Laziness, Lack Of Concentration In Generation Y – Can Ayurveda Help?

Laziness in children

Mr Krishnamurthy asks, "Dear Doctor, I am as my profile will reveal is at 82.  I am active and is able to keep health by not indulging in anything in excess.  Life had been smooth and very pleasant.  I observe the present day generation especially … [Continue reading]

Travelling To A Very Cold Place? Health Tips For You

Mr Srinivas asks, " I am planing to go to Badrinath (India) during this October. I am very much worried about my father health. He is 64 years and having Diabetic and Hypertension. Please advice what should be done in case if he finds very cold and … [Continue reading]

Ayurveda Advice For People Living In Cold Climate Countries

Cold Climate Countries - Ayurveda Tips

This is in reply to a query from a regular reader of my blog, who is from Poland. He asks - "Doctor, can you write an article about basic elements of healthy lifestyle for people living in northern parts of the globe? For example in my country, from … [Continue reading]

How To Make Ayurvedic Herbal Bath Powder At Home?

I recently published a reader's opinion about how he quit soap and found out tremendous improvement in skin health. This is further to that post. Different combinations of herbal bath powders that you try at home. So, if you wish to stop soap and try … [Continue reading]

Is Kerala Ayurveda Treatment Different From Mainstream Ayurveda

This article is in reply to query by Mr Ashraf, who asks -  "Doctor can you please explain about Kerala Ayurveda tradition? Is it different from real Ayurveda?"Kerala state of India - famous as God's own country, has a very special and unique … [Continue reading]

Are soaps and shampoos really needed? A Reader’s words of experience

While revealing about his experiments with soaps and shampoos, Mr Vin, a regular reader and Ayurveda enthusiast reveals cool facts about skincare and has shared his words of wisdom and experience with us. Let us listen. … [Continue reading]

Massage Question – Can Massaged Oil Be Left Overnight? What Is Skin Absorption Time?

This article is in reply to a massage question by one of our readers. The query is"Sir, how many hours does it take for the oil to be completely accepted by the skin? I’m sure it is more than 45 mins as many claim. Is it advisable for a healthy … [Continue reading]

Best Stress Relief Tip – Just Be Truthful And Avoid Lies

Stress Relief

I and my wife were planning for a movie, she asked when we can go? Just to impress her, on the spur of the moment, I said, "today evening." At that moment, my brain ignored the patient email queries that were to be cleared by evening. If I had said … [Continue reading]

Home Remedy For Heavy Periods – Menstrual Bleeding

According to Ayurveda, heavy periods and elongated menstrual bleeding are due to Pitta imbalance. Ashoka bark is one of the widely used herbs in Ayurvedic woman care. Here is a home remedy using Ashoka bark and milk for heavy menstrual bleeding. … [Continue reading]

Home Remedy For Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Non Healing Wounds And Piles

Indian Tinospora (Giloya) and ginger are very powerful herbs with anti inflammatory effects and anti microbial properties. Here is a traditional herbal ghee preparation, which is a home remedy for gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  … [Continue reading]