Salt lake, Near of Rajasthan. It is also called as Earthen salt.  … [Continue reading]

Sauvarchala Lavana – Kala Namak – Black Salt – Benefits, Usage

Kala Namak - Black Salt

Sauvarchala lavana is a type of salt, used in Ayurvedic treatment. It is known as sochal salt. it is constituted mainly with Sodium chloride with Iron and sulphides.  … [Continue reading]

Sea Salt Benefits, Usage, Dose, Side Effects – Ayurveda details

sea salt benefits

Sea salt produced from sea water. The seawater is canalized and Sun-dried. The technique of producing Sea salt varies according to different nations, depending on climate.  … [Continue reading]

Camel Milk Benefits- Ayurveda Details


Usually any type of milk is sweet and coolant and induces a sense of satisfaction. But camel milk is quite different, because of the habitat and nature of camel.   … [Continue reading]

Things That Make Me Atypical Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Hebbar1

With the phrase -  Ayurveda doctor, fortunately or otherwise, some terms are closely associated, like vegetarianism, spiritualism, not-for-profit, Yoga loving, etc. But, though I have 10,000+ email subscribers, though I receive constant flow of good … [Continue reading]

How To Know If An Ayurvedic Oil Can Be Taken Orally Or Not?

For the purpose of this article, by the word "traditional Ayurvedic oil", I mean, a traditional Ayurvedic oil, the reference formula of which, is there in traditional Ayurvedic textbook. Usually these oils will end with - Thailam, Tail, Thaila, … [Continue reading]

Fish Benefits, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details

fish benefits

Fish is one of the very healthy non veg foods. But it should not be had continuously and there are many unhealthy food combinations involving fish. Hence, precautions are needed.  … [Continue reading]