Pranayama technique – What you should think while you do Pranayama?

What you think is what you become. This is more so, while doing Pranayama. It is a well established fact that disease is directly related to mind. A person with positive thinking will have greater strength to fight disease than a person with … [Continue reading]

How to do pranayama – A simple pranayama technique

Pranayama is one of the usual suggestions that I give to patients, for a variety of health conditions. But often it is seen that the people do not get time to go to a Yoga teacher and learn the technique (though it is highly recommended). That gives … [Continue reading]

8 reasons to include Pranayama in your daily routine

Pranayama is one of the ancient Yoga technique to improve both mental and physical health. Pranayama is one of the simple and Effective Yoga technique, well adopted in the Ayurvedic treatment in a variety of health conditions. It is helpful to … [Continue reading]

Completing one year of successful Ayurveda blogging.

Dear Reader, On Seventh August 2010, my Ayurveda blog completed one year. All my Ayurveda. In this one year, with 134 published articles, 290 comments, 23 categories, 44 subscribers, and 57,000 views, I feel my blogging venture is quite … [Continue reading]

Night food is very important. Watch what you eat at night.

According to Ayurveda, night food is one thing that you need to be very careful about, if you are really serious about your health. Light night food is highly recommended both by Ayurveda and the modern science. One of my usual recommendations will … [Continue reading]

Drinking hot water benefits – What Ayurveda says?

Drinking hot water is one of the very good habits that suits most of the people. It is especially beneficial during night-time. Here is the original Ayurvedic reference which explains in great detail regarding benefits of hot water. … [Continue reading]

Is hot water good?

Is hot water good for drinking? oh yes! it is!! Hot water drinking is one of the best health tip that I can give for many health conditions. One of the major difference between Ayurveda and Allopathy is  - Ayurveda uses physical nature of … [Continue reading]

Pre diabetes: Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

Article by Dr Raghuram YS Pre diabetes is a menace of modern day - sedentary lifestyle. It is a condition, if left unattended, the person might go on to develop diabetes. Allopathic system of medicine treats it as a condition and medicines are … [Continue reading]

Is Ayurveda totally vegetarian?

In recent days, Ayurveda is more and more being associated with spirituality, hence a notion is there among people that, if you are on Ayurvedic medicines, then you should follow a vegetarian diet. If one is a firm follower of practical spirituality, … [Continue reading]

‘Pre diabetes treatment’ – do we really need this?

Last week, one of the patient called and frantically told that she has been diagnosed with "pre diabetes" and would be required to undergo medication. I began to wonder, if we start eating medicines for all the health conditions on earth, then who … [Continue reading]