Koluppu katti – multiple lipoma – Ayurvedic treatment possibilities

Recently I have received many inquiries regarding treatment for multiple lipoma, called as Koluppu Katti in Tamil. So, this article intends to explore what Ayurveda offers for the treatment of this disease and what are its limitations. … [Continue reading]

Tips on how to deal with doctor

I have seen many questions in yahoo answers and in other platforms, patients asking about questions that they should ask, when they go and consult a doctor. So, here are a few tips on how to deal with doctor and what are the apt questions to ask. … [Continue reading]

Does massage work? Utility Of Massage In Pain Management

Recently I suggested a client to undergo oil massage, he said that one of the famous Allopathic doctor had opined that the massage is of no use. So, here is the details of - "Does massage really work?" Ayurveda explains massage as one among the … [Continue reading]

Benefits of gym and exercise – Ayurvedic explanation

Benefits of gym and exercise is very well explained in Ancient Ayurvedic text-book - Sushruta Samhita. It is so meaningful and interesting, I can't resist mentioning the original Sanskrit shloka from the text-book, along with meaning. For easy … [Continue reading]

Confusing Ayurvedic medicine name

Patients usually get confused with  Ayurvedic medicine name. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines have different names based on regional language differences. Here is an attempt to clear the doubts on Ayurvedic medicine names. … [Continue reading]

Ayurveda Vata Diet – What To Take And What To Avoid For Vata

Ayurveda Vata diet means the diet suitable for those having Vata body type.  Ayurveda explains that a person with Vata body type should consume such food that balances Vata. This is because, people with Vata body type tend to suffer more from Vata … [Continue reading]

Parenting tips: Sex education – what your five year old kid should know

With the ever-changing pattern of parenting, it is very important that certain things are known to your kids at certain ages.  Sex education raised a dust of controversy in recent period of time. … [Continue reading]

Hadjod: Cissus quadrangularis Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

Cissus quadrangularis

There is an ancient quote relating the shape of the herb and their effect on certain organs of the body. यत्र आकृति: तत्र गुणा: वसंति । Yatra aakrutihi tatra gunaaha vasanti | For example, Cissus quadrangular stem resembles the shape of bones … [Continue reading]

Abscess home remedies – Ayurveda details

Recurrent abscesses can be effectively managed with Ayurvedic treatment. Abscess home remedy mentioned below can also be very effective, along with the treatment for quick relief from abscess. … [Continue reading]

recurrent abscess ayurvedic treatment options

Recurrent abscesses: There are a few disease conditions which occur repetitively even after a good course of treatment. recurrent abscesses is one such disease. It is quite often seen in clinical practice that even after antibiotic therapy some … [Continue reading]