Effects Of Alcohol Consumption On Health

We read about health benefits of alcohol in the previous article. Let us explore the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on health, from both modern and Ayurvedic perspective.  … [Continue reading]

Health Benefits Of Alcohol Consumption – Ayurveda Viewpoint

Alcohol consumption is prevalent since ancient times. Health benefits of alcohol consumption are explained in detail. A verse from an ancient Ayurveda text - madyam svabhaavena yathaiva annam tathaa smrutam | ayuktiyuktam rogaaya yuktiyuktam … [Continue reading]

Tips To Reduce Acne Scars And Acne Inflammation

By Mr Steven Barker. Inflammation is a response on the part of your body’s immune system, when it is trying to protect against infection. It can cause the acne to become painful, swollen, and the skin can become bright red. The problem goes a lot … [Continue reading]

Vegetarian Vs Non Vegetarian Food Habit – A Comparison

Being vegetarian is a fashionable trend now-a-days. There is a general misconception that Ayurveda supports vegetarianism. Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Food habits both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Health factors and personal choices … [Continue reading]

5 Ayurvedic Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

This is a guest post by Mr. Mike Brown. Ayurvedic lifestyle tips.  According to the ancient medical science of Ayurveda you can refine your body and mind by following several lifestyle and eating habits. Here are a few of them. … [Continue reading]

Benefits of Massage For Back Pain – Now Clinically Proven

Massage is one of the method of treatment for backache. In a recently conducted clinical trial, benefits of structural and relaxation massage therapy in backache has been proven. Back, being a complex structure involving many bones, muscles, … [Continue reading]

I Feel Lazy – How To Get Rid Of Laziness And Procrastination?

"I feel very lazy, I can't do anything, I don't want to do anything, I procrastinate too much. It is hurting my life big time. But I want to be active like successful people, I want to be free from this tangle. How to get rid of laziness and … [Continue reading]

How To Do Panchakarma At Home?

Thanks to busy and hectic lifestyle, panchakarma at home has become a necessity. Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment constitutes about 60 - 70 % of preventive and curative Ayurvedic Treatment. Starting from preventive relaxation therapy, to a serious … [Continue reading]

Milk Garlic Home Remedy For Stomach, Abscess and Fever

Garlic is a potent herb used widely in Ayurveda.  A Milk - Garlic home remedy is explained which is highly effective on multiple conditions. This milk garlic home remedy can be prepared in about 5 minutes.    … [Continue reading]

Garlic Benefits, Research, Usage, Side Effects

Garlic is anti aging spice. It is hot, cleansing, cardiac tonic, digestive, good for eyes, improves hair strength and quality, useful in cough, asthma etc. But needs some precautions while administering it. … [Continue reading]