Home remedy: Facial hair removal

Facial hairs in females is a common cause of cosmetic concern. While it is OK to go for some of very famous facial hair removal techniques like waxing, bleaching, threading, electrolysis, laser  etc..   … [Continue reading]

COFAVIN-DM – Sugar free Cough Syrup

Cofavin DM is  a sugar free herbal cough syrup. Composition Each 10 ml of syrup is made from aqueous extract from … [Continue reading]

Cofavin syrup – Herbal ayurvedic syrup for cough

The all Natural, Cough Syrup for Effective ReliefComposition Each 10 ml of syrup is made from aqueous extract from … [Continue reading]

KARKUNTAL – Best Ayurvedic hair oil

karkuntal Ayurvedic hair oil is made from natures best of herbs for hair care. karkuntal is the best source for oiling hairs. Composition of karkuntal  - best herbal hair oil   … [Continue reading]

Best Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment, massage centre at Cochin (Ernakulam)

Arogya Ayurvedic clinic with massage faciltiy - Cochin

Arogya Ayurvedic Centre is the best place to get  Ayurvedic massage in Cochin. It is basically a treatment centre, wherein  on can avail consultation with  the expert Ayurvedic Doctor - Dr. Devidasan Vellodi. Features of the centre - … [Continue reading]

BONNIBABE Syrup – Appetite Stimulant, Digestive & Growth toinc

BONNIBABE Syrup is a natural safe herbal product to improve appetite and to treat digestion and eating problems in children. It also acts as growth tonic.Appetite Stimulant + Digestive Tonic + Growth tonic Composition Bonnibabe Ayurvedic syrup … [Continue reading]

ARTHORUB Liniment – The Powerful Rub for Oedema and Pain

ARTHORUB Liniment - The Powerful Rub for Oedema and Pain. It is useful for instant pain relief from injuries, sprains and arthritis related pains.  It is an herbal product. Arthorub Composition -  The liniment is made from … [Continue reading]

AMAVATARI Kashayam – All you want to know about

Amavatari kashayam is hailed as The Sure formula for Success In the battle with Rheumatic Diseases. It is widely used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. … [Continue reading]

MEHARI Choornam – A Simple Solution for Borderline Diabetes

Mehari Choornam is an herbal powder mix with three simple herbs useful in treating pre diabetes and non insulin dependent diabetes mallitus.  Mehari choornamMehari Choornam CompositionThe product is a powder of … [Continue reading]

LUMBATON Soft Gel Capsules – Effective remedy for back pain problems

Lumbaton soft gel capsule is hailed as the lumber spine specialist. It is widely used in treating back pain related problems like lumbar spondylosisComposition Each Soft Gel Capsule contains … [Continue reading]