Cracked Heels – Treatment And Ayurvedic Home Remedies

cracked heels

Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) Ph.D (Ayu) and Dr Hebbar. Cracked heels with deep fissures is seen more in women than in men. As per Ayurveda, it is seen more in individuals walk too long, that too on rough and uneven ground.  It is caused … [Continue reading]

Treatment For Diseases Of Over And Under Nourishment – Charaka Sutra 23

over and under nutrition

Ayurveda emphasizes that over nourishment and under nourishment are the two major causes of many diseases. Based on this principle, many diseases can be categorized into these two divisions. This concept and detailed treatment and remedies are … [Continue reading]

Shortening Panchakarma Therapy To Suit a Busy Patient – Dr CR Agnives

Panchakarma therapy

Question: Nowadays, no one is really free to go through weeks together of Panchakarma treatment. Hence, can the Panchakarma treatments be shortened to help patient's busy schedule?  … [Continue reading]

Calcaneal Spur – Ayurvedic Treatment, Tips and Remedies

calcaneal spur Ayurveda

Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) Ph.D (Ayu) and Dr Hebbar. Calcaneal spur is also called as heel spur. Calcaneus is the heel bone. When it is met with constant pressure, calcium deposition occurs beneath this bone and if the pressure … [Continue reading]

Henbane Hyoscyamus niger Uses, Dose, Side Effects, Research

henbane uses

Henbane - Hyoscyamus niger Linn is a famous herb used for treating intestinal and stomach spasms. Its leaves and leaf oil is quite commonly used in Ayurvedic treatment. But care should be taken to avoid over-dosing this important herb.  … [Continue reading]

Advice to Ayurvedic Doctors By Dr Agnives

doctor for money

Today success is measured with money. I cannot tell the Ayurvedic doctors not to worry about money. Because, they are investing a lot in getting to a college and to study Ayurveda. The problem with current system is, a regular Ayurvedic student … [Continue reading]

Stiff Neck Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment And Remedies

stiff neck

Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) Ph.D (Ayu) and Dr Hebbar. Stiffness of the neck or rigidity is a consequence caused due to aggravated Vata Dosha when lodged in cervical region (neck). Though this is observed as a complication in many … [Continue reading]

Complete Pulse Diagnosis Method As per Ayurveda Textbook

eight factors of patient examination - Ayurveda

Pulse diagnosis has very limited but important role in Ayurvedic diagnosis methods. The pulse reading technique was non existent in ancient periods of Charaka Sushruta and Vagbhata. They have not mentioned about this technique. Only in the … [Continue reading]

Six Basic Ayurvedic Therapies – Shat Upakrama – Charaka Sutrasthana 22

Six Ayurvedic Therapies

Langhana - De-nourishing, or deprivation therapy and Brimhana - nourishing therapy - these two types, along with four others, form the basis of Ayurvedic therapies. This not only is applicable to weight loss or weight gain treatments. This is … [Continue reading]

Excellent Opportunity To Sell Medicinal Herb Photographs

Datura seeds

As an online publisher, I am always looking for photographs of herbs and diseases for my articles. Like me, there are many research scholars, magazine editors, Ayurvedic students who would want photographs of actual herbs, dry and wet samples, … [Continue reading]