Benefits of Orange Fruits – Traditional And Modern Views

Orange fruit is one among the most widely consumed fruits round the globe. Orange fruitis loaded with treasure of health benefiting qualities. While Researchers of today age are unearthing the health benefits of orange, ancient Ayurvedic text books … [Continue reading]

What Is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurveda, as a system of medicine and Ayurvedic medicines as effective tool to treat disease is gaining popularity worldwide. But many are yet to know the origin and meaning of Ayurvedic medicines.  … [Continue reading]

8 Healthy Daily Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

Setting up a healthy lifestyle requires you to take small steps and bring small changes  into your daily routine.  Hope these eight small steps will help you to move closer towards a healthy lifestyle. … [Continue reading]

Herbal Home Remedies – Precautions To Consider

Herbs have natural chemicals, that possess qualities that benefit our health or help to cure diseases.  While it is fun and exciting to chose and use herbal home remedies, few precautions are always better to take.  … [Continue reading]

How Natural Herbal Home Remedies Are Useful To You?

Natural herbal home remedies are one of the effective ways to help fight the disease and maintain health. When used with discretion and intelligence, herbal home remedies can even be life-saving. Here is a look at the different ways how natural … [Continue reading]

How To Quit Smoking And Alcohol – Three Effective Techniques

Smoking and alcohol habits are hard to go. These two habits not only have adverse effect on health of the person, but also affect the people around them. It requires a very strong mind and firm resolution to quit smoking and alcohol. Many people try … [Continue reading]

Herbal Home Remedies For Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a disease affecting large intestine and rectum. It is characterized by blood in stools and diarrhea with pus, abdominal pain, weight loss and fever. Various factors such as good diet control, stress, immunity and inflammation of … [Continue reading]

Wound Healing – Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Wound Pain And Itching

Quick wound healing is one of the widely discussed topic in Ayurveda, especially by Master Sushruta because in ancient times, wounds were common in arrow and sword injuries in wars. Gone are the days of arrows and swords usage in war but Ayurvedic … [Continue reading]

Swarna Vacha: Home Remedy For Immunity, Memory, Intelligence

Ayurveda covers both preventive and curative aspects of health and disease. Preventive aspect of Ayurveda mainly focuses on rejuvenation.  Ayurveda helps to improve immune system, increase intelligence, memory power and other aspects of health. … [Continue reading]

21 Factors That Might Be Disturbing Your Good Night Sleep

There are may types of sleeping disorders like difficulty in falling asleep, disturbed course of sleep. Waking up too early in the morning etc.  While certain health conditions cause sleepless nights, there are many small mistakes that you might be … [Continue reading]