Tips on how to be smart at work with your computer

Thanks to technological advancement, every common man has to use computer for one or the other purpose. Though we may not be tech wizards to know in and out of computer technology, there are some effective general methods to work smartly on computer, … [Continue reading]

Social Activities – Best Medicine For Good Mental and Spiritual Health

There comes a moment in our lives, where a question arises -"For what I should live in this world?""For what good reason, should I continue living?" Having blessed with this beautiful gift of life, having absorbed so much of love and … [Continue reading]

Health Effects of Climate Change: Symptoms and easy tips

You will be feeling healthy and happy for a while, with good sleep and digestion... All of a sudden there is slight change in  weather, and season and you start feeling uneasy with bloating, nasal congestion, cough cold, the joints start paining, … [Continue reading]

Spending Quality Family Time – How Important Is It?

Spending quality time with family is often given less concentration by most of us."If you can not spend at least one hour for yourself, for your family,if you can not invest one hour to be with your family, chatting, sharing and caring and … [Continue reading]

2 Simple Yoga Breathing Exercises That Can Help Treat a Migraine

This is a guest post by Ms Lisa Shoreland, who is currently a resident blogger at Go College.Although there are many Western treatments that are known to help treat migraines, many of them are packed full of chemicals that could cause … [Continue reading]

Feeling tired all the time? 10 Reasons and solutions

"Why I feel tired all the time? My doctor says I am okay"  is one of the commonly heard health complaints.  Tiredness is so common now a days.  Tiredness and fatigue can haunt you in many ways. If you can formulate your daily life routine … [Continue reading]

International Women’s Day – 3 Things That A Woman Deserves

This is in respect to all the women of this world on "International day of women - 8th March" By hearing the woman, the whole universe can be imagined. From time immemorial, woman is always known for the divine qualities - Selflessness, Forgiveness … [Continue reading]

Sesame Candy Recipe And Benefits

Sesame candy is a one of the famous candy recipe usually made in the Indian festivals. Apart from carrying the sesame seed benefits, this candy recipe brings with it the health benefits of cardamom, jaggery and coconut. It is very easy to make and … [Continue reading]

Sesame and Sesame Oil Benefits – Total Ayurveda Details

Sesame is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic medicines. If sesame seeds were not there, I would say, 40 % of Ayurvedic formulas would have been non-existent. Sesame is used in multiple dosage forms - powder, paste, oil, in the form of sesame … [Continue reading]

20 Simple Ayurveda Sleep Tips On How To Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the basic necessities of body, similar to hunger and thirst. Though sleeping is a natural phenomenon, some find it difficult to sleep naturally and suffer from sleep deprivation and related diseases. Before you start to think about … [Continue reading]