LOMEDUS Tablets – all you want to know about

Lomedus tablet is proven Indian alternative medicine to lower cholesterol. Lipid Reducer & Anti-Atherosclerotic. high cholesterol natural care with Lomedus tablets. … [Continue reading]

LEUCOFRE Tablets – All you want to know about.

Leucofre tablets is effective Ayurvedic Indian herbal medicine for Vaginal infections discharge, white dischargesChronic Cervicitis & Leucorrhoea.Composition … [Continue reading]

Sukumaram kashayam – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects

Sukumaram Kashayam is an Ayurvedic medicine, useful in treating severe pain during menstruation and severe back pain during menstruation. It is also helpful to relieving constipation.  … [Continue reading]

Best Ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore

Arogya Ayurvedic centres situated in Marthahalli is one among the best Ayurvedic clinics in Bangalore. The following feedbacks from the patients tell it all -Arogya Ayurvedic centre1. It’s a wonderful & memorable experience. I really … [Continue reading]

Triphaladi churnam – All you want to know about

Triphaladi churnam is a combination of three herbal ingredients -1. Haritaki - Terminalia chebula - Fruit rind2. Vibhitaki - Terminalia bellerica - Fruit rind3. Amla - Emblica officinalis - Fruit4. Yashtimadhu - Licorice powderall … [Continue reading]

KOLDOFF Tablets – All you want to know about

Koldoff tablet is a sore throat home remedy.Helps Overcome Upper Respiratory Inflammations Due to INFECTION or ALLERGYEach tablet is made from following herbal combination - … [Continue reading]

HERBOPLEX Tablets – All you want to know about

Herboplex tablets is a  herbal energy booster & anti-oxidantCompositionDendrobium macrael – JivantiAsparagus racemosus – SatavariWithania somnifera – AswagandhaHemidesmus indicus – SaribaPhaseolus trilobus – … [Continue reading]

kanchnar guggulu Ingredients, Uses, Dose, Side Effects

kanchnar Guggulu is also known as kanchanara Guggulu / gulgulu.It is one of the very efficient Ayurvedic herbal medicine. Its reference is found in Bhaishajya ratnavali, 44th chapter. … [Continue reading]

ajaswagandhadi Leham – Ingredients, Benefits, Dose and Side Effects

Ajaswagandhadi Lehyam is also called as ashwagandhadi Lehyam or Aswagandhadi Lehyam. It is a herbal jam. In the market there are many variants of this lehyams are available. Few of them are veg and few are having non vegetarian ingredients. … [Continue reading]

Gynaeven tablets

Gynaeven tablets CompositionEach tablet is made from medicaments consisting of traditional formulation Sukumaram kashayamSaraca indica (Asoka) and incinerated Pravalabhasmam … [Continue reading]