CERVILON Soft Gel Capsules – Pain relief for neck

Cervilon soft gel capsule is an effective herbal Indian Ayurvedic medicine for the neck pain problems such as cervical spondylosis, cervical injuries and related pain Composition Each Soft Gel Capsule contains … [Continue reading]

PERMENT Capsules – All you want to know about

Perment is one among best of the home anxiety remedies. Perment capsule is made of four effective herbal ingredients. It is very effective in stress, anxiety and related complications. Composition Each capsule contains concentrated aqueous … [Continue reading]

HERBOVITAL Capsules – for male stamina increase and herbal supplements for gym

Herbovital capsule is an effective Herbal Remedy for Male stamina increase and a better of herbal supplements for gym. It also acts as natural aphrodisiac Composition Each capsule contains … [Continue reading]

ARTHORUB cream – for sprain ligament, sprain tendon and sprain knee injury

Arthorub - The Gentle Anti-inflamatory cream for Skeleto-muscular pain. Arthorub is available both in cream and liniment form. It helps in instant pain relief. Composition The ointment is made from -  … [Continue reading]

SETEBID Tablets – all you want to know about

Setebid tablet is a Natural Anti-hyperglycemic Agent with Powerful Anti-oxidant Action & Multiple Benefits. Setebid is useful to treat Type II diabetes. Composition Each tablet is made from concentrated extract of … [Continue reading]

NIARGIM Tablets – All you want to know about.

Niargim tablet is a Safe & Effective Prophylaxis Against Migraine episodes & Tension stress Headaches. It is also effective against headaches associated with depression. Niargim tablets - Composition Each tablet is made from - … [Continue reading]

Rasnadi kashayam and Rasnadi kashayam tablet – All you want to know about

Rasnadi kashayam is also known as Rasnairandadi kwatham. Rasnadi kashayam is the herbal tea or decoction specific for pain -upper legs in the hip, low back and legs. Its reference is found in Sahasrayogam. … [Continue reading]

NORBEEPEE Tablets – all you want to know about

Norbeepee tablets is a multi-faceted, Effective & Safe Herbal Anti-hypertensive. It is composed of safe and natural Ayurvedic herbs. Norbeepee is used in treating high blood pressure. … [Continue reading]

Manomitram tablets – all you want to know about.

Manomitram tablet is an herbal product rich with anti oxidants and is targeted towards improving mental functions like improving memory, concentration and to fight depression. Composition Each tablet contains - … [Continue reading]

LUMBATONE Tablets – All you want to know about

Lumbatone tablets is an Indian Ayurvedic remedy for back pain, sciatica nerve pain and lumbago. Lumbatone is an herbal product for back pain. Composition Each tablet is made from concentrated aqueous extracts of … [Continue reading]