Buttermilk Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids [Video]

home remedy for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids being a recurrent problems, Ayurvedic home remedies are often supplemented along with oral medicines in Ayurvedic treatment. Buttermilk is used with herbs to prepare home remedy for hemorrhoids. Buttermilk is advised as a regular diet … [Continue reading]

Different Questions To Ayurvedic Doctor And How He Perceives Them

Ayurvedic doctor

When you consult an Ayurvedic doctor, there are many ways of asking questions and there can be different replies based on your questioning. Before pursuing post graduation, I was working under a very famous Psychiatrist, Dr KR Sridhara. Many people … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Cardiac Tonic – Home Remedy For Heart Support [Video]

Ayurveda explains in detail about functions of heart and ways to promote heart health. Ayurveda explains an herb called - Arjuna as a superior remedy, which acts as cardiac tonic.  This herb is found as an ingredient in most of the cardiac supportive … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Gastritis [video]

home remedy for gastritis

Ayurveda has explained many home remedies for gastritis. Because gastritis is a recurring complaint, home remedies play a very important role in keeping this condition under check. Here is  a simple and easy to prepare home remedy for gastritis.  … [Continue reading]

How to get rid of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

This guest post is by Mr Jonathan.Research studies show that about 90 per cent of women get reddish or pink, a bit indented, occasionally fretful streaks on the abdomen, breasts and/or hips during pregnancy. Stretch marks during pregnancy … [Continue reading]

After Delivery Care Of Mother For First Three Months By Ayurveda

The first three months after delivery is very important for the mother. During this period, the expanded uterus shrinks back to normal position, ligaments, muscles and tendons associated with uterus start gaining back the lost power. Mother also … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Post Natal Mother Care Based On Season And Place

Ayurveda has explained in detail about post natal care of mother. Seasons and place - both have their effect on mental and physical health. Keeping this in mind, Ayurveda has explained in little variations in post natal mother care.  … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic Post Natal Care – The First Week After Delivery

Ayurvedic post natal care

The initial week soon after delivery is of immense importance. Both mother and the newly arrived guest need attention and special care. Ayurveda explains in detail regarding mother care. Here is a detailed Ayurvedic post natal care in the first week … [Continue reading]

How To Love Work – Eleven Simple Tips

Love your work

"Love your work", "Love what you do" is one of the most heard advice. It is easy to develop love on your crush, on your family, but how to love work?  Sometimes you may get a job that you do not like.  This may be your first job and you still do not … [Continue reading]

Useful Herbal Home Remedies For Cold, Nausea and Stress

This is a guest post by Mr Allison DeanCayenne Pepper – Throat Pain and Congestion Reduction Cayenne pepper is for more than spicing up your food. For years, hundreds in fact, cayenne pepper has been used to treat the following: … [Continue reading]